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LIT 1a

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Prepared by: Labesores, Jhony M. BSED-MAPE II
  2. 2.  a narrative songs that use traditional melodies  written in a style that entails the traditional culture of Filipinos  It is a tale song typically about a community of people of a certain culture or region, which uses customary tune to depict on the people’s outlook and life.
  3. 3.  a form of folk lyric which expresses the people’s hopes, aspirations, and lifestyles  one of the oldest forms of Philippine literature that emerged in the pre-Spanish period. These songs mirrored the early forms of culture. Many of these have 12 syllables.  serves as celebration of their way of life and cultural practices  sung with theme such as love, happiness, bliss, melancholy, misery, uncertainty, trust and distress.
  4. 4.  kundiman – melancholic love song  kumintang – war song  Dalit o Imno- Song of the God of the Visayans  Uyayi o hele – lullaby  harana – serenade  tagay – drinking song  mambayu – Kalinga rice-pounding song  Subli o diona – dance-ritual song of courtship /marriage  Tagulaylay o dungaw- songs of the dead Kinds of Folk songs:
  5. 5.  Leron Leron Sinta (Traditional folk song) Famous Philippine folk songs: Ako’y ibigin mo, lalaking matapang Ang sundang ko’y pito, ang baril ko’y siyam. Ang lalakarin ko’y parte ng dinulang. Isang pinggang pansit, ang aking kalaban! Leron, leron sinta buto ng papaya dala-dala’y buslo sisidlan ng bunga pagdating sa dulo nabali ang sanga kapos kapalaran humanap ng iba!
  6. 6.  Leron Leron Sinta (English version by Roberto Verzola) Famous Philippine folk songs: I offer you my love, my courage suits you fine. I’ve got me seven knives, I’m keeping nine more guns. A journey, I will make to distant parts beyond. A plate of noodles is the foe I will engage! Leron, leron my love, papaya seeds above. He took a bamboo box to keep the fruits he’d get. Then as he neared the top, the entire branch broke up. “It’s not my lucky day; I’ll find another way!”
  7. 7.  Si Pilemon (Visayan Folk song) Famous Philippine folk songs: Philemon, Philemon went to sea to catch some fish He was able to get, to get only a small mudskipper. He sold it, sold it at a dilapidated market For it he got nothing much, nothing much Just enough to buy tuba. Si Pilemon, si Pilemon namasol sa kadagatan. Nakakuha, nakakuha og isdang tambasakan. Gibaligya, gibaligya sa merkadong guba— Ang halin pulos kura, ang halin pulos kura, Igo lang ipanuba.  Si Pilemon (English Translation)
  8. 8.  Pamulinawen (Ilocano Folk Song) Famous Philippine folk songs: Issemmo diak kalipatan Ta nasudi unay a nagan, Ta uray sadin ti ayan, Disso sadino man, {Aw-awagak a di agsarday Ta naganmo nga kasam-itan} No malagipka, pusok ti mabang-aran Pamulinawen Pusok indengam man Toy umas-asug Agrayo ita sadiam. Panunotem man Dika pagintutulngan Toy agayat, agrayo ita sadiam.
  9. 9. Famous Philippine folk songs:  Pamulinawen (English Translation) Please do not be upset, That was just a joke It won’t happen again, Have faith, my Darling. If you are still angry, Punish me completely And you will expect That I won’t feel bad.
  10. 10.  made up of stories about life, adventure, love, horror and humor where one can derive lessons about life.  stories that grew out of the lives and imaginations of the people, or folk. They have always been children’s favorite type of folk literature.  classified as myths, legends, fables, and fantastic stories
  11. 11.  Animal tales - perhaps the oldest of all folktales - short tales generally involving animals which convey a message or virtue. The usual form is the comparison between two animals to emphasize the moral. Examples : Kinds of Folktales
  12. 12.  Wonder tales (also known as fairy tales) - the best known of the traditional folktales - They are stories of supernatural wonders typically depicting the conflict between good and evil. Examples: Kinds of Folktales
  13. 13.  Cumulative tales - the ones in which successive additions are made to a repetitive plot line. - they are generally very simple in plot and brief, for with each addition, the entire sequence is repeated.. Examples: Kinds of Folktales
  14. 14.  Pourquoi tales - (“pourquoi” means “why” in French) seeks to explain natural phenomena. They provide primitive explanations for the many “why” questions early humans asked. Examples: Kinds of Folktales
  15. 15.  Noodlehead tales (Numskull tales) - light-hearted tales about silly people doing silly things. These tales are popular because of their pure nonsense and jocularity, and sometimes we enjoy the triumph of the good-hearted simpleton over the craftier evil characters of the story. Examples: Kinds of Folktales
  16. 16. Thank you for listening ! God bless us all !