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SFC Covenant Orientation: Talk#2:Prayer, Scripture and Sacraments


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SFC Covenant Orientation: Talk#2:Prayer, Scripture and Sacraments

  1. 1. CFC Singles for ChristCovenant Orientation:Prayer,Scriptures and SacramentsMarch 24, 2012Jhonsen D. Sales
  2. 2. Prayer relationshipScripturesSacramentsWHY? IntimateJESUS Deepening Nurturing
  3. 3. communicatingstudyingencountering Prayerrelationship directly with HimScriptures His word JesusSacraments
  4. 4. To develop an intimate relationship with Godregular communicationmass dailypraying the Rosary to know His heartPrayerTo grow in humility.our littleness before Him to hearwe are unworthy but forgivenmore able to resist the devil God’s voice
  5. 5. To strengthen ourselves in fighting temptationto focus on the Lordour main weaponprotection from evil - union with GODPrayerTo help us become more attuned to God’s will forusto understand who He is in our livesto surrender ourselves completely to Him
  6. 6. SINThe REAL obstacle to PRAYER is BLINDS the INTELLECT WEAKENS the WILL DEFILES the PERSON WEARIES us TORMENTS us PEACEdestructed in prayingnot satisfied in qualitydryness in prayerdifficulty in listening The WAY you LEX ORANDI. PRAY. LEX VIVENDI. The WAY you LIVE.
  7. 7. LIFEHow to improve?PRAYER Make a commitment to pray at scheduled time Gradually increase the prayer time Find a place where you will not be distracted Be open to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit BE STILL.
  8. 8. Read and meditate on the Word of God. Bible is our guide Bible has power to change us WORD Bible can inspire & strengthen us To know God & His plans for us To assist us in hearing God’s voice became flesh. To see who we are in God’s eyes.ScriptureVerbum We should read Christian books. help us to understand Him.Domini read about the saints read daily reflections, IN HIS STEPS
  9. 9. - an outward sign instituted by Christ to give ______Grace“a supernatural help of God.” We encounter God, physical We receive Christ’s power Holy EucharistSacramentsBaptism - COMMEMORATION, passover - THANKSGIVING, eucharistovConfirmationHoly Eucharist - RECONCILIATION, mercyReconciliationAnointing of the SickMatrimony FORGIVENHoly Orders CHURCH. CHRIST.
  10. 10. having a regular Prayer, Scripture & Sacramental lifePrayer, Scripture, & Sacraments are our weapons against the devilwe nurture our prayer timethe real obstacle to prayer is sinwe pray & read Bible helps us overcome life’s strugglesConclusion To draw us closer to Him that He may sustain us in our spiritual journeyPraise GOD!
  11. 11. 1. What makes it difficult for me to have a consistent prayer and Scripture reading time?Reflection 2. What inhibits me from participating in the sacraments (Holy Eucharist and Confession) regularly? 3. What will I commit to do to develop a relationship with God?