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software project management Software development life cycle


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software project management--> Software development life cycle

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software project management Software development life cycle

  1. 1. Software Project ManagementSoftware Development Life Cycle Unified Software Development Process Inception Phase uploaded by : REHMAT ULLAH
  2. 2. The Process or Framework ?• Unified Software Development Process is a popular iterative and incremental software development process framework.• An extensible framework which should be customized for specific organizations or projects. Inception Phase
  3. 3. Lifecycle• The Unified Process Framework divides the project into four phases:• Inception• Elaboration• Construction• Transition Inception Phase
  4. 4. Inception• The establishment or starting point of something is inception.• The 1st and most important part of Unified Process Framework. Inception Phase
  5. 5. Primary Focus• During the inception phase, the initiating and planning are the primary focus.• One has to initiate.• Part of engineering section or say artistic work. Inception Phase
  6. 6. What Helps ?• Use cases , are the most important resource to manipulate inception phase.• Use cases show the main requirements and structure of project. Inception Phase
  7. 7. What You Can’t do ?“Missing project & system scope” Inception Phase
  8. 8. What You Can’t do ? Inception Phase
  9. 9. Product & Project Scope• Project Scope (Hows) "The work that needs to be accomplished to deliver a product."• Product Scope (Whats) "The features and functions that characterize a product, service, or result."• Inception Phase
  10. 10. Main Activities During Inception- Finalize the system and project scope.- Develop the project schedule.- Develop work structure. Inception Phase
  11. 11. Main Activities During Inception• Determine the economic feasibility (cost -- analysis) .• Determine the schedule feasibility.• Develop standards for every step. Inception Phase
  12. 12. References• t-Management-and-the-Inception-Phase• Inception Phase
  13. 13. Any Questions ? Inception Phase