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Father juan pablo ii


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Father juan pablo ii

  1. 1. The violence never resolves conflicts or even decreases their dramatic consequences. Jhonatan ferney moreno muñoz
  2. 2. BIOGRAPHYKarol Jozef Wojtyla, known asJohn Paul II since his election tothe papacy in October 1978, wasborn in Wadowice, a small city 50 kilometers. of Krakow, 18 May1920. He was the youngest ofthree children of Karol Wojtylaand Emilia Kaczorowska. Hismother died in 1929. His eldestbrother Edmund (doctor) died in1932 and his father (army officer) in 1941. His sister Olga diedbefore the birth of the Jhonatan ferney moreno muñoz
  3. 3. He was baptized by the priestFranciszek Zak on June 20, 1920 inthe parish church of Wadowice, at 9years made ​his First Communion andwas confirmed at 18. Upon graduation from high school in Wadowita Marcinschool in Wadowice, he enrolled in1938 at the Jagiellonian University inKrakow and in a drama school. Jhonatan ferney moreno muñoz
  4. 4. When the Nazi occupation forcesclosed the university in 1939 andyoung Karol had to work in a quarryand then a chemical factory (Solvay)to earn a living and avoid deportation to Germany. Jhonatan ferney moreno muñoz
  5. 5. After the Second World War, hecontinued his studies at the majorseminary of Krakow, newly opened,and the Faculty of Theology of theJagiellonian University, until hispriestly ordination in Cracow onNovember 1, 1946 of ArchbishopSapieha. Jhonatan ferney moreno muñoz
  6. 6. Since 1942, when he felt a vocationto the priesthood, he began coursesin the clandestine seminary ofCracow, run by the Archbishop ofKrakow, Cardinal Adam StefanSapieha. At the same time, was one of the pioneers of the "RhapsodicTheatre," also clandestine. Jhonatan ferney moreno muñoz
  7. 7. He was then sent to Rome, where, under the direction of the FrenchDominican Garrigou-Lagrange, adoctorate in theology in 1948 with athesis on the subject of faith in theworks of St. John of the Cross (apudfide Doctrine Sanctum Ioannem toCross). At that time, during hisvacations, he exercised his pastoral ministry among the Polish immigrants of France, Belgium and Holland. Jhonatan ferney moreno muñoz
  8. 8. In 1948 he returned to Poland andwas vicar of various parishes inCracow as chaplain for the universityuntil 1951, when he resumed hisstudies in philosophy and theology. In 1953 the Catholic University of Lublin a thesis on "evaluation of thepossibility of founding a Catholic ethic on the basis of the ethical system ofMax Scheler". Later he becameprofessor of moral theology and socialethics in the major seminary of Krakow and in the Faculty of Theology ofLublin. Jhonatan ferney moreno muñoz
  9. 9. On July 4, 1958 by Pope Pius XIInamed Titular Bishop of Olmi andauxiliary of Krakow. He was ordained a bishop on September 28, 1958 atthe Cathedral of Wawel (Krakow),from the hands of ArchbishopEugeniusz Baziak.On January 13, 1964 he wasappointed Archbishop of Cracow byPope Paul VI, who made ​him acardinal June 26, 1967, under thetitle of San Cesareo in Palatio,elevated pro illa vice Diakonia topriestly title.Deshacer cambios Jhonatan ferney moreno muñoz
  10. 10. Besides taking part in Vatican Council II (1962-1965), with a significantcontribution to the elaboration of the Constitution Gaudium et spes,Cardinal Wojtyla took part in theassemblies of the Synod of Bishopsbefore his pontificate.Deshacer cambiosThe cardinals gathered in conclave he was elected Pope on October 16,1978. He took the name John Paul IIon October 22 and solemnly began his Petrine ministry as the 263rdsuccessor of the Apostle Peter. His pontificate, one of the longest in the history of the Church, lasted nearly 27 years. Jhonatan ferney moreno muñoz
  11. 11. John Paul II exercised the Petrineministry with a tireless missionaryspirit, dedicating all his energies,driven by the "omnium Ecclesiarum sollicitudo" and charity open to allmankind. He made 104 pastoralvisits outside Italy and 146 within this country. As Bishop of Rome hevisited 317 of the 333 parishes. Jhonatan ferney moreno muñoz
  12. 12. More than all his predecessors hefound Gods people and the leaders ofnations: more than 17,600,000pilgrims participated in the 1166General Audiences held onWednesdays. Such figure is withoutcounting all other special audiences andreligious ceremonies held [more than 8million pilgrims during the Great Jubileeof 2000] and the millions of faithful metPope during pastoral visits made in Italyand elsewhere. We must also remember the numerous government personalitiesthat are encountered during 38 officialvisits and the 738 audiences andmeetings with heads of state and 246audiences and meetings with PrimeMinisters.Deshacer cambios Jhonatan ferney moreno muñoz
  13. 13. His love for young people promptedhim to start in 1985 the World Youth Days. In the 19 WYDs held duringhis pontificate brought togethermillions of young people around theworld. In addition, attention to familyrevealed in the World Meetings ofFamilies, which he initiated in 1994.John Paul II promoted dialogue withJews and representatives of otherreligions, he several times invited toprayer meetings for peace,especially in Assisi. Jhonatan ferney moreno muñoz
  14. 14. Under his guidance the Churchprepared herself for the third millenniumand celebrated the Great Jubilee of2000, along the lines indicated by him inthe Apostolic Letter Tertio MillennioAdveniente, and then faced the newepoch, receiving his instructions in theApostolic Letter Novo Millennio Ineunte,which showed to the faithful their futurepath. With the Year of Redemption, theMarian Year and the Year of theEucharist, he promoted the spiritualrenewal of the Church. Jhonatan ferney moreno muñoz
  15. 15. John Paul II died on April 2, 2005, at21.37, while finishing on Saturday, andhad already entered the octave ofEaster and Divine Mercy Sunday.From that evening until April 8, the dayheld the funeral of the late Pontiff, morethan three million pilgrims paid tributeto John Paul II, even 24 hours in line to gainaccess to the basilica of St. Peter. Jhonatan ferney moreno muñoz
  16. 16. Jhonatan ferney moreno muñoz