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CADRPlus Pitch Book


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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CADRPlus Pitch Book

  1. 1. The System Is BrokenIt doesn’t matter who you are, we’ve all felt the pain ofthe current healthcare system and we feel in the core ofour being that there has to be a better way!2
  2. 2. THE PROBLEM: TRADITIONAL HEALTHCARE Most offices closed over 75% of hours/week Avg. time to make an appointment, 3 weeks Avg. time spent in waiting room, 23 minutes Over 66% of ER visits are for non emergent reasons 25% or people have skipped a recommended medicaltest due to cost 24% of people do not fill prescriptions 16% cut pills in half or skip doses 75 - 90% of visits originate from stress factors 25 million Americans will have an episode of depression3
  3. 3. IMPACT: THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT Healthcare now a right for all by 2014 Est. 37 million Americans added to the system Medical school enrollment has decreased by nearly52 % since 1997 Estimated 100,000 doctor shortfall by 2025 NYTimes Article: Doctor Shortage Likely to Worsen WithHealth Law4
  4. 4. YOU PAY THE PRICE! Average family spends $1,430 and loses around 35hours each year on doctor’s office visits alone. Around $1,000 and 24 hours are unnecessary! That’s about $85 and 2 hours every month, wasted! Bottom Line Highly inconvenient Extremely expensive Wastes our time and moneySomething has to change… right?5
  5. 5. Paradigma philosophical and theoretical framework of a scientificschool or discipline within which theories, laws, andgeneralizations and the experiments performed insupport of them are formulated6
  6. 6. TELEHEALTH IS THE ANSWER AND CADR+IS THE BEST BUNDLE AVAILABLE! It’s convenient – 24/7 access from anywhere It’s unlimited – no hidden fees or per-use charges It’s easy – just call or click and you’re connected It’s quality – Masters-level Clinicians, US Board CertifiedDoctors, Vetted Partners/Resources It’s proven – our partners have over 3 million members It’s comprehensive – for the body, mind and pocket book It’s affordable – $15 PMPM for individuals, $10 for groupsIt’s healthcare… the way it should be!7
  7. 7. CADR+Unlimited, 24/7 access to the healthcare you need,from the comfort and convenience of your phone andcomputer. PLUS, discounts on prescriptions, vision,dental & more!8
  8. 8. WHAT IS CADR+?• A technology that connects a member and a physician• A network of 6,000 physicians• EMR, MD’s access yours• SureScripts, MD’s access two years of prescription drug history• Consult by phone (land and mobile) email and video• Prescriptions are available• No Life Style drugs or narcotics are prescribed• Your PCP receives records of your CADR+ consultations• Pre-paid benefit, unlimited use• All family members can use CADR+• Flu Line, Allergy Line, and much more9
  9. 9. Consult A DoctorOn-demand, 24/7 phone, video and e-mail access tolicensed physicians, allowing members to consultimmediately with a network of U.S.-based, state-licensed doctors for common medical conditions.10
  10. 10. 24/7 Telemedicine Physician Network50Talk to a Doctor (+/-)90secsTotal consults / most mature telemedicine platform200kstateplusDiverse client populations. S-M-L-XL1500clients2010-2011, breakthrough success280%growthPersonalized post consult follow up100percentVery satisfied, would recommend, would use it again96%11
  11. 11. Telemedicine, means using informationTelemedicine, means using informationand communications technologies for theand communications technologies for thedelivery of healthcare servicesdelivery of healthcare services.By 2015 Industry experts realistically foresee100 million individuals/yearaccessing virtual care services like telemedicine.This level of growth mirrors the development ofthe popular MinuteClinic model, which had lessthan 100,000 visits in 2006and in late 2011 grew to more than10 million visits/yearGROWTH IN TELEMEDICINE12
  12. 12. PRODUCTIVITY LOSS$2.7 Trillion…Total U.S. healthcare expenditures in2011 $225.8 Billion…Annual costs to employers forproductivity losses related topersonal/family health problems 70 Million…Employees miss work annually due toillness and medical appointments, for atotal of 408 Million missed days*Stewart WF, Ricci JA, Chee E, Morganstein D. Lost productive work time costs from health conditions in theUnited States: results from the American productivity audit. J Occup Environ Med. 2003;45(12):1234-1246.Opportunity is calling!13
  13. 13. Ways to Consult• Telephone• Secure email• Video• Mobile App foriPhone““High Tech - High Touch”High Tech - High Touch”Virtual Care:• Reduce Cost• Expand Access• Improve Outcomes• Extend servicesbeyond boundaries• Right size care14
  14. 14. Improve AccessMultiple ways toConsult 24/7Drastically Lower CostsAvoid high cost settingslike the Doctor’s office,Urgent Care/ERCare Coordination24/7 Physician consultationsClinically efficient, effectiveand most convenientQuality CareLicensed Physicians thatcan provide information,diagnose and prescribeRx medication** If appropriatePhone, Email, Video,Mobile ApplicationSave TimeSave MoneyReduce AbsenteeismGetInformation/DiagnosisAnytime, Anywhere24/7Feel Better FastMost Affordable CostSettingBetter Outcomes+ ++15
  15. 15. Activate Call or Click Virtual CareOnline or by phone.So easy and convenient.Connect to a boardcertified doctor in minutesFast, safe, lowest costsetting care 24/7EASY FOR MEMBER16
  16. 16. * Non-Controlled Substances24/7/365 On-Demand Physician ConsultationsVia Phone, Web (Video/Email) and Mobile Apps17
  17. 17. Symptom CheckerInteractive questionnaires designed tonarrow down condition or illnessHealth Risk AssessmentInteractive health tools identify healthrisks and promote wellness.Wellness Tool & Lab OrderingPromote prevention with discountwellness tests for at risk population.ePrescribing to Choice PharmacySafer and faster way to get RXmedication when necessary.Interactive Health ToolsPrograms to help stop smoking, learnabout diet, nutrition & moreHealth LibraryThe latest articles sorted by topics,most popular or key words18
  18. 18. iDR 24/7 iPHONE APP19
  19. 19. USE CONSULT A DOCTOR WHEN YOU: Need care after hours or on weekends Need medical care access from remote locations Need Rx prescription/refills* for common conditions Can’t meet face-to-face with physician / specialist Can’t get a timely appointment Can’t get to a doctor due to disability Don’t want to go to ER/UC Can’t afford to take off work Are traveling and need advice20
  20. 20. 50 STATE PHYSICIAN NETWORK 50-state network of licensed primary care physicians/specialists US Board certified, state licensed Specialists, including: Pediatrics, Cardiology, OB / GYN Mental Health , Endocrinology NCQA Credential review process Annual re-credentialing 170 Languages Supported Detailed and Stringent Quality Protocols Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Douglas Smith, Co-Founder:MinuteClinic21
  21. 21. CREDENTIALING CRITERIAEach applicant goes through a 7 stage evaluation process prior toacceptance into our network of physiciansRequirements:1. Active and current license2. Board certification (if more than 20 years experience,may be exempted)3. Education/training – at a U.S. based medical school,residency or specialty program4. Minimum of 3 years experience in clinic or office setting(average is 10 years)Stage 1 – Physical ApplicationStage 2 – Personal Interview - Physicians OperationsStage 3 – Initial CredentialingStage 4 – Personal Interview with the Medical DirectorStage 5 – 3rd Party Credentialing- NCQAStage 6 – Acceptance/ContractingStage 7 Monitoring Physicians Ongoing‐22
  22. 22. Patients triaged to alternativelevel of care when necessary. Cold/Flu Sinus infections Upper Respiratory Allergies Headaches Urinary Tract (UTI) Bronchitis Zithromax Z-Pak Amoxicillin Albuterol Augmentin Tessalon Azithromycin Keflex Bactrim Macrobid Pyridium Biaxin Allegra Bactrim Ibuprofen 800 Nasonex Lipitor* No DEA Controlled SubstancesLess prescribing than officesettingsDoctor less pressuredMore convenientMore accessibleLess effort/ aggravation for patient~40% Cipro Lisinopril Tamiflu Prednisone Metformin Flonase Diflucan HCTZ LevaquinTop 25 diagnosisTop 50 diagnosis Stomach Ache/Diarrhea Eye infections Ear Infections Rash/Skin Irritation Yeast Infection Other GYN complaintsConditions treated with Telemedicine73%Common Medications PrescribedCommon Medications PrescribedCommon ConditionsCommon Conditions2382%
  23. 23. Data and dollar amounts are based on national averages. Amounts listed may not reflect actual billed charges65% of members would havegone to PCP at cost of$15310% of members would have goneto Urgent Care at cost of$35015% of members would have gone toEmergency Room at cost of$1029Estimated lost productivity to employers Consult A Doctortelemedicine services help eliminate 1000’s of hours of lostproductivity due to medical absenteeism & presenteeismHOW CADR REDUCES COSTS24
  24. 24. Summary:Reduction of Claims CostsExpanded Access to CareImproved Patient OutcomesProgram & Product ExtensionProvider Panel OptionsPrivate Label AvailabilityWell-defined Scope of ServicesMost Cost-Effective SettingNew Benefit OptionsCompetitive Market AdvantageFraud Mitigation Most Comprehensive – Service + Platform Most Mature Platform Most Proven Platform Most Ways to consult with a doctor- phone,online - secure email, video, mobile APP Highest Utilization in the market Highest ROI in the Market Most Flexible platform Lowest cost to deploy Lowest cost to maintainWHY CONSULT A DOCTOR?NOTE: iPad not required25
  25. 25. “Simply want to say that its so nice tobe able to call in for things like sinusinfection or ear infection and not haveto miss work or kids to miss school forminor issues. And the price =)” -Employer“Was recommended with our AETNAinsurance and we’re so happy with it”- Employer“One client had an employee whowas on the road and feeling reallybad; she called Consult-A-Doctor andreceived prescription from a localpharmacy and was able to continueher travels and business meetings.. –Broker Partner“Many KUDOS to you for wonderfulcost savings, time savings and friendlyservice” – Broker Partner“As premiums increase and benefitserode, telemedicine services are alow-cost way to moderate the loss. MyGroups absolutely love it!” – BrokerPartner“I have heard nothing but goodreports from my employees regardingall aspects of the service. Access forrural areas really helps – versus highcost of ER”- EmployerBROKER COMMENTSBROKER COMMENTSEMPLOYER COMMENTSEMPLOYER COMMENTS PAYERCOMMENTSPAYERCOMMENTSSCORED9OUT OF1026
  26. 26. IN GOOD COMPANY27
  27. 27. WHY WE’RE BETTER Multiple Access Points (6): On-Line, Email, Telephone,Mobile APP, Video, Text Unlimited, 24/7 access in all 50 states Mobile APP, providing Physician access, Personal HealthManager and Wellness from your iPhone Over 200,000 Consultations Provided To-date Access to Physicians by Telephone in 2 minutes or less No Web Access Required to Consult w/ Physician All Video and Phone Consultations Recorded and Attachedto Health Record28
  28. 28. Resources for LivingAetna Resources For Living provides the resources youneed to help you handle life’s challenges, whether thatbe emotional, financial or legal. They’re your partner inachieving resiliency.29
  29. 29. THE STRESS EFFECT Over 1/2 of Americans self-report that they are “struggling” withlife today and 1/3 state their average stress level as “extreme”. 75 – 90% of doctor visit are considered to be stress-related. Stress is linked to all of the leading causes of death includingheart disease, cancer, accidents and suicide. The World Health Organization estimates that the equivalent of7.1 productive days are lost per employee each year due tostress-related factors. 25 million Americans will have an episode of major depressionthis year alone.30
  30. 30. WHAT IS AETNA RESOURCES FOR LIVING? A no cost, confidential telephone consultation and referralservice for employees and their household members. 24/7 online access to targeted resources A starting place to address personal problems before they canaffect other areas of your life. A proactive partner to work with you to facilitate a solution.31
  31. 31. THE GOAL: RESILIENCYWe can’t promise you a stress-free life. But we can provide youwith tools and support to awaken your ownsilience:the ability to spring back into shapeafter bending, stretching, or beingcompressed; the opportunity torecover readily from illness oradversity.32
  32. 32. TELEPHONIC CONSULTATION Unlimited access Masters-level clinicians Available 24/7 Live Answer Confidential Service 170 Languages Crisis Support33
  33. 33. EVERYDAY HELP FOR EVERYDAY STUFFSomeone to talk to… on your schedule. Telephone consultation Legal services Financial consultation Tax preparation discounts Identity theft Patient advocacy34
  34. 34. LEGAL & FINANCIAL SERVICES Telephonic or face to face attorney consultations* Domestic/family, civil, landlord/tenant, criminal, estate planning,immigration, motor vehicle, etc. Free online will for all eligible dependents Simple Wills, Power of Attorneys, Living Wills Telephonic financial consultations* Tuition & investment planning, debt and loan consolidation, mortgage andrefinancing. Telephonic fraud resolution consultation Provided by Certified Fraud Resolution Specialist*First 30 minutes free per issue, unlimited issues35
  35. 35. PATIENT ADVOCACY PROGRAM Provides a personal negotiator who acts on the patient’s behalf,mediating solutions for remaining bills with medical facilities. Who is eligible? Active member of a benefit plan which includes Patient Advocacy Received care for a single related medical event at a hospital,emergency clinic or surgical center Have a minimum of $2,500 balance after discounts and medicalbenefits were applied. Solutions could include: Applying for financial assistance Negotiating a settlement Arranging a payment plan36
  36. 36. WORKLIFE RESOURCESThere are times in everyday life when you mayneed a little guidance: Child care Parenting Emergency care Summer care New baby care Adoption Colleges and universities Elder resources Disaster relief Pet care Primary/secondary education Patient Advocacy37
  37. 37. SELF-CARE AND WELL-BEINGCould you use a partner to help you achieve positive,long-term improvement in health and wellness? Fitness Smoking cessation Weight management Stress management Discount Center Targeted webinars38
  38. 38. ONLINE DISCOUNT CENTERWe can also help you save money by providing access to great prices forover 3.5 million products and services.Let the savings beginWe help you find the deals you’re looking for with easy search tools anddiscount codes. We also feature zones that highlight hot offers, limited timebargains and regional deals.The online discount service features savings on brand-name products andservices like: Computers and electronics Travel, car rentals and hotels Gifts and retail shopping Movie tickets & video rentals Theme parks Fitness centers Shoes and clothes Restaurants… and more!39
  39. 39. HOW IT WORKS: GIVE IT A TRY! Phone Number: 1-877-856-1788 Website: Login: CADRPdemo Password: demo40
  40. 40. WellCard HealthA free prescription and health care discount card thatprovides access to savings on a wide range of health careproducts and services, including prescription drugs, labtests, vision care and dental care.41
  41. 41. SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS Medical – save up to 50% Pharmacy Savings – save up to 65% Dental Care – save up to 50% Vision Care – save up to 50% Hearing – save up to 15% Diabetes Care & Supplies – save 52–70% Lab Savings – save up to 50% MRI & Imaging – save up to 70% And more!42
  42. 42. HOW IT WORKS Step 1: Register for a Card Step 2: Find a Provider Select ‘Locate a Provider’ on Step 3: Schedule Your Appointment Contact provider of choice, make appointment Step 4: Pay Your Discounted Rate at Time of Service Show your card and get the discounted rate43
  43. 43. CADR+ PLANS & PRICING Individuals & Families - $14.95 PMPM Includes payroll deduct, worksite, etc. Easy online enrollment via Groups - $10 PMPM Includes employers, unions, etc. Discounted plans available or larger groups Unbundled CADR and Aetna RFL are available individually Separate pricing applies44
  44. 44. THE SIGN-UP PROCESS Individuals & Families Add your broker ID to referring URL Groups Step 1: Complete the New Client Form Collects client/broker info, payment info, etc. Step 2: Gather Member Census Name, Address, Phone, Email, Gender, DOB Download here:
  45. 45. ONBOARDING COMMUNICATION Account Set-Up Instructions How to set-up accounts and access benefits Emails Confirmation emails sent to members and brokers Welcome emails sent to members on day of enrollment Welcome Brochure Tri-fold brochure mailed to members Includes punch-out card for member’s wallet46
  46. 46. ONGOING MARKETING & AWARENESS Email Drip Campaigns Posters/Flyers/Brochures Onboarding Webinars In-Person Lunches Landing Pages, Website Support Customized Marketing Plans47
  47. 47. THE DIFFERENCE: CADR+ Unlimited access for one low monthly price As low as $10 PMPM For the body, mind and pocket book Best in class partners Flexible, simple plan options Whole Group & Individuals48
  48. 48. WANT TO KICK THE TIRES? Email the following to Full Name Phone Number Email Address Physical Address We’ll set-up your VIP trial and send you activationinstructions.49