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  1. 1. Learning Chpt 10 Goals1. Discuss basic aspects of emotion. • How is emotion defined? • What are some developmental changes in the regulation of emotion? • What constitutes emotional competence, according to Saarni?2. Describe the development of emotion through the life span. • How does emotion develop in infancy? • What characterizes emotional development in early childhood? • What changes take place in emotion during middle and late childhood? • How does emotion change in adolescence? • What are some key aspects of emotional development in adulthood?3. Characterize variations in temperament and their significance. • How can temperament be described and classified? • How is temperament influenced by biological foundations and experience? • What is goodness of fit? • What are some positive parenting strategies for dealing with a child’s temperament?4. Explain attachment and its development. • What is attachment? • How does attachment develop in infancy and childhood? • How are caregiving styles related to attachment? • How is child care related to children’s development? • How does attachment develop in adolescence? • What is the nature of dating and romantic relationships in adolescence? • What are attachment and love like across the adulthood years? Key TermsAffectionate love Insecure-avoidant babies Separation protestAnger cry Insecure-disorganized babies Slow-to-warm-up childAnxious attachment style Insecure-resistant babies Social referencingAttachment Pain cry Social smileAvoidant attachment style Preoccupied-ambivalent Socioemotional selectivity theory attachmentBasic cry Primary emotions Strange situationDifficult child Reflexive smile Stranger anxietyDismissing-avoidant attachment Romantic love TemperamentEasy child Secure attachment style Triangular Theory of LoveEmotion Securely attached babies Unresolved-disorganized attachmentGoodness-of-fit Self-conscious emotions Key People Mary Ainsworth Jerome Kagan Carolyn Saarni Ellen Berscheid Sheila Kammerman Phillip Shaver
  2. 2. John Bowlby Reed Larson Alan SroufeJoseph Campos Michael Lewis Robert SternbergLaura Carstensen Kathleen McCartney Stella ThomasAlexander Chess Daniel Messinger Theodore WachsErik Erikson Mario Mikulincer John WatsonHarry Harlow Maryse RichardsCindy Hazan Mary Rothbart