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Dev psych.ch1.10 things you often hear


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Dev psych.ch1.10 things you often hear

  1. 1. Developmental PsychologyChapter 1 Discussion10 Statements You Often Hear1. My baby started walking and talking earlier than other babies. I know he will be a smart adolescent.2. I pick up my baby as soon as she starts to cry, but my mother- in-law thinks I’m going to spoil her.3. I want to have only one child, but my wife thinks that only children have problems relating to other children.4. I think that in order to raise a well-disciplined child, I willhave to use physical discipline.5. My son just turned 13, and I’m worried about how our relationship is going to change because adolescence is always a difficult time for parents and children.
  2. 2. 6. I’m looking for a wife, and my grandmother keeps telling methat opposites attract.7. My husband is about to turn 40, and I know he is going to go through a midlife crisis because all men have a midlife crisis.8. I’ve just moved out of my parents’ house. I wonder if their marriage will suffer now that I am gone.9. I know my grandparents don’t have sex anymore because oldpeople are not interested in sex.10. My great aunt has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and she acts as if nothing is wrong. This must be unusual for a person in her situation.