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Thor norse god - Norse Mythology


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- Fertility and Agriculture
- Thor’s Role in the Viking Age
- Which god to be worship?

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Thor norse god - Norse Mythology

  1. 1. The god of the thunder Eldest son of Frigg and Odin Indefatigable defender of the Aesir gods and fortress Physical strength is virtually unmatched
  2. 2. Goat-driven chariot ( create noise of thunder)
  3. 3. Thruthvanger ( the paddocks of power where his Bilskinir or lightning stood) Mansion- five hundred and forty rooms.
  4. 4. Mighty Hammer (Mjollnir) Belt (Doubles his strength)
  5. 5. Iron gauntlets or gloves (holds the hammer or catch it when it flew back
  6. 6. hallowing (need of protection, comfort and blessing) Icelandic settlers implored him to hallow their plot of land before they built buildings or planted crops. Can be used to bless and could be used to destroy. Bring back alive the giant goats alive after eating them.
  7. 7. Promotion of Agriculture and Fertility (extension of his role as “sky god”. 11th century German historian Adam of Bremen notes “Thor, they say presides over the air which governs the thunder and lightning, the winds and rains, fair weather and crops. Sif his seldom mentioned wife is noted for her golden hair above else which is a symbol for fields of grain.
  8. 8. Thor’s role: 1. Principal deity of the second class 2. Function of warriors and military strength (rulers sovereignty) 3. Farmers and fecundity
  9. 9. ODIN was the foremost deity appealed by rulers ,outcasts and elite persons of every sort. Odin is the father of Thor.
  10. 10. THOR ODIN
  11. 11. When Odin gives blessing , Thor gives cursed. For Thor wants to be worship more for his gain power and strength than of his father. Thor’s name is found in numerous place names in Scandinavia – much more common than Odin
  12. 12. Thursday is named after Thor (equated by the Romans with the lightning bolt-wielder Jupiter). Icelandic settlers give the name Thor to their sons succeeding the second name.
  13. 13. Thor was the favorite god of the Vikings, the protector of the ordinary man, and was very widely worshipped. Hammer-shaped amulets (a sign of Thor worship) have been found throughout Scandinavia. Sometimes they are reversed with the sign of the cross. Chief god of the settlers but also a patron and guardian of the settlement itself (stability and law)
  14. 14. Thor (þórr)
  16. 16. • THE TALE OF THOR DISGUISED AS A BRIDE Thor’s hammer is missing Giant Thrym - Loki found out that Thrym had stolen the hammer. - in return of his hammer is the marriage of Freya.
  17. 17. • THE TALE OF THOR DISGUISED AS A BRIDE Thor disguised as Freya 1. The bride ate and drank so gigantically Alibi: she had not eaten or drink for 9 days 2. Red complexion and eyes that flashed fire Alibi: feverish from lack of sleep in her joy  The hammer as a sacred tool for the blessing of marriage.  The return of Thor’s hammer
  18. 18. • THOR IN THE LAND OF THE GIANTS Loki and Thor decided to rest by a peasant who they came across. Thor slew his two giant gods who pulled his chariot. “Place the bones on the skins”
  19. 19. • THOR IN THE LAND OF THE GIANTS Thor’s Fury -one of his giant goat was lame A mother’s woe Thor’s decision - take the two children as servants (Thailfi and Roskva) - leave his goat behind to heal
  20. 20. • THOR IN THE LAND OF THE GIANTS Journey in the east In the cave - several long passages - side chamber - tremendous earthquakes - numerous rumblings - groanings
  21. 21. • THOR IN THE LAND OF THE GIANTS Giant Skrymir - not truly a cave but a giant’s glove - not truly a side chamber but the thumb.
  22. 22. • THOR IN THE LAND OF THE GIANTS Skrymir taking advantage -thrown the knapsack to the ground. - Thor busied himself trying to undo the knots in the knapsack for he is in deep hunger but he could not undo a single one
  23. 23. • THOR IN THE LAND OF THE GIANTS Thor’s fury hunger and fatigue made him furious 1st strike - the giant said” did a leaf fall on me?” 2nd strike - “was that an acorn?” 3rd strike - “did a bird drop a twig on me?”
  24. 24. • THOR IN THE LAND OF THE GIANTS Utgard – the land of giants King Utgardloki
  25. 25. • THOR IN THE LAND OF THE GIANTS Contest 1. Loki vs. Logi About: eating an enormous dish piled with meats placed on the floor between 2 competitors. Result: Tie
  26. 26. • THOR IN THE LAND OF THE GIANTS 2. Thailfi vs. Hugi About: race Result: Thailfi lost the race
  27. 27. • THOR IN THE LAND OF THE GIANTS 3. Thor vs. enormous drinking horn About : emptying the horn full of water Result: The horn was still not empty
  28. 28. • THOR IN THE LAND OF THE GIANTS Utgardloki’s scorn 4. Thor vs. Big grey cat of the ground About: lifting up the grey cat Result: only one of the cat’s paw is being lifted up
  29. 29. • THOR IN THE LAND OF THE GIANTS 5. Thor vs. Elli About: wrestled the old withered nurse and let her be cast done Result : Thor did not even move Elli even a single distance
  30. 30. • THOR IN THE LAND OF THE GIANTS Utgardloki’s Revelation - He himself had been Skrymir, and if he had not protected his head with mountains Thor's hammer would have killed him. Instead, those mountains now had deep ridges. Loki had eaten in a contest with Logi — fire — which devours everything. The peasant had raced with Hugi — thought — the swiftest medium. Thor had drunk from the sea and lowered it a few inches, had tried to lift the Midgard Serpent, and had wrestled with old age. Infuriated at having played the fool, Thor lifted his hammer to slay the enchanter, but Utgardaloki and his castle vanished, leaving Thor and his comrades alone on the plain.
  32. 32. • THOR AND JORMUNGAND Thor accepted shelter from the Giant Hymir. When Thor said he wished to go fishing, Hymir treated him contemptuously. But Thor slew one of Hymir's bulls to use the head for bait, and he and Hymir sailed out into the ocean. Thor took the boat far past the point that Hymir felt was safe. Then he baited the hook and threw it in the sea. Before long the Midgard Serpent snatched the bait and was caught. Its thrashing banged up Thor's hands and wrists against the gunwale, and in the struggle the bottom of the boat fell through, so that Thor found himself standing on the ocean floor.
  33. 33. • THOR AND JORMUNGAND With that added stability he drew the serpent up with an enormous heave. As he was about to slay the monster with his hammer the terrified Hymir cut the line, allowing the serpent to escape. Thor then felled and drowned the cowardly Hymir as he tried to escape. But he would not kill the Midgard Serpent till doomsday, or Ragnarok, when he would perish as well.