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IICBA ON TEACHER ISSUES Towards a Teacher Support and Motivation Framework for Africa


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John N. Oliphant, Lesotho

Presentation to 9th International Policy Dialogue Forum
5-7 December 2016 Siem Reap, Cambodia

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IICBA ON TEACHER ISSUES Towards a Teacher Support and Motivation Framework for Africa

  1. 1. IICBA ON TEACHER ISSUES Towards a Teacher Support and Motivation Framework for Africa By John N. Oliphant, Lesotho 05 Dec 2016
  2. 2. Introducing IICBA  The International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa is one of UNESCO’s Institutes established in 1999.  Situated in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  Its mandate is to strengthen the capacities of the 54 African Member States in the area of teacher development.  In pursuit of its mandate IICBA has three key programs as follows: Technical assistance to member countries, training, and research
  3. 3. Purpose of the Presentation  To position IICBA in the worldwide initiatives on TEACHER SUPPORT AND MOTIVATION led by the International Teachers’ Task Force  To highlight some of the activities and long-term commitments and projects of IICBA in TEACHER SUPPORT AND MOTIVATION issues, challenges and policy initiatives on the African continent.
  4. 4. Background 1/2  The significance of teachers is well documented and acknowledged.  There is no quality education without qualified and motivated teacher.  Yet we know from some research that in Africa teachers are generally poorly paid and they face difficult working conditions (Sinyolo, 2007; Wilson, 2003); teachers are forced to “moonlighting’ with all its consequences on teaching quality; teacher hiring (and firing) is bureaucratic & slow (Mulkeen, 2010) etc. Need for more context-based knowledge in Africa.  Education International and UNESCO; the International Teachers Task Force and various partners all recognize in
  5. 5. Background 2/2  The centrality of quality teachers and their motivation and support have been recognized in various African and global fora; e.g. The Kigali Conference of Ministers of Education and various global partners  They also find expression in CESA 16-25 – Continental Education Strategy for Africa, AU’s Agenda 2063 and the Incheon Declaration of 2015
  6. 6. Recent IICBA’s Initiatives on Teachers Issues and Teacher Motivation  Seminar with African stakeholders and partners and Education International in Addis Ababa on 26th September 2016  Critical examination of the significance, currency and relevance of the 1966 ILO/UNESCO Recommendations on teachers.  Coming out of this seminar and related meetings were recommendations and An African statement for the World Teachers Day in UNESCO HQ on October 5th, 2016.
  7. 7. September 2016 Recommendations of IICBA and Partners for Africa– ON MOTIVATION ISSUES  The need to invest in comprehensive and holistic teachers’ policies  Ensuring that teachers have a voice  Professionalization and better status of teachers, covering the need to re-valorize the status of teachers and teaching as a profession  Provision of the right incentives (monetary and non-monetary) to enhance teachers’ motivation: salaries and social protection, teachers’ autonomy, school governance and leadership etc.  Provision of quality support to newly trained and recruited teachers – significance of meaningful teaching practice placements in diverse locations  Improving and expanding teacher professional development and ensuring clearly defined guidelines for career advancement, school leadership and management roles
  8. 8. Towards the Development of a Continental Teacher Support and Motivation Framework (TSMF)  The need to develop a Continental TSMF (to guide policy & practice) was agreed at the September seminar; WHAT IS NEEDED?  With IICBA’s facilitation and support a Concept Note on the development of the TSMF was developed and circulated among various partners and stakeholders for enrichment. Generally accepted and being finalized.  A phased methodology was agreed to develop the TSMF and ultimately a diagnostic tool for use by individual countries to diagnose and analyze teacher support and motivation issues/dimensions WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW & DO.
  9. 9. Concluding Remark  IICBA pledges its full support to the International Teachers’ Task Force initiative and theme of this Siem Reap, Cambodia conference and subsequent related activities  It invites all in this conference to support its African teacher support and motivation initiatives outlined in this presentation  Thank you
  10. 10. Contacts Dr. John Oliphant (International Consultant) Mr. Omar DIOP (UNESCO-IICBA Education Specialist)