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Get symposium oct 1st 2015 Rotterdam - Ict for supply chain innovation


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Slides presented at the invited talk of the GetService project Final Project Event in Rotterdam - The talk gives an overview of opportunities and challenges in logistics and transport B2B integration and presents findings of some of our current R&D projects

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Get symposium oct 1st 2015 Rotterdam - Ict for supply chain innovation

  1. 1. ICT for Supply Chain Innovation Oct 1st, 2015, Rotterdam Prof.dr. Jos van Hillegersberg Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems Sustinable Supply Chain Innovation Center for Telematics and ICT FINAL Project Event Invited Talk service-final-event-announcement
  2. 2. Why Business Collaboration Sharing Knowledge Costs Learning Bundling Eliminating Waste Complementing SpecializingAgility Risk Reduction Standardising Crossing Border Regulation
  3. 3. Source: J van Hillegersberg 3
  4. 4. 5-10-2015 4 Supply Chain integration is still a Challenge…
  5. 5. Business-IT architectures may be solid but lack integration 5
  6. 6. The Goal: Agile and Responsive Supply Chain 6
  7. 7. Plug and play integration? 7 Plug and Pray? Plug and Pay? Plug and run away?
  8. 8. Integration scenario’s: The human integrator – view, call and retype 8
  9. 9. Integration scenario’s: The single company portal – view and (re-)type 9
  10. 10. Integration scenario’s: Export and attach - Cut-and- paste import 10
  11. 11. Hub adapters Seaterminal Road transport Logistics forwarder Traction provider Terminal Shipping Line Shipper Integration scenario’s: E-Markets, Community systems and Integration Hubs + many(custom/standard) adapters Jos van Hillegersberg, Jimmy Tseng, Rob Zuidwijk, Jo van Nunen (2006). Hub to Higher Performance? An Internet Hub for the Vos Logistics Supply Chain. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Systems 9(1): 13-23.
  12. 12. Integration scenario’s: Open the black box – API’s and Point-to-Point 12
  13. 13. Integration scenario’s: (Cloud based) Message hub + Services Source: mulesoft 13
  14. 14. Integration Scenario’s – Open data and Linked Open Data 14
  15. 15. Integration Scenario’s – Intelligent agents on top of an open landscape 15Source: Utwente Bat-man project (funded by Connekt and IDVV)
  16. 16. Integration Scenario’s - Towards Smart Plug and Play Source: J. van Hillegersberg 16 The human integrator – view, call and retype The single company portal – view and (re-)type Open the black box – API’s and Point-to-Point Export and attach - Cut-and-paste import Integration Hub + (custom/standard) adaptors Cloud based Message hub + Services Open data and Linked Open Data Intelligent agents on top of an open landscape
  17. 17. Some of our recent and current projects in this space 17
  18. 18. Sense and Respond with Sensors in Pharma (Dinalog) 18
  19. 19. Sense and Respond with Sensors in Pharma (Dinalog) 19 Hendrik Haan, G., Hillegersberg, J. V., De Jong, E., & Sikkel, K. (2013). Adoption of wireless sensors in supply chains: a process view analysis of a pharmaceutical cold chain. Journal of theoretical and applied electronic commerce research, 8(2), 138- 154.
  20. 20. Cross Chain Control Tower (Dinalog) Source: Dinalog 20
  21. 21. MegaPil SuperShot AllwaysInTime Cure2You Pills4Everyone XChainCenter EasyRider Financing the XChainCenter 2.3 mln 5y total k€ 300 initially 400k€ annually XChainCenter savings 3 mln annually over 5 year = 15 mln Integration costs XChainCenter 4.7 mln total over 5 yearsUtwente: CrossChainGame
  22. 22. Predicting Arrival Times at a Warehouse Source: Dinalog 4C4More project
  23. 23. van der Spoel, S., Amrit, C., & van Hillegersberg, J. (2015). Predictive analytics for truck arrival time estimation: a field study at a European distribution center. International Journal of Production Research, 1-17. 23
  24. 24. 24
  25. 25. Hubways – an integration hub for the flower industry (Dinalog) 25
  26. 26. Serious game for building support and insight in Hubways 5-10-2015
  27. 27. SynchromodalIT (Dinalog) 27
  28. 28. AIS data mining for arrival time prediction Using Machine Learning for Unsupervised Maritime Waypoint Discovery from Streaming AIS Data, Dobrkovic, van Hillegersberg and Iacob, Forthcoming in ACM- I-know 28
  29. 29. Open Services Quality Model (OSQM) A. Service (and the attached service API), B. Technology C. (Implementation)- Support D. Versioning Source: 29Harleman, R. (2012). Improving the Logistic Sectors Efficiency using Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). In 17th Twente Student Conference on IT.
  30. 30. 1. Processes/Services 2. Complementary Goals 3. Joint Business Case 5. Semantic Standards 4. Integration Architecture 6. Governance Model 7. Implementation & Change 7 Challenges to business collaboration
  31. 31. Join our Open Online Course Starts Jan 11th 2016