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Minneapolis Digital Marketing and SEO Strategies by Jeannie Hill


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Minneapolis Digital Marketing & SEO:

How the Google Hummingbird algorithm changed search engine optimization and impacts business websites. The importance of natural link building, web content, keywords, and structured schema data. Marketers who use advanced conversational search help search engines match web pages to user intent.

Hill Web Marketing offers an explanation of what is happening with Google authorship, Google Knowledge graph, and how to repurpose content to increase online visibility. Finding the sweet spot of where your social graph, website's link graph and knowledge graph intersect.

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Minneapolis Digital Marketing and SEO Strategies by Jeannie Hill

  1. 1. Before the Serious Stuff
  2. 2. Minneapolis Digital Marketing & SEO By Jeannie Hill
  3. 3. Hummingbird Is: • Advanced Conversational Search • Entity Search • Co-occurrence & Related Keywords • Trust Authentication Via Co-citation • Authorship & Structured Schema Data • Universal Search Built Via Repurposed Content “Google’s Hummingbird change is really the biggest overhaul in 12 years. 95% of published content about it was poor. “ ~ Michael Marshall of NC Search Engine Academy
  4. 4. Google Attacks “Cheating” Tactics • Parasite Hosting • Google Booming • Cloaking • Redirects
  5. 5. Who Said? “The Knowledge Graph is definitely something we are going to use. Because if you’re going to model what language is saying, you have to link into the knowledge base of all the concepts and it already has many of the relationships. Developing a way to represent and model the sematic content of document to do a better job of search and answering questions.”
  6. 6. “Your technology has to plan at the world ahead of you, not at the world you see.” ~ Ray Kurzweil, Google’s Directory of Engineering
  7. 7. Know your search volume on a keyword. Cannot use one single signal or infant silo. Solve problems with one topic person page. Make your page’s semantic field wider; use as many synonyms as possible. Fact extraction rather than web crawling. Search is no longer monolithic. Use phrases that often co-exist together and are related.
  8. 8. Natural Link Building “Natural links to your site develop as part of the dynamic nature of the web when other sites find your content valuable and think it would be helpful for their visitors.” ~ Google
  9. 9. Keep A Big Picture Perspective Some Days You’re Up Some Days You're Down Determine what to do now to start preparing for the future. Don’t be fooled by ambiguities. Know your Information Architecture. Content needs to be: 1. Structured 2. Focused 3. Organized 4. Timely
  10. 10. PAUSE
  11. 11. Google figures out the intent of the inquiry. They rephrase what you stated that may be actually enhanced and serve up the answer.
  12. 12. Repurpose Your Content Courtesy of
  13. 13. Use Moz Fresh Alert
  14. 14. Cast A Wider Net To Engage More Viewers What Happened yesterday? What is happening today? What will happen tomorrow?
  15. 15. Are Press Releases Still Relevant? • Traditional releases announce real news • Marketing-driven releases chronicle everyday developments • Online releases specifically influence SEO. “When developed strategically, their opportunities, appeal, and benefits are expanding along with the groups of various influencers and consumers who rely on them for relevant information.”
  16. 16. Schema Metadata Corrections ools/richsnippets
  17. 17. Schema Metadata Corrections Double check your CMS Editor; May need to use Developer tools
  18. 18. Nest Your Schema Metadata Correctly Event - name <--> field title - startDate <--> field date (from date) - endDate <--> field date (to date) - location / Place -- address / PostalAddress --- streetAddress <--> field street address --- addressLocality <--> field city --- addressCountry <--> field country -- geo / GeoCoordinates --- latitude <--> field latitude --- longitude <--> field longitude
  19. 19. SEO Driven Content Write what resonates behind searches What to do: • Write what is unique. • Write what is special • Write what people understand in your niche and geo target area. • Use “things” versus “strings”. Avoid just putting words on a page and adding keywords in your sentences
  20. 20. “If you do something that helps us to our job, we will reward you for it” ~ Google on structured data Establishes who is an authority of a topic ~ Google on Authorship
  21. 21. Teams Create A Winning SEO Strategy The rules have changed a lot and there are fewer “easy wins.” You have to invest in long term marketing, focus on building your brand, your authority, and your online presence naturally. It takes a full team. SEO influences every part of a businesses on- line profile. "I have discovered that patience for SEO to develop is not the ability to wait, but the ability to be smart and keep a good attitude while waiting."
  22. 22. Ask about our web diagnostic services! 651-206-2410