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XP, Scrum, Lean and the Lean Startup


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In recent years the pace of change in business has accelerated and new processes and techniques for software development have evolved to meet those challenges. Agile methods have gone from fringe interest to mainstream acceptance but the methods themselves are changing too.
The differences and relative benefits are not always clear so our speaker will give an overview of agile methods, with examples of how they have been deployed in different contexts, explaining when agile methods are relevant.

He will then show how the thinking from agile methods has influenced the booming Lean Startup movement at events such as StartupWeekend, StartupBootcamp and LeanStartupMachine.

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XP, Scrum, Lean and the Lean Startup

  1. 1. XP, Scrum, Lean andThe Lean Startup Julian Higman
  2. 2. Introduction20 years in software development.Defence, finance, internet startups.Started with formal methods.Last 10 years have been agile.
  3. 3. AgileSoftware development methods based oniterative and incremental development.Requirements and solutions evolve duringprojects.Rapid response to change.
  4. 4. Extreme Programming (XP)Applying engineering best practice to iterativesoftware development Extreme Programming Explained (Kent Beck, 1999)
  5. 5. XP PracticesSit Together Weekly CycleWhole Team Quarterly CycleInformative Workspace 10-Minute BuildEnergized Work Continuous IntegrationPair Programming Test-First ProgrammingStories Incremental DesignSlack
  6. 6. XP - where does it work?Small co-located teamsInternal development functionsOnsite customerSingle product, single codebaseConsistent development environment
  7. 7. XP - whats missing?PlanningScalingInnovationMeasurement of valueWider business context
  8. 8. ScrumIterative process for managing projects withself-organising teams Agile Project Management with Scrum (Ken Schwaber, 2004)
  9. 9. Scrum PracticesRoles : Scrum Master, Product OwnerStories + EstimatesSprints planning, sprint reviewsProduct backlogSmall cross-functional teamSelf-organisingWorking environmentDaily scrums - pigs and chickens
  10. 10. Scrum - where does it workNon-software projectsCross-functional teamsLarger organisationsHierarchichal organisations
  11. 11. Scrum - whats missing?InnovationProcess improvement
  12. 12. LeanApplying lean manufacturing methods tosoftware to increase efficiency and speed Lean Software Development (Mary and Tom Poppendieck, 2003)
  13. 13. Lean PracticesEliminate wasteAmplify learningDecide lateDeliver fastEmpower the teamBuild integrity inSee the whole
  14. 14. Lean - where does it work?Incremental deliveryRepeated processesPotential to optimise
  15. 15. The Lean StartupApplying lean principles to building a business The Lean Startup (Eric Dries, 2011)
  16. 16. Lean Startup PrinciplesEntrepreneurs are everywhereEntrepreneurship is managementValidated learningBuild-Measure-LearnInnovation Accounting
  17. 17. ConnectionsUnstable environmentsIterative processesContinuous deploymentMeasuring successFail quickly
  18. 18. Questions?