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World Geo Semester Final Exam Review


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World Geo Semester Final Exam Review

  1. 1. Final Exam Review Chapters 1-4 1. If a country is east of the prime meridian, it is in the ______________hemisphere. 2. Map distortions are reduced by creating_______________________________. 3. Relative location describes: 4. Longitude is: 5. Latitude is: 6. A three dimensional representation of the earth______________________ 7. System that creates specialized maps from information stored in a database_______________ 8. Type of map that shows both physical and man-made features______________________ 9. Series of satellites that orbit the earth to pick up data___________________ 10. Product of rock weathering________________________ 11. Flow of magma through cracks in earth’s surface______________________ 12. Magma that flows out of cracks in the earth’s surface___________________________ 13. A tsunami is: 14. A seismograph measures: 15. Tectonic plates are moving pieces under the earth’s surface that form________________ 16. Define geography: 17. Absolute location is: 18. Define equator: 19. Chemical weathering is: 20. Mechanical weathering is:
  2. 2. 21. The 2 most important factors in defining different climates are__________________ and _________________. 22. Tectonic plates move past each other at __________________. 23. Humus is: 24. What is relief? What are the 4 categories of relief? 25. Ring of Fire—what is it, where is it, what kinds of activity occur in it 26. What materials erupt from a volcano: 27. Define glaciation: 28. Organic material that contributes to soil fertility: 29. A delta is ___________________________________________________ 30. A specific area of interdependent plants and animals is a ___________________________ 31. Severe weather condition that often forms quickly and without warning_________________ 32. Climate zone that features rainy summers and dry winters______________________________ 33. A rain shadow is___________________________________________________________ 34. A region is categorized as a desert based on _________________________________. 35. Subsoil that is constantly frozen___________________________________ 36. World biomes include: 37. Transfer of heat in the atmosphere by the upward movement of air_________________________ 38. Interdependent community of plants and animals_________________________ 39. The commercial core of a city is its__________________________________________ 40. Define culture: 41. Basic land use patterns in cities:
  3. 3. 42. Spread of ideas and customs from one society to another_______________________ 43. A city with its suburbs and exurbs________________________________ 44. A region of metropolitan areas____________________________________________ 45. Urban geography is: 46. Adoption of a custom from another society is: 47. Polytheism is_________________________________________________________ 48. Type of government in which the public chooses representatives to serve_________________________ 49. A nation is a ________________________________________________ 50. Average amount of money earned by each person in a nation___________________ 51. Population density is_____________________________________ 52. All systems necessary for a society to function___________________________________ 53. If birthrate is greater than mortality rate, what happens to the population? 54. Economic system in which all decisions are regulated by the central government_________________________ Chapters 5-7 55. Describe the construction of and purpose for the St. Lawrence Seaway: 56. Early nomads in North America first settled near_________________________________ 57. Canada exports more energy to the USA because: 58. A multinational is a : 59. Significance of the Continental Divide: 60. Economic system in which there is little government control over business, resources or technology; private ownership:
  4. 4. 61. Natural resource that the USA imports to meet its needs: 62. Define federal republic; define representative democracy: 63. Which is older, the Appalachians or the Rockies? How do we know? 64. A country is considered postindustrial when: 65. Three-fourths of French Canadians live in_______________________ 66. The Columbian Exchange included: 67. Homeland for the Inuit_____________________ 68. People in the Atlantic Provinces face the challenges of __________________________ and _____________________________________ 69. Quebec and Ontario are called the Core Provinces because: 70. Only province on Canadian west coast____________________________ 71. Majority of Canadians work in what type of industry? __________________ Chapters 9-11 72. The Inca were successful in building a civilization in the mountains because they: 73. Slash-and-burn farming is: 74. Causes of loss of rain forest: 75. Problems related to urbanization: 76. Mountain range on west coast of South America_____________________
  5. 5. 77. Mexico’s main economic challenge______________________________________ 78. Why was Panama a good choice of location to build a canal? 79. Brazil was colonized by the _____________________________ 80. The Aztecs fell to Spanish rule as a result of the __________________________ 81. Mexico is a blend of ___________________________________ and _____________________influences. Chapters 15-17 82. Region with very cold temperatures and many natural resources___________________________________ 83. Nation formed by the Communist Party in 1922______________________________________ 84. Period of political and military tension between USA and USSR following WWII-_________________ 85. People with no permanent home, wander in search of food, grazing land _________________