Ch. 32


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Ch. 32

  1. 1. Aboriginal Land Claims Ch. 32, Sec. 1
  2. 2. Aboriginal People Lose Land• Lived as hunters and gatherers• Europeans thought they had no ties to the land because they did not farm, mine or build on it• Declared it Terra Nullius = empty land
  3. 3. Aboriginal People Lose Land• Europeans started settling most fertile land in 1788• Aboriginal people fought, but Europeans had superior weapons• Aboriginals were forced onto reservations or lived on the edge of settlements and adopted European ways
  4. 4. Stolen Children• 1909 – 1969, Australian government took 100,000 mixed race children and gave them to white families to promote assimilation• Those children are called the Stolen Generation
  5. 5. Land Claims• Land Rights Act of 1976 gave Aboriginal people the right to claim land in the Northern Territory• Gave them ownership of the reserves
  6. 6. The Mabo Case• Eddie Mabo – lived on the Murray Islands• High court granted him ownership of his land because his family had worked it for generations• Decision overthrew the doctrine of Terra Nullius
  7. 7. The Wik Case• Wik people claimed land that was being used by ranchers and miners• 2 unique issues – Gov’t owned land and ranchers leased it – Aboriginal people had to prove ties to the land• Hard to prove ties, but court said Aboriginal people could claim land under a pastoral lease• Decision was amended later to wipe out many Aboriginal claims and protect white Australians