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General Overview2012 Linked In


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General Overview2012 Linked In

  1. 1. CompanyOverviewIncorporated in 1990Privately Held & ProfitableHQ in Scottsdale, Arizona40,000+ Clients / 5Mil+ Seats
  2. 2. Aerospace Federal AgenciesMarkets Boeing Lockheed Martin IRS FCC Northrop Grumman EPA Raytheon PetrochemicalConstruction / Manufacturing AEC/Transportation(design collaboration) Amoco Baker Hughes INTEQ Arco Brown and Root British Petroleum East Japan Railway Company Chevron Fluor Daniel Conoco Foster Wheeler DuPontEnterprise Content Management Texaco Banking/Finance/Insurance HalliburtonPartners: A.G. Edwards Pharmaceutical Bank of ThailandEMC/Documentum China Construction Bank Abbott Laboratories Bausch & Citigroup Lomb Eli Lilly & Co.IBM Janus Capital Management Inc. GlaxoSmithKline Merck & Co. SAFECO Insurance Companies Ranbaxy Laboratories Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp.OpenText Utilities Manufacturing AT&TAutonomy / Interwoven Bosch Bell Atlantic Corp. Bridgeston Corp. Gulf Power Chrysler Corp. Japan Atomic Power CompanyMicrosoft Ford Motor Co. NYNEX General Motors Osaka Gas Co., Ltd. Salt River General Electric Southern Nuclear Goodyear Verizon Hewlett PackardLegal Isuzu Motors Limited Johnson & Johnson Motorola, Inc.eDiscovery Walmart …and many moreCase Management Xerox Corp.
  3. 3. IntegratedSoftware Components for Partners View, Annotate, Redact, Publish
  4. 4. What is Brava! Enterprise?Powerful, yet easy-to-use softwareSupports over 250 file formats (including TIFF, PDF, & MS Office):• Viewing – High-fidelity viewing of documents, images & more• Annotation – Markups created as XML overlays• Redaction – Block out / remove content from a document• Publish – Save or Publish annotations to a repository as PDF or CSF (Content Sealed Format) formats
  5. 5. View
  6. 6. Annotate
  7. 7. Redact
  8. 8. Brava! Use Case ScenariosView• Universal viewer – does not require the native application to view multiple formats.• Users needing to access Visio, PDF or AutoCad info without the application.Annotate• Multiple contributors providing feedback on a document while maintaining the Integrity of the original file.• Accounts Payable Department using Brava! for invoice approval process.Redact• Removal of sensitive information before sharing with wider audience.• Government agencies required to make information public.
  9. 9. IntegratedSoftware Components for ECM Partners Remove Sensitive Content & Privacy Information
  10. 10. Where Redaction Fits• eDiscovery/Case Mgmt• Public Records• Identity Protection• FOIA• HIPAA
  11. 11. Integrated Collaborative BridgeSocialized interaction for innovating & collaboration. Content stays managed for compliance and retention.
  12. 12. Brava! View Bridge view managed documents Brava!! save document annotations Filenet
  13. 13. Q&A