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This was my report in the subject Curriculum Development

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  1. 1. Jessa Paola Go Campo BBTEBTL III-2N
  2. 2. - Are individuals or institutions that are interested in the school curriculum. - Their interests vary in degree and complexity. - They get involved in many different ways in the implementation, because the curriculum affects them directly or indirectly. STAKEHOLDERS
  3. 3. 1. Learners at the Center of the Curriculum - Learners are the very reason a curriculum is developed. - They are the ones who are directly influenced by it. - Learners in all levels make or unmake the curriculum by their active and direct involvement.
  4. 4. “I consider the learner as the center of the educational process. Everything in the curriculum should revolve around his/her interests, needs, abilities, and capacities. The nature of the learner must be made the science of learning. the experiences of the learners must be the starting point in accomplishing the goals of education, to let them grow in knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes.” - Josefa
  5. 5. “In the selection of the subject matter, the needs of the individual learner should receive proper emphasis. To do this, the course of study must be organized around the changing nature and development needs within the cultural context of the learners. Organizing curriculum to meet individual differences is compatible with democratic principles. Curriculum makers and implementers need to know what differences there are in the cultural background, mental systems, and approaches to problem solving of the learners. All of these considerations will enable the learner to achieve the richness of experiences in a particular curriculum.” - Venus
  6. 6. “Learners or students are the very reason why schools exist. It is the schools’ responsibility to further develop the learners’ knowledge, skills, talents, and attitude to face the different situations in life. It is through a responsive curriculum that these things can be achieved. A curriculum is effective if it enables all learners to relate the different school experiences to their lives.” - Monique
  7. 7. 2. Teachers as Curriculum Developers and Implementers - Planning and writing the curriculum. - Is a curriculum maker. - Prepares activities for the students to do. - Addresses the goals, needs, interests of the learners by creating experiences from where the students can learn. - Designs, enriches, and modifies the curriculum to suit the learner’s characteristics.
  8. 8. “Teachers are the most crucial persons in the implementations of a curriculum. As an adult in the teaching- learning process, he/she holds the key in operationalizing what activities have been planned. With the full support of the principal, supervisor and other school administrators, the teachers who are empowered will be able to select, organize, carry out and evaluate learning experiences of a curriculum. His/her ability to translate what has been written to action is the key to effective curriculum implementations.” - Fel
  9. 9. “Teachers shape the school curriculum by sharing the experiences that they have and the resources they are capable of giving or imparting to the learners. But as the old saying goes, “What can you give if you have nothing to give?” applies to this demand of teaches in curriculum implementation.” - Marianna
  10. 10. 2. Curriculum Managers and Administrators - Supervise curriculum implementations, select, and recruit new teachers, admit students, procure equipment and materials needed for effective learning. - Plan for the improvement of school facilities and physical plants.
  11. 11. “The school administrators play an important role in shaping the school curriculum because they are the people who are responsible in the formulation of the schools’ vision, philosophy, mission and objectives. They provide necessary leadership in evaluating teaching personnel and school program. Keeping records of curriculum and reporting learning outcomes are also the managers’ responsibilities.” - Ceres
  12. 12. “The school administrators have the responsibility of running the entire school effectively. They have to oversee the smooth transition of the child from one grade level to another and they should see to it that the curriculum is implemented vertically or horizontally with very minimal overlaps. Instead there should be continuity, relevance, balance, so that overall curriculum will produce a well rounded person.” - Christine
  13. 13.  End of my report :) <3