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Portfolio Of Projects


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Portfolio Of Projects

  1. 1. James (Jim) Hennessey Portfolio of Selected Projects website: linked in: email: phone: 615.403.8945
  2. 2. RADIO: TELEVISION: UnitedHealthcare Brand Campaign A strong brand position means the brand has a unique, credible, sustainable and valued place in the mind of the consumer. A focused brand strategy isn't simply an ad slogan or concept – it is the focus of the entire organization in achieving that valued place in the consumer’s mind. The campaign’s approach was to change the myth that the healthcare system was difficult to manage. The advertising elements that support the new brand used humor to illustrate the UnitedHealth “common sense” approach to doing business. The campaign used national print, targeted cable television advertising and national syndicated radio ads.. Mr. Hennessey was Project Manager for the brand campaign and was responsible for brand research, agency management (GSD&M), internal brand launch, media planning.
  3. 3. Collateral Ryman Guitar Product Development There are three key factors in product development. Factor one is the creation and ability to deliver a unique product . Factor two , a clear. well communicated strategy for the product within your business. And the third factor is sufficient resources to deliver, promote and distribute the new offering. The restoration of the Ryman provided the unique offering of guitars crafted from the venues oak pews. The product fit nicely with the Ryman’s historic rebranding. Marketing created collateral, print advertising and live TV promotions on the Grand Ole Opry to tout the guitars. The product launch and promotion resulted in sales that were 43% above sales projection. Mr. Hennessey was responsible for research, pricing, agency management, writing and editing.
  4. 4. Out of Home Media Predators Fan Promotion Strategy A traditional promotion mix strategy evaluates product, market, and customer factors alongside the organizations existing marketing mix to create promotions that increase sales. The Predators' first year mix strategy focused on driving ticket sales and building fan loyalty. The promotions' program used non-traditional and out-of-home tactics to allow fans to interact with the team as part of their daily life. Milk gallons and orange juice containers incorporated ticket promotions. Predators Crunch ice cream was created with Purity Dairy and sold 30,000 units in the first 60 days. Tactics such as panels on soda cans, themed murals on Pepsi trucks, and retail promotions for trading cards, plush dolls and Pepsi Points increased the regular interaction between fans and the brand. As promotions manager, Mr. Hennessey was responsible for working with corporate partners to develop the promotional mix and strategy. He and his team were also responsible for implementation, reporting and evaluation of each program.
  5. 5. Print Media Direct Mail Ryman Musical Series Marketing Plan Marketing plans are essential for product/service programs that continue of extended time frames or programs that have related but multiple messages as part of the campaign. Marketing plans start with situation analysis which yields campaign objectives, strategies and objectives. The Ryman Musical Series campaign was for four different theatrical offerings, each with an average of 55 performances, spanning from April-December. An umbrella quot;lookquot; was created for the campaign to unite the four productions as a series and also reinforce the Ryman brand. Each production received print and radio advertising, direct mail, and other promotions including table tents at area restaurants. Mr. Hennessey was responsible developing the overall marketing plan and four sub-campaigns. He also was responsible for project and agency management and developed the media strategy.
  6. 6. Direct Mail Little Known Facts B-to-B Campaign There are six basic elements to be considered when implementing a business-to-business outreach. They are: reach, frequency, message resonance, persuasive impact, clutter, and waste. Campaign was designed to touch every employer with 100+ employees in 24 markets. Reach was achieved with four flights of direct mail over eight weeks. Frequency was achieved with business print advertising during six of the eight weeks and business radio spots throughout the eight week flight. Message resonance was achieved by “market specific” facts that tied to the product pitch. Mr. Hennessey was responsible for project and agency management for campaign and developed the media strategy.
  7. 7. Collateral Ryman Auditorium Brand Campaign A well-crafted brand strategy has three components: defined audience groups you wish to reach; a clear definition of the industry in which the brand exists; and a statement of the brands point of difference and key benefits. This brochure, which was part of the Ryman’s brand re-launch touches all three brand strategy components. The piece was targeted to concert promoters, music industry representatives and event managers to convey the venue’s unique place among performance venues and the Ryman’s important history and musical importance. Mr. Hennessey was responsible for concept, agency management, writing and editing.
  8. 8. Print Media UnitedHealthcare Brand Refinement Strong brands need to be maintained and refined over time to reflect significant change or growth of the enterprise. That does not necessarily mean changing the core brand proposition, it may simply be updating the delivery method , message or format. In 2008, after the acquisition of Oxford Health, John Deere Health, Sierra and PacifiCare, UnitedHealthcare refined its brand message and presentation. The refined message still acknowledged the challenges of the health care system but deployed a new tag line, quot;Healing health care. Together.quot; The advertising support was note worthy for its use of a bold color palate, not typical of health care companies, and also the direct and bold message content. Mr. Hennessey was part of the team working on the project and was responsible for message development and internal band launch.
  9. 9. Out of Home Media Print Media UnitedHealthcare Small Business Tool Kit Marketing programs for multiple markets may be challenging due to varying market conditions, product focus, and available marketing dollars. Each market may share campaign objectives, strategies and objectives, but the timing and resources are different. UnitedHealthcare has small business sales operations in more than 50 markets nationwide. To support those ongoing efforts a tool kit of print advertising, out of home programs, and business-to-business radio was created and was customized by market needs. Mr. Hennessey was responsible for concept, agency management, writing and editing and launch of the toll kit program.