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Safend Overview

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  • I’d now like to review the Safend Protection Suite Architecture.Safend Data Protection Suite consists of Clients, a Management Console and a Management Server.The Clients are installed on the enterprise endpoints and they enforce the security policies locally on their hosts. The Management Server provides the services needed for configuring and monitoring Clients. Clients periodically communicate with the Management Server to renew their security policies, submit their logs and to initialize their suspension (one-time) passwords (OTPs). All communication between clients and the server is implemented as Web Service calls over SSL.Security Admins use the Management Console to interact with the Management Server.The Management Console is a Windows applications used by Admins to interact with the Management Server. Once logged in to the console, a user can manage and assign security policies, view client properties, view logs, and perform various administration operations such as change domain user credentials.Security Admins can explicitly request Clients to immediately renew their policy, submit logs or initialize their OTPs. To facilitate the management of clients in large deployments, the Management Server interacts with external Directory Services such as Active Directory (default) and Novell’s eDirectory.The Management Server utilizes either mySQL or MS SQL Server database to store its configuration, domain information, policies and logs.
  • Total Data Encryption - Advantages Completely Transparent Encryption Endpoint Performance Maintained Easy Deployment Highly Stable and Fault Tolerant Simple and Reliable Recovery Mechanism Technician Mode
  • Safend General Presentation 2010

    1. 1. Data Leakage Prevention<br />
    2. 2. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Agenda<br />Who is Safend?<br />Endpoint Security<br />An imperative for all organizations<br />Regaining Control of Endpoints and Data:<br /> Data Protection and Leakage Prevention with Safend Data Protection Suite <br />Safend Auditor<br />Safend Discoverer<br />Safend Inspector<br />Safend Encyptor<br />Safend Protector<br />Safend Reporter<br />Summary<br />Securing your Endpoints<br />
    3. 3. Company Timeline<br />1200 Customers<br />Hardware Encryption Management;<br />Persistent Encryption;<br />Network<br />2010+<br />Protector 3.3<br />Safend Reporter<br />Safend Encryptor: Full Hard Disk Encryption<br />2009<br />FISMA <br />Compliance<br />2008<br />Protector 3.1 <br />Anti-Network Bridging,<br />PS/2 Keylogger Protection<br />Safend Data Protection Suite Transparent SSO for Encryption<br />Safend Discoverer<br />Safend Inspector<br />2007<br />2006<br />Protector 3.2<br />File Type Control, Media & Content Monitoring and Tracking Offline File Transfers<br />1800 Customers<br />First release of Safend Protector<br />2005<br />2004<br />Safend Protector available through resellers internationally<br />2003<br />700 Customers<br />Company founded<br />
    4. 4. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Why Safend? <br />Advanced Technology <br />Control all your data protection measures with a single management server, single management console and a single lightweight agent<br />Partnership with leading hardware encrypted device vendors<br />Operational friendly deployment and management<br />Best of breed port and device control<br />Hard disk encryption is completely transparent and does not change end userexperience and common IT procedures<br />Comprehensive and enforceable removable media encryption<br />Full control over sensitive data both inside and outside organizational network<br />Track file transfers from encrypted devices even on non-corporate computers<br />
    5. 5. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Why Safend? <br />Strong partnerships<br />Enterprise Resellers<br />Partnership with leading hardware encrypted device vendors<br />Complementing Enterprise DLP Vendors<br /><ul><li>Fidelis Security</li></ul>Major Partnerships<br /><ul><li>Lenovo
    6. 6. Utimaco
    7. 7. Credant
    8. 8. Fujitsu
    9. 9. Websense
    10. 10. Workshare</li></li></ul><li> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Why Safend?<br />Advanced technology<br />World class leadership team<br />Strong partnerships<br />Analysts endorsements<br />Industry recognition<br />In 2009 alone – <br /><ul><li>Received five stars and Best Buy in SC Magazine’s 2009 Group Test
    11. 11. Recipient of the Frost and Sullivan Technology Innovation Award
    12. 12. Recipient of the Info Security Products Guide’s Tomorrow’s Technology Today Award</li></ul> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />
    13. 13. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Company Mission<br />“To become the market leader for endpoint Data Protection and Leakage Prevention solutions for enterprise protection and regulatory compliance.”<br /> Gil Sever, CEO<br />“Industry analysts report that up to 70% of a company’s confidential data resides on corporate endpoints. Protecting that data is a prime concern for our customers. Safend’s endpoint ILP solutions provide the tools our customers need to protect their corporate assets without sacrificing their productivity” - Steve Petracca, VP and General Manager for Lenovo’s Software & Peripherals Business Unit<br />
    14. 14. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Did You Know … <br />52% of N.A. large enterprises had lost confidential data through removable media such as USB Drives in the past 2 years (Forrester)<br />Over 70% of security breaches originate from within (Vista Research)<br />Over 60% of confidential data resides at the Endpoint (IDC)<br />Business travelers in the U.S., Europe and United Arab Emirates lose or misplace more than 16,000 laptops per week.(Ponemon Institute).<br />The average cost per data breach was $6.6M and the cost per record was $202 in 2008 (Ponemon Institute).<br />Information breaches trigger an average 5% drop in company share prices. Recovery takes nearly a year.(EMA Research)<br />
    15. 15. Security SurveyHow many devices are people using?<br />Usage of USB sticks: 96%<br />Usage of Memory Cards: 69% <br />More than one device: 72% <br />Average number of devices in use: 7 <br />Source: <br />Utimaco Removable Media SurveyWorldwide, March 2007, Total number of respondents: 1.117<br /> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />
    16. 16. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Security SurveyData Protected?<br />At a Glance<br />55% of data is not protected <br />19% is protected<br />18% partially protected<br />But …<br />4% don’t think it’s necessary<br />89% see a need to protect this data<br />Source: <br />Utimaco Removable Media SurveyWorldwide, March 2007, Total number of respondents: 1.117<br />
    17. 17. Cost of Data BreachesRecovery Cost Averages<br />Average Incident Cost:<br />$6.75 million<br />Average Incident Costper compromised record: $204<br />Customer Costs<br />Incremental Costs<br />Unbudgeted legal, audit and accounting fees<br />Notification to customers<br />Free or discounted service to customers<br />Call center expenses<br />Public and investor relations<br />Internal investigations<br />Brand damage<br />Loss of existingcustomers<br />Recruiting newcustomers<br />30%<br />54%<br />16%<br />Among the incidents reported, the most expensive data breach cost nearly $31 million to resolve, and the least expensive cost $750,000. <br />Productivity Costs<br />Lost employee productivity<br />Source: 5th annual "Cost of a Data Breach" study by the Ponemon Institute<br /> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />
    18. 18. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Extending Security to the Endpoints<br />With increased mobility, connectivity and productivity comes increased vulnerability and risk…<br />USB, WiFi, FireWire, Bluetooth and other protocols make it easy to connect unauthorized external devices, leaving endpoints wide open to:<br />Data Leakage & Theft<br />Enterprise Penetration<br />Introduction of Malware <br />Removable media with sensitive information can also easilybe lost or misplaced by company employees, exposing organizations to irreparable data loss and tight legal scrutiny <br />The loss and theft of laptop is a common occurrence. <br />
    19. 19. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Compliance Requirements<br />States that currently have data protection laws <br />States that do not currently have data protection laws <br />
    20. 20. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />safendauditor<br />Safend Data Protection Suite<br />safendprotector<br />safendencryptor<br />safendinspector<br />safendreporter<br />
    21. 21. Safend Data Protection Suite<br />Safend's Data Protection Suite protects enterprises against endpoint data loss, misuse and theft through its single server, single console, single agent architecture. Its modular components can transparently encrypt internal hard drives (Encryptor), granularly control ports and devices and encrypt external media (Protector), Inspect, classify and block leakage of sensitive content through email, IM, Web, external storage, printers (Inspector), Map, classify and locate data stored on organizational endpoints and network shares (Discoverer), Generate detailed graphical reports for compliance assessment (Reporter) and quickly and non intrusively audit an endpoint for past and present connected devices and Wi-Fi networks.(Auditor). <br /> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />
    22. 22. Safend Data Protection Suite<br />complete visibility, control, and protection of enterprise endpoints. Safend’s comprehensive solution has a single agent, single server and single management console for all data protection needs. The award winning suite includes:<br />Safend Auditor <br />Shows who’s connecting which devices and wireless networks to every enterprise endpoint<br />Safend Discoverer<br />Controls the use of wireless ports and removable devices by file/device type<br />Encrypts removable media and CD/DVD<br />Safend Inspector<br />Prevents sensitive data leakage through e-mail, web, removable storage, and additional data transfer channels<br />Safend Encryptor<br />Enforces hard disk encryption of all data stored on laptops and PCs<br />Easy recovery of machine and files<br />Safend Protector<br />Controls the use of wireless ports and removable devices by file/device type<br />Encrypts removable media and CD/DVD<br />Safend Reporter<br />Provides graphical security reports and analysis of your safend protected environment<br /> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />
    23. 23. Safend Data Protection Suite<br />Safend Data Protection Suite features and benefits: <br />Transparent Encryption<br />Internal hard disk encryption<br />External storage encryption for removable storage devices, CD/DVD and external hard drives <br />Robust port and device control <br />Wireless control<br />Hardware keylogger protection<br />Enterprise grade management, providing full visibility and control over organization security status<br />All functionality is provided by a single management server, single management console and a single, lightweight agent<br />Certifications<br />Common Criteria EAL2 certified<br /> FIPS 140-2 Validated<br />protector<br />encryptor<br />reporter<br />inspector<br />
    24. 24. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br /><ul><li>Single Lightweight Agent
    25. 25. Agent Includes Multi-tiered Anti-tampering Capabilities
    26. 26. Simple and Reliable Installation Process</li></ul>Hard Disk Encryption<br /><ul><li>Centrally Managed and Enforced
    27. 27. Transparent SSO
    28. 28. Seamless authentication support
    29. 29. Easy Recovery
    30. 30. Strong Security and Tamper Resistant</li></ul>Content Based DLP<br /><ul><li>Data Classification
    31. 31. Data Content and Origin
    32. 32. Data Fingerprinting
    33. 33. Data Leakage Prevention Through:
    34. 34. Email, IM and Web
    35. 35. External Storage
    36. 36. Printers</li></ul>Port & Device Control <br /><ul><li>Detachable Storage Control
    37. 37. Removable Storage Encryption
    38. 38. CD/DVD Encryption
    39. 39. Wireless Control
    40. 40. Hardware Keylogger Protection</li></ul>Safenddiscoverer - Sensitive Data Location and Mapping<br />Safendreporter – Security and Compliance Analysis<br />Safendauditor – Endpoint security status audit<br />
    41. 41. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br /><ul><li>Single Lightweight Agent
    42. 42. Agent Includes Multi-tiered Anti-tampering Capabilities
    43. 43. Simple and Reliable Installation Process</li></ul>Hard Disk Encryption<br /><ul><li>Centrally Managed and Enforced
    44. 44. Transparent SSO
    45. 45. Seamless authentication support
    46. 46. Easy Recovery
    47. 47. Strong Security and Tamper Resistant</li></ul>Content Based DLP<br /><ul><li>Data Classification
    48. 48. Data Content and Origin
    49. 49. Data Fingerprinting
    50. 50. Data Leakage Prevention Through:
    51. 51. Email, IM and Web
    52. 52. External Storage
    53. 53. Printers</li></ul>Port & Device Control <br /><ul><li>Detachable Storage Control
    54. 54. Removable Storage Encryption
    55. 55. CD/DVD Encryption
    56. 56. Wireless Control
    57. 57. Hardware Keylogger Protection</li></ul>Safenddiscoverer - Data discovery and Mapping<br />Safendreporter – Endpoint security reports<br />Safendauditor – Port and device audit<br />
    58. 58. Safend Data Protection SuiteSingle Management Server & Single Management Console<br />
    59. 59. Safend Data Protection Suite Enterprise Grade Management<br />Tamper Resistant <br />The agent includes multi-tiered anti-tampering capabilities to guarantee permanent control over enterprise endpoints<br />Automatic directory integration<br />Active Directory & Novell eDirectory<br />Apply policies to the appropriate organizational units, down to a specific machine<br />Role based management<br />By administrative action or by Organizational Unit<br />Scalable architecture <br />A single management server can manage more than 75,000 endpoints<br />Built-in support for N+1 server clustering<br />
    60. 60. Safend Data Protection Suite Architecture<br /> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />
    61. 61. Safend Data Protection Suite Full Audit Trail<br />protector<br />Provides full visibility into: <br />Device connection and data transfer events <br />Organizational encryption status<br />Administrative actions performed<br />Graphical and non-graphical reports<br />Real Time Alerts <br />Sent by email<br />Windows event logs / Syslog<br />SNMP systems<br />Custom alert destination<br />encryptor<br />reporter<br />inspector<br />
    62. 62. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />auditor<br />Safend Auditor<br />protector<br />Key Features<br />Find out who’s connecting what devices and WiFi networks to every endpoint<br />Identify and manage endpoint vulnerabilities<br />Identifies all USB, FireWire, PCMCIA devices and WiFi network ports <br />Views results in minutes via simple and powerful reporting<br />Compatible with existing network management or admin tools<br />Intuitive, clientless and easy to use<br />encryptor<br />reporter<br />inspector<br />
    63. 63. Step 1: Select Ports and Computers to Audit<br />Computers to Audit <br />Audit Filters by Port Type<br /> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />
    64. 64. Step 1a: Optionally Refine your Search<br />Devices to detect<br /> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />
    65. 65. Step 2: Run Scan to Generate Report<br />Connection Summary<br />Detailed Device Report<br /> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />
    66. 66. Step 3: Detailed Audit report <br />By User: Historic & Real-time<br />“ White list ”<br /> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />
    67. 67. Safend Protector<br />Key Features<br />Prevents data leakage and penetration via endpoints<br />Detects and restricts any devices <br />Enforces granular policies over physical, wireless and removable storage devices via real-time analysis of low-level port traffic <br />Tamper-resistant <br />Centrally managed & seamlessly integrates with Active Directory<br />Ensures regulatory complianceEasy to use and scalable<br />safendprotector<br />encryptor<br />inspector<br />reporter<br /> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />
    68. 68. Safend ProtectorSecurity Features<br />Port, Device & Storage Control<br />Allow, block or restrict the usage of any and all computer ports<br />Granular identification and approval of devices<br />Removable Media Encryption<br />Transparently encrypts data copied to removable devices, external hard drives, & CD/DVD. <br />Automatically encrypts data when transferred to devices by authorized users<br />Offline access utility for authorized users<br />Granular WiFi Control<br />By MAC address, SSID, or the security level of the network<br />Block Hybrid Network Bridging<br />Allows admins to control/prevent simultaneous use of various networking protocols <br />U3 & Autorun Control<br />Turns U3 USB drives into regular USB drives while attached to endpoints<br />Block Hardware Keyloggers<br />Renders USB & PS/2 hardware keylogger devices useless<br /> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />
    69. 69. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Safend ProtectorFile Type Control<br />Prevents<br />Data Leakage (Write)<br />Virus/Malware (Read)<br />Inappropriate Content (Read)<br />File header based classification<br />Not by extension (Tamper resistant)<br />Over 250 file extensions in 14 categories<br />Policy <br />Flexible White/Black List<br />Separate for Read/Write<br />Log/Alert per file type<br />
    70. 70. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Safend ProtectorFile Type Control<br />
    71. 71. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Safend ProtectorTrack offline usage of Removable Storage<br />Extends visibility beyond the organization boundaries <br />Track file transfers from/to<br />Encrypted devices on non-corporate computers (offline)<br />Audit user actions for legitimate use of corporate date<br />Policy<br />Global setting - Read/Write<br />Logs<br />Collected the next time the device connects to the network<br />Available in “File Logs”<br />
    72. 72. Safend ProtectorCD/DVD Media White Lists<br />Allows white-listing of CD/DVD<br />Software Installation CD’s<br />Approved content<br />CD’s scanned to be virus-free<br />Unique fingerprint of CD/DVD Media<br />Identifies the data on each medium<br />Any change to the data revokes fingerprint<br />Media Scanner Utility <br />Policy<br />Extends the “Distinct Devices” white lists<br />Automatically exempt from File Type Control<br /> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />
    73. 73. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Safend Protector in Action<br />
    74. 74. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Safend Protector in Action<br />
    75. 75. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Safend Protector in Action<br />
    76. 76. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Safend Protector in Action<br />
    77. 77. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Safend Protector in Action<br />
    78. 78. A permitted device connected to the endpoint<br />A non-permitted device connected to the endpoint<br />Safend Protector In Action<br />The device must be encrypted before it is used<br /> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />
    79. 79. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Safend Reporter<br />Key Features<br />Report on Security incidents <br />by Users <br />by Organizational Units<br />Report on Security Incident Types<br />Reports on the deployment status<br />Device Inventory Report<br />Export Reports<br />Recurrence Reports<br />protector<br />encryptor<br />inspector<br />safendreporter<br />
    80. 80. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Safend Reporter<br />What it is<br />Why is it Valuable<br />Graphical high-level view of the <br />protected organizational status<br />Advance tool for identifying <br />Security Vulnerabilities<br />Reports on irregular or <br />Suspicious behavior<br />Facilitates Regulatory Compliance <br />Reporting Requirements<br />Provides overview of system status<br />Platform for developing Security <br />Analytics and Dashboard Views<br />Report Scheduler and enables reports<br />to be viewed in multiple formats<br />Customizable to meet current and future<br />Security Reporting needs<br />
    81. 81. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Safend Reporter<br />Displays Security incidents in a clean, easy-to-use dashboard format<br />Allows Customization of incident types to report on<br />Allows Admins to slice, dice, drill across information<br />
    82. 82. Safend Encryptor:<br />Key Features<br />Encrypts all data on laptops and desktops – Total Data Encryption<br />True SSO (Single Sign On) technology Transparent to end users & help-desk personnel<br />Centrally managed and enforced<br />Full visibility of organization’s Encryption status <br />Stable and fault tolerant encryption Total Data Encryption, maintains performance and minimizes the risk of OS failure<br />safendencryptor<br />protector<br />reporter<br />inspector<br />
    83. 83. Total Data Encryption: Advantages<br />Completely Transparent Encryption<br />Endpoint Performance Maintained <br />Easy to Manage Deploy and Use<br />Highly Stable and Fault Tolerant<br />Simple and Reliable Recovery Mechanism<br />
    84. 84. Safend Encryptor: Completely Transparent<br />safendencryptor<br />True SSO Technology:<br /> to end users<br /> to help-desk / support<br /> to user authentication<br /> to patch management<br /> to software distribution systems<br />Transparent<br />protector<br />Transparent<br />reporter<br />inspector<br />Transparent<br />Transparent<br />Transparent<br /> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />
    85. 85. Safend Encryptor: Highly Secure<br />protector<br />Total Data Encryption - Encrypts all data on endpoints Including all data files, page file and windows password store (SAM and domain cache)<br />Strong encryption algorithm Each file is encrypted using a different random key for increased security (AES-256)<br />Tamper Resistant The agent includes multi-tiered anti-tampering capabilities to guarantee permanent control over enterprise endpoints<br />Certifications:<br />Common Criteria EAL2 certified<br /> FIPS 140-2 certified<br />encryptor<br />reporter<br />inspector<br />Enrolling Beta Customers<br />
    86. 86. Safend Encryptor: Centrally Enforced<br />protector<br />Encryption enforced by policy <br />Zero end user interaction<br />Encryption process does not interfere with ongoing user activities<br />End users cannot interfere with the encryption process <br />encryptor<br />reporter<br />inspector<br />
    87. 87. Safend Encryptor: Full Audit Trail Detailed Client & Server Log Records<br />Clients status displayed in the Clients World: <br />Client Logs displayed in the Logs World: <br />Server Logs displayed in the Logs World: <br />
    88. 88. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Safend Encryptor Full Audit TrailDetailed Server Log Records<br />Examples of Encryptor specific server logs<br />
    89. 89. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Safend Encryptor: Full Audit TrailEncryption Status Report<br />Displays endpoint “encryption complete on” time and date<br />Can be set to display only “active” endpoints<br />drill-down reports display specific endpoints<br />
    90. 90. Safend Encryptor: in Action <br />Security administrator <br />sets an encryption policy <br />End user authenticates<br />using native Windows <br />logon <br />Encryption process <br />takes place transparently <br />in background<br />Detailed endpoint <br />status is displayed <br />in the Clients World <br /> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />
    91. 91. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Safend Inspector<br />protector<br />encryptor<br />Key Features<br />Controls sensitive data transferred<br />via approved data transfer channels<br />Data Classification<br />Content and meta-data<br /> Data fingerprinting <br />Controlled Channels<br />Email, web<br />External storage, CD/DVD<br />Local and network printers<br />Application (custom) channels<br />reporter<br />inspector<br />
    92. 92. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />discoverer<br />Inspector-EP (Endpoint)<br />protector<br />encryptor<br />Key Features<br />Data Leakage Prevention Through:<br />USB, Firewire Storage<br />Local & Network Printer<br />CD/DVD<br />Network Shares<br />Copy/Paste<br />Application Data Access Control<br />reporter<br />inspector<br />
    93. 93. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Safend Inspector<br />protector<br />encryptor<br />Data Classification<br />Data Content and Origin<br /> Data Fingerprinting <br />Data Leakage Prevention Through:<br />Email, IM and Web<br />External Storage<br />Printers<br />Out of the box predefined classifications and Policies<br />Interactive Message Center for user education<br />inspector<br />reporter<br />
    94. 94. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Predefined Classifications and Policies<br />protector<br />encryptor<br />PHI - HIPAA & UK Health<br />PCI (CC#)<br />PII (SSN, NINO, 15 other countries)<br />Acceptable Use (racial, sexual, violence - English)<br />Software IP<br />Schematics IP <br />US Export Regulations<br />SOX – sensitive financial data <br />Preclassified data and metadata<br />inspector<br />reporter<br />
    95. 95. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Inspector-NW (Network)<br />protector<br />encryptor<br />Data Leakage Prevention Through:<br />Email – Outlook Plugin, SMTP<br />Web – IE Plugin, HTTP, HTTPS<br />Application Data Access Control <br />Limit access of any application to sensitive data <br />File transfer through Skype<br />Encryption of sensitive data with unauthorized package<br />inspector<br />reporter<br />
    96. 96. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />Classification methods<br />protector<br />encryptor<br />Data Content<br />Regular Expressions<br />Mathematical verifiers<br />Heuristic Verifiers<br />Predefined classifications - reusable<br />Data Fingerprinting<br />Map set of files as sensitive without pointing to specific text – using originating application<br />Use partial match to file as indication of sensitivity<br />inspector<br />reporter<br />
    97. 97. - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />discoverer<br />Safend Discoverer<br />protector<br />encryptor<br />Endpoint Discovery<br />On all endpoints with installed agent<br />Network Share Discovery<br />As a professional service<br />reporter<br />inspector<br />
    98. 98. Reports<br /> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />
    99. 99. End User Interaction Design<br /> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />
    100. 100. Policy Edit<br /> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />
    101. 101. Our Future Plans<br />Safend intends to further extend the leadership of its Data Protection Suite in the coming years. Some highlights of functionality considered in our future plans include:<br />Data at Rest content discovery, mapping and control.This product, planned for 2009 will allow an organization to map all its sensitive data, and in future releases automate measures taken to protect the detected data.<br />Persistent Encryption.This extension of Safend Inspector and Safend Encryptor to selectively encrypt only sensitive content and keep it encrypted even when it goes off the corporate machines further improves the security of data, while remaining transparent to the end user.<br />Extensive key management for software encryption and for internal and external hardware encrypted storage.Safend provides a comprehensive software encryption platform for both hard disks and removable storage, but some organizations may require or already have hardware encrypted devices. Safend aims to manage those devices as part of the Data Protection Suite and be able to provision them, recover passwords for them, and be able to remotely kill them<br />
    102. 102. Contact us for more information or a demo<br />(703) 815-8828 x101<br /><br /> - Proprietary & Confidential - <br />