Julie Hedlund ToC bologna


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Children's Author Julie Hedlund's presentation for Tools of Change in Digital Publishing, Bologna 2013. Authors and Illustrators: Opportunities and Challenges in Publishing Digitally

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Julie Hedlund ToC bologna

  1. 1. Authors and IllustratorsThe Opportunities and Challenges in Creating Digitally Author Julie Hedlund juliehedlund.com @JulieFHedlund
  2. 2. TROOPThe Story ofTROOPTried to Publish TraditionallyKnew TROOP Could Shine asan AppHow?
  3. 3. Biggest ChallengeFinding a non-DIY Publishing optionPublishers Looking for Original ContentHow to Submit?Developed My Own Proposal
  4. 4. OpportunitiesTime to MarketMarket GrowthStories Well Suited for Interactivity
  5. 5. DiscoverabilityPost-Publication ChallengeDifficult for All Apps,Especially Original OnesConstant EffortNeed Multiple App Strategy
  6. 6. Swimming into iTunes May, 2013!