Emerging technologies mid term


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  • Emerging Technologies Mid-Term.Power Point Edition!!!!By jamie Heaphy
  • Which created a file that was 7MB, so I am unable to show it on this site.
  • Which I will explain in a minute or so.
  • New to Company – off the street!!
  • Banner Multi-company Locator. This is the screen used to locate customer’s accounts. Searches can be done by any of the criteria seen on the screen.Name, phone #, address, account #, and meter #.In my 7MB presentation I demonstrate how to search by name.
  • Once a customer is located, the CSR Interface screen will appear.In my big presentation I go though the process of demonstrating how to view particular information by navigating through the different tabs and maintenance screens.
  • In my big presentation I made use of PowerPoint, which most people here are familiar with. I used it to create the introduction and conclusion slides.I also used SnagIt to copy and paste some of my screenshots as well.
  • Emerging technologies mid term

    1. 1. PowerPoint Edition!!!!!!! By: Jamie Heaphy
    2. 2. For this on-line presentation Ichose to use Adobe Captivate.
    3. 3. Adobe Captivate is an e-learning tool that isapproved by Manitoba Hydro.Since the approval/justification process for newtechnologies can be very lengthy, over a year,exploring those options wouldn’t have beenproductive.The department that I work in has used Captivateto create several CBT’s already.Learning this tool will allow me to add to ourexisting library.
    4. 4. This is one tool of e-learning that is consideredthe corporate standard for all departments ofManitoba Hydro.The Employee Learning and Development groupprovides training and support for Captivate.
    5. 5. Ease of use.Ability to create interactive courses.Assessments can be created for students tomonitor their progress. Lots to learn for creating an effective learning tool…..as I am discovering. Downloading from home is expensive. $150.
    6. 6. Learning and ultimately mastering AdobeCaptivate will help to create CBT’s for severalapplications that can decrease travel and trainingcosts.
    7. 7. For my presentation I will be demonstrating howto perform Basic Navigation of the Manitoba HydroCustomer Information System (CIS) called Banner.I am using this demonstration of Banner as a testto see if this type of CBT can be used as a pre-training tool to shorten the in class training,thereby, reducing travel & training costs.
    8. 8. The majority of the people we train are new tothe company.The purpose for this pre-training plan is to get thenew employees some basic knowledge of Banner.The plan would be to create several CBT’s forshort simple functions/applications with the hopeof reducing classroom training by 50%.
    9. 9. THIS IS BANNER Multi-Company Locator
    10. 10. THIS IS BANNER CSR Interface
    11. 11. The Basic Navigation demonstration is just the tipof the iceberg of what Banner can do. Banner canallow Hydro Representatives to perform billingfunctions, meter management , and create serviceorders. Basically, any department that deals directlywith customers, uses Banner.
    12. 12. PowerPoint SnagIt