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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. What is Educational technology???Educational technology is the studyand ethical practice of facilitatinglearning and improving performanceby creating, using and managingappropriate technological processesand resources.. EducationalTechnology relies on a broaddefinition of the word "technology."Technology can refer to materialobjects of use to humanity, such asmachines or hardware, but it can alsoencompass broader themes, includingsystems, methods of organization,and techniques
  2. 2. What is technology of education???Technology of education is mostsimply and comfortably defined as anarray of tools that might prove helpfulin advancing student learning andmay be measured in how and whyindividuals behave.The field that studies technology,teaches students about the processesinvolved with technology and theknowledge behind it is calledtechnology education.
  3. 3. HistoryEducational technology in a way couldbe traced back to the emergence ofvery early tools, e.g., paintings oncave walls. But usually its historystarts with educational film (1900s) orSidney Presseys mechanical teachingmachines in the 1920s.The first large scale usage of newtechnologies can be traced to USWWII training of soldiers throughtraining films and other mediatedmaterials.
  4. 4. latest developmentDuring the 20th Century, there was arecurrent pattern of expectations andoutcomes (Cuban, 1986). It has beena common belief that advances intechnology could solve all of theproblems in learning. Thomas Edisonsaid in 1913 that “books will soon beobsolete in schools…” (Reiser, 1987).This prediction has not become areality. When a new medium enteredthe educational scene, there wasmuch initial enthusiasm and interestwhich eventually faded.
  5. 5. latest development thank you for imparting your knowledge about computers sir, we are lucky enough to be your student in edtech 2. Sorry if we pass this project late because there is a unexpected circumstance. We felt so sorry sir jay!! Thank you and we will miss you. Wehope that we will be on your advisory in the next semester. GOdbless!!!