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Views from the Heights - Spring 2012

  1. 1. Historic Jackson Heights Commercial ConcernsWeekend Over the past few months the JHBG has met with Council- member Daniel Dromm to express concern over the prolifer-By Daniel Karatzas ation of signs, awnings, and other means of advertising that some merchants have installed. Businesses need a permitThis year marks the 22nd annual “Historic to install signs and awnings, and complaints made to theJackson Heights Weekend” sponsored by Department of Buildings (DOB) over the last few years (yes, years) have never been inspected.the JHBG. This year’s events will be heldon Saturday June 9th and Sunday June 10th. The size of the awnings and signs, along with the fact thatThis year there will be at least 13 gardens many are illuminated, leads us to believe that the properparticipating on Saturday; a record. We permits have not been secured, making them illegal. Ashope to have the Renaissance School par- such, we are working with Councilmember Dromm to maketicipating this year for the first time, to sure that the DOB inspects all of these properties. Unfortu-show off its rooftop garden, which includes nately, when one merchant gets away with an illegal sign ora greenhouse. Please see the flyer for de- awning, their immediate neighbors, along with those downtails on each activity. The JHBG would like the block, find it necessary to do the same. The result is a endless stream of illegal advertising that is a blight on ourto thank the Community Church for serving residential community. Remember, our City agencies areas the venue for our events for most of the complaint driven. They respond to complaints. So if youlast 22 years. see something, say something… in this case simply call 311 with the address and as much detail as possible. Every complaint counts! Editorial: solutions to their concerns. The east to westbound. Now poten- merchants have consistently tial customers driving off the 37th Road voiced their concern over a loss Brooklyn Queens Expressway Pedestrian Plaza of business and the need for can proceed on 37th Avenue to vehicle access to 74th Street. 75th street (instead of 73rd By: Edwin O’Keefe Westley street) to access 74th street. Unfortunately the implementa-The Jackson Heights Beautifica- tion would have been better The serious traffic problems thattion Group (JHBG) has support- served during the Spring/ had plagued the area adjacented the Department of Transpor- Summer months instead of Sep-to the Roosevelt Avenue/74thtation’s multi-year Traffic study tember because there is a Street subway station and theof Jackson Heights. We have greater revenue opportunity. Victor Moore Arcade bus stationalso supported the results of the Two businesses, on the Plaza,have been dramatically re-study and Phase 1 implementa- have recently stepped up and duced. Buses, which were of-tion beginning in September of are in the process of setting up ten delayed because of the vol-2011. ume of traffic on 73rd Street, Plaza cafes. This will be gener- ating more revenue for the Pla- now make better time headingWe also understand there has za. down 75th Street. Pedestriansbeen merchant opposition to the are now also put at much lessPlaza. In fact, we have partici- Vehicular access to 74th street risk of being struck by passingpated in several meetings with has been improved by changing cars and trucks. ththe merchants to try to develop the direction of 37th road be- tween 74th and 75 streets from (Continued on p. 4) Views Spring 2012 Page 2
  2. 2. Message from JHBG President, Edwin O’Keefe Westley The State of the same one that is bringing us street slightly north of 37th Avenue the building at 84-01 37th Avenue, Play a Piano Around the same Jackson Heights has the right to appeal. This build- time as MMNY our good friends Part 2 ing is next to the 84-01 structure. from Sing for Hope will be deliver-“It is amazing what you can accom- The land is owned by Kelly’s sta- ing a piano on the sidewalk south plish if you do not care who gets tionery store. Stop by and say no east of the US Post Office. It will the credit.” to this new attack on our Historic visit us for approximately two Harry S. Truman District. The JHBG intends to fight weeks and then be donated to a this by going to the Historic Dis- worthy causeSpring Has Sprung tricts Council at the appropriateOur gardening volunteers: Virginia time. The land marking process Summer Sunday ConcertsYardley, Luise Schwabe, Ilse, requires that you demonstrate that We held our first planning meetingDiane, Ed Walters, Frank LoRus- the buildings are historically signifi- and agreed that we would beginso, Madalyn Benoit, Mimi , Nuala cant. We intend to prove our case the season on July 8th and contin-O’Doherty, and Pat Kelly, are again ue each Sunday through Augustscheduled to begin the ‘37th Ave- 26th. We are hoping to bring backnue Tree Garden’ planting on May Blessed Sacrament Volunteers many of last year’s favorites and1st and complete by May 15th. We are happy to announce that add several new bands. Stay tunedSince spring weather was early this Father Patrick Burns, the singing for further announcements. Com-year Virginia, Ilse and Louise pastor of Blessed Sacrament, has mittee members include: Carlostook on an additional project of get- reached out to us to form a part- Martinez, Alfonso Quiroz, Valerieting the US Post Office Garden nership to keep uptown Jackson McLeod-Katz, Vinny Mongeluzo,under control. Their work will con- Heights beautiful. The details will Len Maniace, Andrew Ronan,tinue with the help of Howie and be ironed out and we hope to begin Rebekah Oakes, and Dancrew from Millimar Landscaping. in May SheehanIf you would like to add your nameto our volunteer list give us a call at Make Music New York What’s on your mind? We would718 565-5344 On June 21st, Summer Solstice, like to hear from you our members street concerts will return to Jack- and friends. Tell us what you likeNew Building Proposed son Heights. The main stage will and don’t like about JacksonAn application for another six story be at our new Pedestrian Plaza on Heights. What you would like morebuilding is before the NYC Depart- 37th Road between 73rd and 74th of or less of. Call us at 718 565-ment of Buildings; this application streets and Espresso 77 on 77th 5344.has been rejected. But the builder,Historic Weekend …..……….….1-2 Growing Traverse Park…….……..5 Crossword …………...…………….11Editorial………………..………….2,4 37th Road Pedestrian Plaza.……..5 JH Resident Takes Manhattan….12President’s Message…..………….3 First Aid for JH Trees.……………..6 Opera………………………………..13New from the Heights…………..2-3 Composting Project.…………… 6-7 Oasis……….………………………..14JHBG-Who We Are………….……..4 Memories of JH…...………………8-9 Membership………………………..15 Letter from the Provost…………. 10 Views Spring 2012 Page 3
  3. 3. (Continued from p. 2)The JHBG has, for many years, and the creation of open space make it more attractive to allbeen a proponent of more open – the JHBG supports the one- constituents. These include thespace in our community. The block pedestrian plaza along “greening” of the plaza, includ-nearest large park is miles away 37th Road between 73rd and 74th ing the planting of trees and oth-from Jackson Heights, and our Streets that was created as a er plantings, more tasteful andCommunity Board (Community result of the comprehensive comfortable seating areas, andBoard #3 covering Jackson DOT Study. We believe that it is perhaps some information ki-Heights, East Elmhurst, and an important amenity for the osks, describing the extensiveNorth Corona) typically ranks community residents, merchants public transportation system,next-to-last in open space com- and neighbors who use the local commercial district, andpared to all other Boards. As nearby subway/bus terminal on neighborhood history. Thesuch, open space, whether it is a regular basis. maintenance and cleanliness ofa green park or not, is very im- the plaza is also crucial to itsportant to the residents of Jack- Implicit in our support is the un- success. Hopefully this can beson Heights. derstanding that the current a cooperative effort, where the condition of the plaza – some City, residents, property owners,For these reasons – the amelio- boulders and a scattering of ta- and merchants all participate.ration of serious traffic problems bles - needs to be enhanced toJHBG—Who We AreBy: Len ManiaceMaybe we’re shy, because we * Graffiti removal * Halloween Age to Space Age * Gardenseldom blow our own horn. To- parade * JH CREW, Canine Club * Community Awards * JHday is different. We’re going to Recreation and Exercise Won- Urban Forest project * Soon-to-let you know what we do, why, derland * Summer Sundays in open JH Composting Center *and then ask you to join us by the Park and other concerts * Green Agenda for Jacksonvolunteering, becoming a mem- Views from the Heights news- Heights *ber, or making a donation. letter * Candidate/Issue Town Hall meetings * Landmark ad- Jackson Heights would be aOne problem could be our vocacy * Travers Park improve- very different and less interest-name, the Jackson Heights ments and open-space advoca- ing place without these things.Beautification Group. Sounds cy * 69th Street Greening pro-like we plant marigolds and be- ject * The Jackson Heights Art We are for democratic (small d)gonias. Yes, we do that, but we Contest * The Jackson Heights values. That means more thando a lot more. We are a grass- Greenmarket * Holiday Lighting just voting. It requires gettingroots, all–volunteer, full-service ceremony at Post Office * His- involved with your neighbors tocivic and environmental organi- toric Weekend tours * 78th make Jackson Heights a betterzation that works to make Jack- Street Pedestrian Plaza/Play place, one that’s safe and hos-son Heights a better place for Street * Garden School athletic pitable to all, regardless of theall. We’re also a not-for-profit field purchase * Landing Lights potential divides of income, lan-group and a New York State Park ball field restoration * Lo- guage, ancestry, age and sexu-recognized charity, so your do- cal history books, Jackson ality.nations are tax deductable. Heights: A Garden in the CityHere’s some of what we do: and Jackson Heights: From Ice (Continued on next page.) Views Spring 2012 Page 4
  4. 4. (Continued from previous page.)Some may scoff and say we’re ryone is included. That sounds How can you help? If you wanta little naïve. We disagree and like a beautiful place to live. So to volunteer, contact us at 718-think it’s shortsighted to believe maybe our name, the Jackson 565-5344. If you want to be-we can have a healthy and at- Heights Beautification Group, come a member or donate totractive community unless eve really does describe what we JHBG, this newsletter contains do. a form for that. We hope you will join us.Growing Travers ParkBy: Len ManiaceJackson Heights is on the verge with $4 million from Councilman groups to support the Traversof getting a real park. For years Danny Dromm, with the mayor Park expansion.the complaints about Travers and Queens Borough PresidentPark have gone like this: It’s not offices each contributing $1 mil- Knitting 78th Street and the Gar-a park; it’s a playground. And, it lion. The Garden School would den School athletic field into adoesn’t even have grass. get use of the field during school redesigned contiguous Travers hours. It would be available to Park won’t happen immediately;Thanks to a long-awaited deal the public afternoons and eve- it will cost a significant amountfor the city to purchase the Gar- nings, and completely when the of money. The athletic field andden School athletic field, and school is closed, including the 78th Street Pedestrian Plaza,the expected permanent closing weekends, holidays and school however, will be available forof at least half of 78th Street, the vacation periods. public use soon.2-acre Travers Park is on theverge of a major expansion. As for converting 78th Street into If you want to participate in help- a permanent pedestrian plaza, ing created a new expandedThe Garden School and New the plan has the support of the Travers Park, contact JHBG atYork City announced the deal Community Board and Dromm. 718-565-5344.for the 25,000-square-foot fieldon March 21. It calls for the city Throughout the long effort,to pay $6 million for the field, JHBG has worked with other37th Road Pedestrian PlazaBy: Len ManiaceAfter a shaky start, the 37th In response to merchant com- lows customers of the SouthRoad Pedestrian Plaza is grad- plaints about the plaza, the Asian shopping district to loopually becoming a fixture in city’s Department of Transpor- around the block that’s alsoJackson Heights: As the weath- tation has made a series of bounded by 75th and 37th Ave-er warmed this spring, the num- changes, including reversing an nue as they look for parking.ber of people strolling and/or adjacent stretch of 37th Road sodining in the plaza has grown. that traffic runs west toward the (Continued on p. 12.) plaza and 74th Street. That al- Views Spring 2012 Page 5
  5. 5. First Aid for JH TreesBy: Len ManiaceCity trees have a tough life, but available, use a bucket; but A great way to care for yourif cared for they pay us back remember: trees need about trees and improve the look ofthat effort many times. Trees 15 to 20 gallons of water each your street is to turn your treecool our streets and homes, week. pit into a tree garden. Plantingclean the air, and beautify our annuals (flowers that need toneighborhood. They, and the Once you decide to take care be planted every year, likesoil they are planted in, even of your tree the next step is to marigolds) or a few perennialsclean the water in our city’s adopt the tree. All that means (those that come up everybays, creeks along our beach- is that you have agreed to take year, like hostas) are a goodes. care of your tree(s) and sign a way of keeping the soil loose statement to do so. It carries enough for water to penetrate.What can you do? The first no legal liability, but is one way (Don’t plant shrubs; their rootsthing is to water trees. The the city can track whether trees will compete with those of awinter and early spring have are being cared for. This tree tree.) Denser plantings will dis-been exceptionally dry, endan- care effort is part of the Green courage dogs from urinatinggering trees, especially those Agenda for Jackson Heights, a near trees (and acidifying soil,planted in the last few years. JHBG project. We especially a bad thing), though a small hope to get co-ops to adopt all fence is a smart addition.The best way to water a tree is the trees on their street orto run a hose to the tree pit block. This is actually less We will be holding tree-careand let the water trickle into the work than it sounds because classes and are putting togeth-soil. But first loosen up the soil only trees planted in the last er crews to care for trees. Ifwith a small shovel, taking care few years require regular care you want to adopt a tree, tonot to damage roots. If the wa- and watering. Barring a sus- help in any way, or to learnter runs out into the street with- tained drought, established more, contact us at:in a few minutes, the soil is ei- trees are happy with the care- LenManiace@gmail.comther too hard or the water is ful loosening of soil in their tree Please write “Urban Forest” inflowing too fast. If a hose is not pits. the subject line.Jackson Heights Composting Project in the WorksBy: Evie McKennaSpring is often paired with opti- The goal is to collect food scraps impact of these recyclable wastemism, hope and renewal. All of the- and other compostable items (such products adding to our garbagese elements are present in a new as coffee with the filter!) and have stream. The project is beinglocal environment project here in the process set up in our zip code steered by the Green AgendaJackson Heights which will keep and with local distribution of the soil group (under the JHBG leadershipthe whole cycle in house so to that results. The site has the po- and funding) and follows a trajecto-speak. We will soon have a perma- tential to be an environmental base ry of JH composters in the recentnent site for composting right here in the community and an educa- years from Lenny Olson’s work atin Jackson Heights on 69th street tional tool, as well as acting as a St. Marks Church and the Farmunder the BQE. location for tree and plant give- Spot produce co-operative. aways. This will be in addition to its primary function of reducing the (Continued on next page.) Views Spring 2012 Page 6
  6. 6. (Continued from previous page.)He and Melissa Zavala pioneered and, eventually, at the new site as The location of the site is confirmedthat compost effort which is now well. Local residents who graduat- as the NE corner of 35th Avenuewell maintained by Kirsten Mag- ed from the “Master Composter” and 69th Street across from thenani. course at the Queens Botanical dog run. The Dept. of Transporta- Garden are spearheading this pro- tion has once again been a willingCurrently, the Greenmarket site at ject. In addition to Lenny, Melissa partner (thanks!) and, as soon as78th St on Sunday mornings is our and Kirsten, those MC’s include details are finalized with the perim-place for public compost collection Julian McNamara and Evie McKen- eter, we will be able to announcein Jackson Hts. This new JH com- na who are working with Len Mani- the opening date of the site.posting project will allow more col- ace and Ed Westley to get this pro-lection times at the Greenmarket ject up and running. Views Spring 2012 Page 7
  7. 7. Memories of Jackson Heights GardensBy Doris Derwik WurglerWith the completion of the Corona amenities to make moving to the War Gardens were part of theextension of the elevated train suburbs within the city irresistible. war effort during World War Ialong Roosevelt Avenue and the There were those who longed for the making good use of the fertile soilpopularity of the Garden City Move- opportunity to actually do some real in the vacant lots which had soment in Europe, the Queensboro gardening. Not to worry! Queensbo- recently been converted fromCorporation developed a marketing ro made community garden plots farm land. Once again in thecampaign promoting the innovative available at first in full blocks and 1940’s some of the vacant lotsconcept of “the garden apartment” later at the ends of blocks where were converted to use as Victoryto an upscale clientele. The first apartment dwellers could landscape Gardens. Bill Seelig and his fami-comprehensive planned group was and raise glorious displays to be ad- ly who lived on 89th Street next tonamed, “The Garden Apartments” mired by their neighbors. The Com- the large vacant lot on 35th Ave-with garden plots in front of each munity Gardens had large wooden nue marked out a plot which hebuilding and an uninterrupted disposal bins on the side street pe- and his older daughter Barbarashared green space at the rear run- riphery to be easily scavenged by could manage. Many a summerning the length of the block. Strip evening strollers. evening we waved to them atgardens of grass and trees contin- work tilling the soil and producingued along the sidewalks interrupted In the first years of my life in Jackson a marvelous crop of vegetablesonly by the street, picking up on the Heights I joined my father and moth- for their table. Barbara later tookother side. The whole block on er admiring the flowers. My father her gardening skills to the Cha-both sides of the street was one always came home with an armful of teau Garden. My father grew to-enormous garden. We know it now discarded plants from the bins. I par- matoes, with carrots and radishesas “The Greystones”. ticularly remember the garden on for me, and even tried his hand at 85th Street where the gardeners an espaliered apple tree againstThe next Queensboro project treat- threw out the most exotic speci- the side of the house, grape vinesed the full block garden as a mens. At one point my father had a on the garage trellis producingsquare block with the gardens be- dozen different varieties of iris in our enough to make jelly and fill rowsginning with grass strips along the garden, compliments of the bins. of jars to stock the basement pan-street, flowing garden plots in in the Mrs. Earle’s Garden on 35th Avenue try. We had currant bushes cov-front of all the buildings interrupted between 87th and 88th streets was ered with nets to save the berriesonly by driveways and picked up in another favorite. We could see portly from the birds so we could makethe rear with an innovative and dra- Mrs. Earle in blue overalls with her Swedish Crème and a peachmatic block long interior garden. elegant upswept blond “do” tucked tree that produced huge juicy fruitThey called it “Linden Court” after under an enormous straw hat, on until disgusting borers invadedall the magnificent Linden trees her knees with trowel in hand work- and filled the fruit with sticky goo..planted in the street gardens. Even ing in a far corner of her manicured The back fence was always fillednow when they are all in bloom the stretch of restful green lawn with with climbing Blaze roses whichfragrance is intoxicating. One long- white Adirondack lawn chairs taste- we picked to take to my pianotime resident called it “the smelling fully interspersed among the showy recital held at the clubhouse on aseason”. That plan proved to be so colors of the exuberant flower beds. Saturday afternoon in June. Thesuccessful that it became the mod- Bird baths and white bird houses on stage was filled with roses fromel for all of the subsequent garden poles welcomed feathered guests. the gardens of the young pupils ofapartment complexes for which Mrs. Earle was the only gardener Miss Kathryn Owens, a very prop-Jackson Heights is justly famous. whose name we knew. My father er Southern lady who taught was very good at chatting with manners as well as music inQueensboro owned a huge tract of strangers and she with her German Jackson Heights living rooms. Ifarmland which was not yet under accent may have felt more comforta- was four years old when I joinedconstruction. All those folks in the ble in 1940 talking with a passing her group of very little people sit-new garden apartments needed Swede. Continued on page ……...9 Views Spring 2012 Page 8
  8. 8. Jackson Heights GardensContinued from page 8. tunity for safely climbing trees, al- ning of the next phase of our lives beit in a prone position. as a family.ting in a circle on the floor of thehouse on 87th Street which would When we first moved to Jackson My father was always close to thea year later become my home. Heights, my family rented a small soil so he was anxious to get start- attached house on 88th Street. It ed. He couldn’t handle all of thoseWhen we first moved into the 87th was a comfortable enough life to kids running through our yard, asStreet house, there were no fences make my father, who had come well as the adults walking by. Beforebetween the gardens at the rear of from a line of landowning farmers long, my mother and father decidedthe houses with a walkway that in Sweden to long to own a piece a fence was needed. The chain linkstretched from the driveway near of land in his new country. In 1940 fence had just come into popular35th Avenue to the driveway at the many of the original owners of the use and my father installed it allother end near 37th Avenue. The houses had moved on due to the around the back yard with gates athouse gardens further developed hard times of the Depression the front and back. The “No fences”the same successful concept that years. Some houses were owned easement had expired and therewas defining the apartment com- by the banks which had foreclosed, was no one to protest. He tore upplexes: gardens beginning at the others by investors who took ad- his portion of the common concreteedge of the street with a grass strip, vantage of the opportunity. Gen- strip that linked the “gardens” whichcontinuing in the front of the houses teel renters kept up a good front. by now were unmaintained mud andwith sloping lawns flowing as a con- Everyone on our common drive- laid out flower beds along the fencestinuous river of green up and down way knew most everyone else and with white wooden trellises along thethe block and around to the back knew who was an owner and who garage and the back alley and angardens through breaks in the was a renter. My father and mother arbor over the back gate. The soilbuilding line created by grouping fell in love with a “convertible had been neglected for so long thattogether two, four and five houses. house” in the middle of the block, it needed major improvement. AQueensboro decided that maple at the end of its group so one could colleague at Otis who lived intrees were to be the theme tree for walk from front to back, facing Westchester had a chicken houseour block of English Garden south for more sunlight, without a on his property and offered to shareHomes so the street trees planted solarium (which several end hous- the by-products of his poultry. Onein the grass strips were maples. es had) so there would be more Saturday morning my father took theThe property line trees in the front growing space, an apartment on back seat out of the car, loaded hisgardens at the breaks between the the top floor to help pay the mort- pitch fork, bushel baskets and card-house groups were maples and gage, a basement for a workshop board boxes and me. We drove tothe property line trees planted in and a laundry room for drying Harrison where he and his friendthe back between every two hous- clothes. It even had a garage loaded our car with the stinkiestes were also maples. By the time where he could park his black Pon- fresh chicken manure imaginable.we got to Jackson Heights at the tiac sedan that he drove to work as Praying that the car would not breakend of the 1930’s, the trees had an electrical engineer for Otis Ele- down along the way, I held my nosegrown enough to create a leafy vator Company in Yonkers, NY. and leaned out of the window.. Aftervista on the whole street. In anoth- My mother could take the subway the contents was unloaded, spreader ten years, the trees were huge to her school in Long Island City over the land and worked into thewith green canopies shading the where she taught eighth grade soil, my father was well on his wayentire river of green below. In the and music. My mother and father to realizing his dream. The car1940’s a monstrous hurricane felt comfortable buying their dream stank for many months afterwardhurtled through our street and with house for $11,700 but didn’t move and we drove with the windowsa quiet “whoosh”, uprooted huge in for several years, permitting the open even into the following winter.trees on either side leaving them to renters to stay on and make the But it payed off! We had a gardenrest, blocking the entire street for mortgage payments. In my fifth that was the envy of all around. Aseveral days. With no exterior year, they asked the renting family sea of red salvia even enticed hum-wires to rip down, city kids were left to move. For us, it was the begin- mingbirds, to the delight of my moth-with a marvelous one-time oppor- er. Views Spring 2012 Page 9
  9. 9. A Letter from the Provost of Plaza College Views Spring 2012 Page 10
  10. 10. Views Spring 2012 Page 11Answers: 1. Jahns; 2. Armondos; 3. Happy Kitchen; 4. Mehfil; 5. Cannelle;6. LaPortena; 7. Novo; 8. Arunee; 9. El Coyote; 10. Espresso77 CROSSWORD
  11. 11. Jackson Heights Resident Takes ManhattanBy: Linda ReynoldsA few weeks ago, in mid I hadnt heard Wild in years-- the ballads (“Body and Soul”March, I had the pleasure of the last time I heard her sing was especially lovely); shecatching a set of some re- she was doing all originals. brought both complete respectmarkably refreshing music at She has rediscovered her first and a sense of humor to everythe Iridium in midtown Man- love--the standards--which note she sang.hattan. The unique jazz and she grew up hearing as a Still I admit I happen to have apop vocalist Bethany Wild was child (her parents were big bias for Ms. Wild’s originaljoined by an impressive and fans of the music). Many pop tunes. She is an amazingsolid trio comprised of Glafkos singers are seduced by the songwriter with an uncannyKontemeniotis on piano, Fima elegant clarity of the lush mel- knack of throwing together aEphron on bass, and veteran odies and sophisticated lyrics catchy tune and an irresistibleDave Meade on drums. of traditional jazz standards, lyric, like a natural born chef and many a pop singer stum- who cooks without a recipe--In an hour set that covered bles when attempting to navi- she‘s just got it like that.some classic standards and gate the sometimes trickyjazz tunes, as well as a few depths ofthese songs. Ms. Whether her songs are hu-originals, she lead her trio Wild is not one of those sing- morous and witty, or haunting-through a selection of almost ers. ly profound--her unique anda dozen tunes that included a lofty musical observations tiedfun and bawdy rendition of Whether interpreting the to the tale of song--her voice“Gee, Baby, Aint I Good To standards or presenting her needs to be heard, whetherYou?” “Prelude To A Kiss,” own material, all of it was through her own very lovely“All of You,” “Body and Soul,” classic Bethany. Her voice is one or many others.“Afro Blue,” a friendly instrument that de-and a jaunty lyrical version of livers effortlessly all the way, Later that evening, I felt, when“Well, You Neednt,” as well hinting at and toying with the I emerged from the dark base-as her original songs “A melody, growling and soaring, ment nightclub into the unsea-Chance of Peace,” totally at ease with not know- sonably mild winter night, that“Hummingbird Street,” “The ing exactly whats coming I had already experienced aShooba” (a real crowd pleas- next. A mature and confident breath of fresh air. If the op-er), and the charming artist who can swing like crazy portunity arises to catch this“Wonders of the Heart.” on the up tempo material, and beautiful force of nature sing still caress every nuance from live, do not hesitate to take it!(Continued from p. 5)Other changes from the DOT plaza and hope to see addi- on support from its mer-include more than a dozen tional business from it. chants. That’s where all of uslarge planters containing come in. What better way toshrubs and flowering perenni- Many of us believe the pedes- show your support for our newals, and additional tables and trian plaza will be good for the plaza than to walk there for achairs for 37th Road those neighborhood, but the plaza’s meal or shopping with yourrestaurants who support the long-term success will depend family or friends. Views Spring 2012 Page 12
  12. 12. Views Spring 2012 Page 13
  13. 13. VIEWS FROM THE Why did the chicken cross the road? HEIGHTS Volume 23 Number 3 Spring 2012 By: John Petrozino Jackson Heights Beautification Group Post Office Box 720253 To get to the oasis, of course! colorful garden that would be nice Jackson Heights, NY to look at for the store’s employ- 11372-0253 718-565-5344 If you haven’t seen it yet, you ees, customers and those whoEmail: should stop in front of The Original pass by everyday. They had spe- American Chicken, located at 78- cial ordered the little fence to give Editor 07 37th Avenue, to check their the area its own space and added John Petrozino beautiful and stunning tree garden. a few garden decorations. They also feel it is a nice gesture to-Writers and Reporters The "Oasis" was created by Anwar ward the community where they Ahmed, one of the owners of the do business and their hope is that Daniel Karatzas restaurant. According to Anwar, other businesses in the area fol- Len Maniace there was an open space that was low suit and do the same in their Evie McKenna left empty by the city after taking a storefront—it would make the city Linda Reynolds Edwin O’Keefe Westley tree trunk that was there for a long streets look so much lively! Doris D. Wurgler time. It looked quite ugly given that the owners and their staff were Thanks to Anwar and his staff for looking at it all day, everyday. helping make our neighborhood Graphic Design Anwar came up with the idea and more beautiful! James Stonebraker vision to turn this little space into a JHBG OFFICERSEdwin O’Keefe Westley, President Len Maniace, 1st Vice President John Petrozino, 2nd Vice President Janet Kelly, TreasurerJohn J. McCaffrey, Jr., Secretary JHBG DIRECTORS Leslie Elliman Nelida Florez Darryl Hoss Daniel Karatzas Janet Kelly Barbara Kunkel Lori Longbotham Len Maniace Carlos Martinez Emergency Tips on How to Save Your Trees:John J. McCaffrey, Jr. Evie McKenna  First loosen up the soil with a small shovel, taking care not to damage roots. Finuala O’Doherty John Petrozino Jim Riccio  Run a hose to the tree pit and let the water trickle into the soil. Basil SafosEdwin O’Keefe Westley  If the water runs out into the street within a few minutes, the soil is either Doris D. Wurgler too hard or the water is flowing too fast.  If a hose is not available, use a bucket; but remember: trees need about 15 Founding Director to 20 gallons of water each week. Maire Breen Views Spring 2012 Page 14
  14. 14. Membership: Jackson Heights Beautification Group Your annual membership in the JHBG helps us fund neighborhood activities, demonstrates your commitment to a better community, and permits us to be your voice in the revitalization of Jackson Heights. Your support is important to the future of our neighborhood. The JHBG is 100% volunteer-run, and there is no paid staff. The JHBG is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization, and your contribution is tax-deductible. Please make checks payable to Jackson Heights Beautification Group. You will be mailed a receipt for tax purposes. Please fill out this page and return it with your payment to: JHBG—Membership Box 720253 Jackson Heights, NY 11372 1. Please circle membership level: Individual—$25 Business—$50 Sustaining—$100 Patron—$250 Benefactor—$500 Sponsor—$1,000 Other: ______ 2. Please print the following: Name: ________________________________________________________________ Address (including Apt. #): ________________________________________________ City/State/Zip: __________________________________________________________ E-mail Address: _________________________________________________________ Daytime Phone (optional): _________________________________________________ Evening Phone (optional): _________________________________________________ 3. Are you interested in being contacted about any of the following JHBG activities? If so, please circle the appropriate one(s): Clean Streets Friends of Travers Park Garden Club (including flower planting) Graffiti Busters Halloween Parade Historic Weekend Membership Building Newsletter and/or Website Town Halls Other: __________________ 4. Suggestions? Comments? THANK YOU! If you have any immediate questions or concerns, contact the JHBG by phone (718-565-5344) or email ( Views Spring 2012 Page 15
  15. 15. Page 16 CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE! JHBG’s website has a new look! Check us out at: www.jhbg.orgDo you have a story or event coming up?Send e-mails to orLeave us a message at (718) 565-5344.Don’t forget to us @