Ti AppCamp 2 : Atlanta


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The Titanium AppCamp 2 in Atlanta, GA held on Nov 2, 2013.

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Ti AppCamp 2 : Atlanta

  1. 1. Apps, APIs & Analytics: What “Mobile First” Really Means JEFF HAYNIE, CO-FOUNDER & CTO @JHAYNIE
  2. 2. Mobile phones are now more ubiquitous than indoor plumbing. “DEPUTY UN CHIEF CALLS FOR URGENT ACTION TO TACKLE GLOBAL SANITATION CRISIS.” UN NEWS CENTER. UN, 21 MAR. 2013
  3. 3. The Emerging IT World? PAST: PRESENT: “PLANNED ECONOMY” “FREE-FOR-ALL” Centrally planned, centrally sourced One size fits all „Bread lines‟ Product = Industrial strength Product < > Inspiring Nominal central control BYOD/A, rise of shadow IT Silos, inevitable redundancies Variable results (usability, security, performance, etc.)
  4. 4. Major Technology Shifts 1990s TO TODAY CLIENT SERVER Early 1990s One-to-one Rich UX (GUI) Distributed computing Local Network INTERNET Late 1990s One-to-many Weak UX (HTML-Based) Server-centric computing Global network MOBILE Today Many-to-many Rich UX (driven by mobile OSs) Distributed computing Internet of Things
  5. 5. From Closed and Rigid to Open and Rich “SYSTEMS OF ENGAGEMENT” “SYSTEMS OF ENGAGEMENT” “SYSTEMS OF RECORD” Heavy business process Sufficient business process Targeted process (3-click rule) On premise Public Cloud Public or Private Cloud Rigid traditional IT stack Connectors to legacy APIs to legacy, SaaS, cloud, middleware Proprietary tools Proprietary tools / HTML web Open source / freemium tools High initial & ongoing costs Quick deploy, low entry costs New dev environment, low cost “Feed the machine”: user experience an afterthought Web-based UI for flexible access “User is king”: experience separated winners & losers Inside the building access Tethered to work environment or virtualization and VPN Access anytime, anywhere
  6. 6. Hard truth #1: The user is king. The explosion that killed the PC User chooses the app, not you. Expectation is for smart, purposeful, contextaware experiences. (Forget “user error” jokes.) R.I.P. Wintel. 88% of enterprises agree B2B/E require the same caliber UX as B2C.1 Hard truth #2: Release velocity is (largely) beyond enterprise control. Users want what they want, when they want it. Apple wants what it wants, when it wants it. The other platform vendors aren‟t sitting still. Hard truth #3: HTML 5 can‟t save us. 30% feature differential across browsers.2 62% 1Q3 of enterprises support three or more mobile operating systems.1 2013 Appcelerator Enterprise Mobile Survey Access to a small fraction of the native APIs. Not a priority for the platform providers (see e.g. iOS 7). 2"BII REPORT: Why Facebook Defriended HTML5-For Now." Business Insider. N.p., 24 Oct. 2012.
  7. 7. Why legacy middleware won‟t cut it: WEB XML, SOAP JSON Data payload Large and static, optimized for PC display and feature-driven applications Niche and orchestrated, optimized for small screen and purpose-built apps Number of data sources Few Many Data source location Behind the firewall Behind the firewall, SaaS virtual private clouds, public cloud Client device profile Data, data everywhere MOBILE Powerful device with few constraints (e.g. large battery), stationary access Battery- and bandwidthconstrained (by network and/or fees), roaming Client-to-data connectivity Steady, broadband Intermittent & variable speed, driving need for online/offline syncing and rate limiting Usage profile More predictable peak hours (i.e., 9-to-5, 8-to-10) Anywhere, anytime access API format And not a drop to drink? 40% rank mobileoptimized APIs as their top investment priority.1 Mobile is driving another tier into enterprise architectures. 1Q3 2013 Appcelerator Enterprise Mobile Survey
  8. 8. The lifeblood of great user experience A move from lagging to leading indicators. ⅓ 1Q3 report their apps fail to meet the needs of end users.1 2013 Appcelerator Enterprise Mobile Survey
  9. 9. Needs for Mobile Success Performance metrics Usage patterns Adoption rates Lifecycle efficacy Great experience across platforms Maximum reuse Flex sourcing of skills Optimized payloads Online/offline sync Elastic scale Secure access
  10. 10. IT: Innovation Exchange New architecture for the new world around mobile, cloud and big data / analytics Nimble and specialized, fit for purpose Looser coupling, higher cohesion Expanded ecosystem = more innovation New market opportunities