Appcelerator Overview


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Our latest company presentation. Great to use for pitching Titanium within your organization.

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Appcelerator Overview

  1. 1. An introduction to Appcelerator Scott Schwarzhoff VP, Marketing Appcelerator, Inc.
  2. 2. We enable web developers to quickly create and commercialize native mobile, desktop & iPad applications. ~ Confidential and Proprietary ~
  3. 3. 2013: Mobile will be 40% of all internet traffic. Web Mobile Source: eMarketer. June 2009
  4. 4. Apps drive this growth. “3 Billion downloads, 150,000 apps” (Apple)
  5. 5. Because… “Native apps leverage the relationship between the user and the device in a way mobile web apps simply can‟t.” (Mobile Marketer)
  6. 6. That‟s Great! But… “Most apps take at least six months of full-time work and cost between $20,000 and $150,000 to develop.” (Forrester Research)
  7. 7. And… “Android will overtake Blackberry and iPhone by 2012” (Gartner)
  8. 8. Solution: Appcelerator Titanium Use web technologies to build native apps Mobile Desktop Netbooks Web Developers Tablets Titanium Set-top Boxes Users
  9. 9. Product Offering Appcelerator Titanium Mobile Titanium Desktop Network Cloud services used for Develop Native iPhone, Build Desktop apps that can testing, packaging, Android, and iPad apps with be deployed with one code distribution, and full access to each device’s base on the PC, Mac, or analytics. APIs. Linux platforms. ~ Confidential and Proprietary ~
  10. 10. Titanium Architecture Desktop supports php, Python, Ruby, and Javascript
  11. 11. Full-Featured Development… Native User Experience Multimedia Native performance + Native UI Camera, video camera, streaming / (tables, animations, gestures, etc). device audio/video Location-based Services Analytics Augmented reality, geo-location, Camera, video camera, native image compass, native maps viewers, streaming or device audio/video Social Sharing Authenticated access to Facebook, Extensibility Twitter, Yahoo YQL. Native Add any native Obj. C (iPhone) or email/address book. Java (Android) module into Titanium Data Development Tools Access online / device data, Create, test, and publish your app embedded SQL database, filesystem, web services
  12. 12. …Made Really Easy Ti.UI.showcamera(callback) Ti.UI.createSound() Ti.UI.createMap() Btw: Streaming audio in Obj.C (iPhone) = 2,000 lines of code (and that’s generous)
  13. 13. Value Proposition Build a Native App Native performance + native user interface + native features Reduce development costs by 80% At least 5x faster to build native apps with web technologies. Use the team you have today Alternatives? Retool. Sub-contract. Do nothing. Build cross-platform Get ready for iPad, Android, Netbooks, Kiosks, digital signage, etc. Measure results Mobile apps are an extension of your web campaigns.
  14. 14. Introducing Titanium 1.0 30,000+ developers use Titanium 1.0 today: 3-5x Performance: 1:1 native mapping between Javascript  Objective-C (iPhone) / Java (Android) Titanium Professional Community: Free Professional: $199/developer/month. App. analytics, support, beta program. Titanium Enterprise & Partner Program: Phone support, per-app. licensing, advanced analytics options. Starts at $5,000/yr.
  15. 15. Our „Aha‟ Moment Web / Hybrid Apps Native Apps (eg: Titanium 0.8) (eg: Titanium 1.0) Social Native User Experience (UX) Geo-location Web Camera Browser Geo-location (Rendered UX) Camera Data Data Web Apps Are REALLY Slow
  16. 16. Native Performance Web / Hybrid Apps Native Apps (eg: Titanium 0.8) (eg: Titanium 1.0) Launch: 10-20 seconds 1-2 seconds Transitions: 1-2 seconds Instantaneous Processing: 1x 3-5x
  17. 17. Scoutmob Opportunity: Solution: Enable time-sensitive Scoutmob built a native hot deals with push app in 2 weeks. notifications, geolocation, with the convenience of their mobile phone Result: “By using Titanium, we Problem: were able to get a high- quality, location-based How to create hyper- app to our first market location promotions in quickly. real-time
  18. 18. Tradui Opportunity: Solution: Translate Creole  3 days to get an iPhone and English for Haiti aid Android app out the door. workers. Result: Problem: “We started developing it on One weekend to get an Saturday and finished on app defined, built, and Monday for both iPhone and shipped to meet time- Android. Without Titanium, pressed deadline. we would not have been able to get it done.” As seen on: