Deloitte Women's Initiative Annual Report


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Deloitte Women's Initiative Annual Report

  1. 1. Unleashing potentialWomen’s InitiativeAnnual Report
  2. 2. Did you know? 35 61.8 16 1 53 400Here’s a look at Deloitte’s Women’s Initiative by thenumbers. See if you can match each with its correspondingdescription, and then check out how you did on the insideback cover. You might be surprised with what you know. 1000+ 46 1. Number of women partners, principals, and directors at Deloitte 2. Percentage of Fortune 100 companies we’ve been invited to talk to about WIN 3. Number of Deloitte professionals who have 45 90 attended the Women as Buyers workshops 4. Professional development, networking, and mentoring events hosted by WIN each year 5. Consecutive years Deloitte has been on Working Mother’s 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers list 6. Percentage of Deloitte professionals who are women 500 4000 7. Number of Deloitte women surveyed for our in-depth Women of Color study 8. Number of Big Four women chairmen of the board 9. Percentage of newly admitted or promoted Deloitte partners, principals, or directors who are women10. Percentage of accountants and auditors in the U.S. who are women11. Percentage of Fortune 500 companies with women on their boards of directors12. Higher return on equity for companies with more women board directorsAs used in this document, “Deloitte” means Deloitte LLP. Please see for a detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte LLP and itssubsidiaries. To learn more about Deloitte Diversity & Inclusion and Women’s Initiatives, please visit: and
  3. 3. Accelerating on every front A Career A Corporate Lattice Enhancer Organization Strengthened by Our Collective Spirit Impassioned Talent Community Experience CitizensWhen we started the Deloitte Women’s Initiative (WIN) in 1993, Invested inwe didn’t have a revolution in mind; it was simply to accelerate Total Rewardsthe retention and advancement of women at Deloitte. But whentransformational change takes place, it can lead to a culturalrevolution — one that unleashes the potential of our women, our Ethical Leaders An Inclusive Environmentmen, and our entire organization. Celebrating and harnessing strength from diversity ofToday WIN is evolving and accelerating on every front. It has created a sea change — a transformation that has all kinds – backgrounds, experiences, andaffected not only the women and men at Deloitte, but talented people everywhere in our profession. That is why, perspectives – to thedespite its successes, WIN continues. We intend to anticipate and respond to the continuing changes we face in benefit of our clients andthe talent arena. ourselvesOur own performance improvements have been nothing short of remarkable. In 1993, we had fewer than 100women partners, principals, and directors (P/P/D). Today we have more than 1,000. Our gender turnover gaphas virtually disappeared. And people outside Deloitte are taking notice: The Shriver Report: A Woman’s NationChanges Everything recently named us a model employer, and we received our second Catalyst Award, an annualaward that recognizes innovative, effective, and measurable initiatives from organizations that support and advancewomen in business.Along the way, we have transformed the Deloitte talent experience. We’ve created a new model for how careersare built and how women and men progress in our organization. WIN works closely with our Diversity & Inclusioninitiative, and together our ethic is woven deep into the fabric of our organization. Everyone experiences the value,because everyone plays a part in creating it. Barry Salzberg Barbara Adachi Chief Executive Officer Women’s Initiative National Deloitte LLP Managing Principal Deloitte LLP Women’s Initiative Annual Report Introduction 3
  4. 4. Reality Companies with women leaders perform better. It’s hard to spend much time talking about women in the workforce without hearing the cliché: “Fifty-one percent of the population.” There’s something else worth remembering: Clichés get to be that way because they’re true. Businesses prosper by making the best use of available resources. Setting half of any resource aside for less-than-optimal use is just 53% 42% poor management. At Deloitte, our people’s time, talent, and intelligence are the wares we sell. We view attracting, retaining, and developing women as more than the right thing to do — it is a business imperative that fuels our growth. Higher return on equity for Higher return on sales for companies with more women companies with more women But when WIN began almost two decades ago, too many women board directors2 board directors2 were leaving Deloitte. Not enough of the women who stayed were advancing to senior levels. Harnessing and retaining that talent was, and is, an urgent business imperative. “Women have a huge amount of power in the marketplace. Companies that employ more women 66% Higher return on invested capital for companies with x2 The top 20 organizations in the BusinessWeek Best Companies actually make more money.” more women board directors2 for Leaders are twice as likely to have more women in senior leadership positions3 Katty Kay, co-author Womenomics14
  5. 5. “The fewer female managers a company has, the greater drop in its share price since January 2008. The facts couldn’t be clearer: Smart women equal stronger companies.”Increasingly, more womenare in leadership and Sylvia Ann Hewlett,decision-making positions. founding president, Center for Work-Life Policy11 More women are entering the workforce and getting advanced degrees. 90% 49.9% 61.8% Women in the workforce7 Accountants and auditors who are women9Fortune 500 companies withwomen on their board or directors4 36.3% 57.5%5of 8 MBAs earned by women8 Undergraduate degrees granted to women10Women ranked higher than men in five ofeight character traits valued in leaders5 55% Newly hired accounting 54.1% Master’s degrees in accounting graduates who are women9 granted to women910.1 10.1 million firms are at least 75% women-owned6 56.2% Bachelor’s degrees in accounting granted to women9 Women’s Initiative Annual Report Reality 5
  6. 6. Persistence Over the past 17 years, our commitment to advance and “model employer” for consistently building programs retain women has only gotten stronger. And along the that recognize the vital role of women in our profession. way, we’ve learned that our persistence has had a much According to that organization’s report, Deloitte is “an broader impact — a culture that attracts the best women employer that has taken an aggressive leadership position attracts the best people. in protean career approaches” whose model is helping to define “the new normal.” Our sustained efforts are paying off, and we are proud of the accomplishments we can point to today. A sampling of our other recent significant awards for gender and cultural diversity includes: Honored for our commitment It’s rewarding to see that people and organizations • 2010 Catalyst Award — one of only a few companies outside Deloitte are taking notice of this progress. to have won twice We have been named to Working Mother’s “Best • Working Mother’s “Best Companies for Multicultural Companies for Multicultural Women” five years running Women,” five consecutive years and ranked in the and earned a top 5 spot in 2010, as well as a top 10 Top 5 in 2010 spot on its “100 Best Companies for Working Mothers” • Working Mother’s “100 Best Companies for Working — a list we’ve made since the inception of WIN. Mothers” — 16 consecutive years and ranked in the Top 10 The Shriver Report, produced by former journalist and • Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For current California First Lady Maria Shriver and the Center • 100 percent rating for four consecutive years in the for American Progress, cited Deloitte’s commitment to Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Corporate Equality Index Mass Career Customization (MCC) when it named us a • DiversityInc’s “Top 50 Companies for Diversity” • BusinessWeek “Best Places to Launch a Career” • G.I. Jobs Top 100 Military Friendly Employers • Equal Opportunity magazine’s 2009 Reader’s Choice list of Top 50 Employers (Top Five) • Black Collegian’s “Top 100 Employers of the Class of 2009” • 2008 New Freedom Initiative Award from the Secretary of Labor for work with disabled veterans • Profiles in Diversity Journal’s Diversity Leaders Award Our primary focus is to make a daily difference to the people who work here. But recognition from outside Deloitte is a gratifying barometer. Judging by the very generous accolades Deloitte has received for WIN, it’s clear we are succeeding in this respect as well. Deloitte LLP CEO Barry Salzberg and Deloitte LLP Chairman of the Board Sharon Allen accept the Catalyst Award.6
  7. 7. Our women recognizedThe strength of our women leaders has led to anumber of individual honors as well. Deloitte womencontinue to gain eminence and recognition forexcellence in their fields and communities. A sampleof recent awards received includes: Sharon Allen Chairman of the Board Deloitte LLP Directorship’s 100 Most Influential People in Corporate Governance Forbes Most Powerful Women in the World Crain’s New York Business Most PowerfulBarbara Adachi Business Women in New YorkNational Managing Principal Beta Gamma Sigma 2009 International HonoreeInitiative for the Retention and National Council for Research on WomenAdvancement of Women Making a Difference for Women AwardDeloitte LLP Pro Mujer’s 2009 Giving Women Credit AwardProfiles in Diversity Journal’s Women Worth WatchingSan Francisco Business Times Bay Area’s 100 Most Influential WomenAsian Women in Business Leadership Award Rebecca Amoroso Vice Chairman and U.S. Insurance Leader Deloitte LLP Executive Women of New Jersey SaluteTonie Leatherberry to the Policy Makers 2010 AwardPrincipal Business Insurance Women to WatchDeloitte Consulting LLP in the Insurance IndustrySavoy Magazine’s Top 100 Blacks in APIW Insurance Woman of the Year Corporate America Top 50 Hispanic Women in BusinessProfiles in Diversity Journal’s Women Working Mother Magazine Top 10 Corporate Worth Watching Multicultural WomenPennsylvania’s Best 50 Women in BusinessConsulting Magazine Top 25 Consultants Women’s Initiative Annual Report Persistence 7
  8. 8. Cornerstones As part of its broad cultural imperative and continued Leading to WIN commitment to building a strong pipeline of talented Deloitte Tax LLP initiated this 18-month course, which women leaders, WIN has created a number of development addresses the needs of women P/P/Ds in that practice programs. Each brings a distinct value to the people who area as they work to develop senior leadership skills participate, which allows them to bring more value to the and advance their careers. Participants create their organization as a whole. own Leadership Action Plan for the program, under which they meet once a month with an executive Leading Edge coach, receive feedback from senior leaders and To build our pipeline of women leaders, Deloitte developed peers, and shadow key leaders who also act as their Leading Edge in collaboration with the Simmons School of career sponsors and provide them with development Management more than 10 years ago. Since that time, this opportunities. They also visit one of the international five-day course has provided nearly 300 high-performing offices of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu to gain invaluable women P/P/Ds with invaluable insight into their leadership global experience. capabilities, opportunities to strengthen negotiating and networking skills, and preparation to take on senior We are taking this program to the next level in 2010 by leadership positions. launching Leadership Acceleration involving participants from our four businesses. This development program Today, 100 of the Leading Edge graduates hold senior aligns with our focus on sponsorship as a key success leadership positions, including three who are members of factor to advancing more women into leadership roles. our U.S. board of directors. Entry Level/ Senior Partners, Principals, Seniors Managers Managers and Directors Developing Extraordinary Leaders IMAGINE Mentoring Leading Edge Leading to WIN  Local BRG and WIN activities Women as Buyers Developing Extraordinary Leaders Ellen Gabriel Fellows Emerging Leaders Development Program Local BRG and WIN activities Management Development Program  Think Tank WINning New Business Women’s Initiative Senior Manager Advisory Council (WISMAC) Developing Extraordinary Leaders Emerging Leaders Development Program EXCELerated Development Program Local BRG and WIN activities Think Tank  WINning Career Strategies Women’s Initiative Manager Action Committee (WIMAC) EXCELerated Development Program Howard University Leadership Development Program Leadership Development Program  Local networking, professional development, and mentoring programs8
  9. 9. Tonie Leatherberry: Paying it forwardDeloitte’s Women’s Initiative dates to 1993. By that timeAntoinette (Tonie) Leatherberry, now a principal, had beenwith the organization about two years. “I’m starting tofeel like part of the old guard,” she says, “and I have theadvantage of seeing how WIN has matured.”It isn’t just Deloitte that’s matured a lot during thoseyears. Leatherberry has lived through her share ofsuccesses and challenges. But what she’s learnedalong the way is how important it is to be a part of an “A light bulb went off,” she recalls. “Why hadn’t I asked?organization that stands by you. And that’s what I share with women today: Have the conversation. Give Deloitte a chance to stand by you, andPart of Leatherberry’s WIN experience was her 2006 we will. I’ve dealt with life events every step of the way,participation in Leading Edge, an annual five-day course that and Deloitte has been by my side.”helps promising Deloitte P/P/Ds gear up to assume leadershippositions. Working on such themes as self-awareness and Since that early episode, Leatherberry’s Deloitte careeremotional intelligence appealed to her, but so did the simple and WIN have grown up together. “I believe we’ve takenopportunity to forge new relationships. something that began as a ’fix this problem’ initiative and fused it into our DNA,” she says. “Deloitte has made a big“I had just assumed this national Deloitte Consulting investment in its professionals, and since I’ve benefitedDiversity leader role, and Deloitte Consulting was going from a lot of that, I am on a mission to pay it forward.”through significant growth. There was a lot to take in,”she says. “Leading Edge instantly expanded my network As she’s moved into leadership roles, her mentorship ofand my community at a time when those connections younger female colleagues also draws upon her 2006were invaluable.” Leading Edge experience. One centerpiece of that session was a focus on personal branding. “That was a careerTonie joined the Cleveland practice in 1991. As a new altering concept for me. We as women have to getmanager, she found her well-knit group of senior leaders comfortable with applying our unique style to selling ourbreaking up to move on to broader responsibilities ideas and capabilities. I’ve been able to help other womenwithin the organization. She was without the frequent get comfortable with personal branding,” she says.touchpoints with partners/principals whose guidanceand coaching thus far had been key to her development. Another thing Leatherberry has taken from Leading EdgeLonging to be closer to her family on the East Coast, was the concept of emotional intelligence — a subjectshe entertained offers from other firms. That’s when she life has led her to master. And after so many years onlearned her first lesson in support, Deloitte style. her Deloitte journey, she’s ready to help her colleagues understand that each daily interaction is a journey as well.Told that she might leave, Leatherberry’s engagementpartner asked a simple question: “Why didn’t you ask us?” “We look at things through our own set of lenses,” sheSoon she was in a new office — a Deloitte office — in says. “We should strive to look at them through others’Philadelphia, where she works today. lenses. This way, you minimize conflict and bring others along the journey with you. This lesson is key in being an effective leader.” Women’s Initiative Annual Report Cornerstones 9
  10. 10. “I’m inspired by our next generation of women leaders. Synchronizing skills to our clients’ demands and those of the marketplace is critical to our future success. We must continue received more than 170 applications for the 24 available positions in the most recent class, during which Fellows to invest in our women and fill the spent five months evaluating how to better execute or deploy the One Deloitte strategic initiative and developing pipeline with a versatile group that recommendations to present to CEO Barry Salzberg. will be prepared to lead our most The program provides deep immersion into projects that challenging roles at Deloitte.” focus on Deloitte’s organizational strategies, operations, and culture. It also exposes participants to our top leaders, giving them a better understanding of how decisions are Maritza G. Montiel, Managing made at the highest levels of our organization. Since 2001, Partner, Deloitte University, 166 senior managers have used this opportunity to take that important step, and today 50 of our Ellen Gabriel Leadership Development and Fellows are now partners, principals, or directors. Succession, Deloitte LLP WIMAC/WISMAC In 2005 we created two new committees — the Women’s Initiative Manager Action Committee (WIMAC) Ellen Gabriel Fellows and the Women’s Initiative Senior Manager Advisory Named in honor of our first WIN leader, the Ellen Council (WISMAC). Since then, nearly 80 participants have Gabriel Fellows program provides an opportunity for had the opportunity to sharpen their leadership skills, high-performing women and men senior managers to build relationships across the organization, and undertake increase their understanding of our businesses, while key projects to advance WIN’s priorities. strengthening client service and leadership skills. We Each year, these committees, comprised of high-talent women and men, are assigned a special project to promote elements of our WIN strategy and priorities. For instance, the 2008–2009 WIMAC was asked to investigate ways to connect Generation Y professionals to WIN, and the 2009–2010 WIMAC developed and executed the implementation plan which focused on communication including redesigning the national WIN intranet site and expanding WIN communities through new bloggers and news flashes. Meanwhile, the 2009–2010 WISMAC completed a study on the role of sponsorship in career advancement. The benefits of WIMAC and WISMAC flow both ways: The organization gains new perspectives and ideas, while the participants get a chance to help drive our innovation engine and gain visibility with senior leaders. In May 2010, WIMAC (shown here) and WISMAC met live to present recommendations and progress on their projects to leadership.10
  11. 11. “Businesses restrict their own growth potential when women are unintentionally excluded from key training and advancement opportunities. Whether theWINning New BusinessWINning New Business is a year-long program designed economy is up or down, whoto give high-potential senior managers the tools theyneed to build strong relationships, powerful negotiation gets promoted — and who getsskills, and solid personal brands. This year, over 70 women left behind — has substantialfrom our client service business units received one-on-onesupport from external coaches and consultants in the areas consequences for business success.”of leadership, business development, executive presenceand image, professional networking, negotiating, conflictmanagement, and personal brand development. These Ilene H. Lang, President & Chiefprograms boast high retention rates and promotion and Executive Officer, Catalyst12admission rates for participants. As an example, 73%of Deloitte & Touche LLP WINning New Business activealumni are now partners, principals, or directors. Coming soon...WINning Career Strategies We recognize that not all women experience theWINning Career Strategies builds on the success of workplace the same. To more deeply understandWINning New Business for managers. Each year, over the challenges women of color might face and200 high-talent professionals are chosen to participate determine how we can retain, develop, and advancein this program that gives them the opportunity to these professionals, we conducted an extensivebuild skills for career management, strengthen their study. The result — a pilot apprentice programrelationships with other women in the practice, and geared toward manager level women of colortake charge of their careers. to be launched in fall 2010. During the one-year apprenticeships, each participant will be paired withClient deployment a P/P/D to provide sponsorship and support as wellOne of the keys to a successful Deloitte career is as skill building opportunities.exposure to top accounts and key assignments.Another is the chance to build valuable relationships— with the Deloitte leaders who manage thesekey accounts, and also with influential counterpartsat client organizations. These experiences andconnections will pave the way for greaterresponsibility as professionals’ careers advance.That is why all of our business units conduct periodicassignment reviews confirming that our women andminority professionals are staffed equitably on topaccounts. We also emphasize a client deploymentapproach that enhances career advancementopportunities for people of all backgrounds.For example, in one business unit, all first-yearprofessionals are assigned to at least one of ourlargest clients during their first year. Women’s Initiative Annual Report Cornerstones 11
  12. 12. “Sponsorship — which goes beyond the responsibilities of development, mentoring, coaching of our people — is the advocacy of individuals in order to prepare and support them to achieve Career sponsorship and coaching Those who reach the top can almost always point to the next level. I consider it our someone else who took an interest in them along the way. Sponsorship is critical to success. While Deloitte has mission critical in order to a strong mentoring culture, research shows that some serve our clients tomorrow.” individuals are less likely to take advantage of informal networks and would benefit from a structured program. So we offer a variety of sponsorship and coaching Kerry Francis, Chairman, opportunities that go well beyond the typical mentoring relationships. Each sponsor acts as an advocate for the Deloitte Financial Advisory professional they are paired with, helps them get the Services LLP assignments they need to move to the next level, and connects them with other leaders in the organization. These sponsorship and coaching relationships — where the sponsors and coaches are held accountable for the success of the professionals assigned to them — help our rising leaders navigate the pathways of Deloitte — and of their own careers. They help our professionals develop leadership skills, build effective networks, and draw the right assignments. Understanding what it takes to reach the next level is only half the battle — successful advancement takes active preparation as well. Career coaching and sponsorship programs are offered through our business units and channels. The many options include sponsors for managers and senior managers, programs that help P/P/Ds build and execute career plans to prepare for leadership positions, executive committee exposure for senior managers, and career guidance for junior-level professionals.12
  13. 13. Staying connectedWIN BlogWhat started as an internal-only forum generated sucha water-cooler following that we took it public in 2007.A vibrant conversation about life, work, and everythingin between, the WIN Blog creates a flourishing virtualcommunity where people can connect on issues thatare important to them. Since then we’ve had more than200,000 visits from men and women in Deloitte andaround the world. And with the launch of the new WINintranet site and regional community sites, we anticipatehaving more than 20 new bloggers sharing their views. National WIN leader Barbara Adachi recently spent a week in our U.S. India officesVisit the WIN Blog at where she took part in over 30 WIN-related meetings and events.Office visitsNational WIN leader Barbara Adachi makes regularoffice visits across the country to discuss WIN’s visionand goals with the local professionals and leaders. Shearrives armed with current metrics for the region, sothose conversations can be as specific as possible. In the “Taking the time to sponsorlast 12 months, she has visited over 20 U.S. and Indialocations to continue the WIN dialogue with internal someone’s success can be one ofgroups and clients. the most rewarding things youVirtual communities can do. I’ve had others sponsorIn a complex and large organization like Deloitte, itmight not be easy to see how our professionals could me and I will pay it forward;feel like they are a part of a family. In fact, there are one colleague at a time.”many ways to gain a sense of community: in offices,business units, industries, and the client teams onwhich they work. It could even be said that WIN was Mark Edmunds, Regionalour first community with its multitude of networkingevents across the country. But it’s not always possible to Managing Partner-Northernconnect with one another in person, so we have created Pacific, Deloitte LLPonline WIN communities and a collaborative site, WINShare, to allow our 300+ WIN leaders and committeesto share best practices, experiences, and perspectives.The 2009-2010 WIMAC launched a newly designedWIN intranet site with more direct access to WIN, thelatest WIN news, links to regional WIN community sites,and a national WIN calendar. Women’s Initiative Annual Report Cornerstones 13
  14. 14. Engagement As a result of our thought leadership and innovative significant opportunity to connect with clients: 40 percent programs, WIN has had an impact well beyond our of last year’s delegates were Deloitte clients. four walls. Our sponsorships and market-facing events demonstrate our continued commitment and serve as a Working Mother Magazine Events beacon that attracts the most talented women to our doors. We are proud to sponsor Working Mother magazine’s 100 Best Companies Work Life Congress, and its Leading the way Best Companies for Multicultural Women National WIN continues to garner attention from the marketplace. Conference. This deep relationship provides a variety Deloitte leaders have been invited to speak to many of of opportunities for women to focus on leadership our clients, including 46% of the Fortune 100 companies, issues, network with top leaders and colleagues, learn about WIN and MCC; testify and participate in other ways about programs that address challenges working families with governmental agencies, committees, and councils face in the workplace, and increase their personal and on issues related to workplace flexibility; present at large professional growth. Last year, WIN National Managing conferences and events; and write or be interviewed for Principal Barbara Adachi co-chaired the Multicultural articles on women’s issues in the workplace. Women’s National Conference, and Adachi and Mass Career Customization: Aligning the Workplace with Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women Summit Today’s Nontraditional Workforce co-author Anne Deloitte has sponsored the Fortune Most Powerful Weisberg facilitated an interactive workshop on MCC at Women Summit since 1999, reinforcing our focus the Work Life Congress. on women’s workplace issues. At the 2009 summit, Deloitte LLP Chairman of the Board Sharon Allen opened Catalyst up a session on social media. The summit is also a This year, we enhanced our sponsorship of Catalyst, an organization that works with businesses to build inclusive workplaces and expand opportunities for women in business, by becoming a Catalyst Research Partner. Collaborating with Catalyst on leading-edge research further demonstrates our shared commitment to advancing women in the workplace. As part of our support, we are pleased to have sponsored recent studies on “Women of Color in Accounting,” “Unwritten Rules: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Career,” and “Sponsorship of Senior Women.” White House Forum on Workplace Flexibility We were invited to attend the White House Forum on Workplace Flexibility in March 2010 at which 100 selected organizations gathered to discuss the importance of flexibility in meeting the needs of our current and future workforce. The discussion with President and Mrs. Obama raised the visibility and importance of addressing this issue in the workplace. We continue to innovate in this arena with our focus onDeloitte LLP WIN National Managing Principal Barbara Adachi co-chaired the 2009 Working the corporate lattice and MCC.Mother Multicultural Conference with Working Mother Media President Carol Evans.14
  15. 15. Center for Work-Life Policy’s Hidden The initiative has already led to a large financial servicesBrain Drain Task Force engagement, an invitation to speak at a nationalThe Center for Work-Life Policy has invited us to join healthcare meeting, and the strengthening of relationshipsits Hidden Brain Drain Task Force, which is focused on with many key clients.policies that help produce women and minority talent.We sponsored and participated in two recent studies:one that explores the barriers to advancement for Asians Sponsorshipsin corporate America, and The Sponsor Effect, which We are fortunate to work in an industry that prizes diversity andinvestigates the role of sponsors in advancing women’s celebrates it with a galaxy of organizations and events — manycareers and why senior women executives continue to of which we help support.experience difficulty acquiring sponsors. • Ascend (formerly known as the National Asian American Society of Accountants) and Women of AscendWomen of Color in Management Consulting • Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and AccountingWith the cooperation of the Association of Management (ALPFA) including the Women of ALPFA and WomenConsulting Firms and the League of Black Women, of ALPFA Summitwhich provides a venue at its annual conference, Deloitte • Catalina magazine’s Groundbreaking Latina Awardhelps bring together women from several consulting • Catalyst – “Unwritten Rules: What You Don’t Know Can Hurtorganizations at a two-day conference where they can Your Career,” “Women of Color in Public Accounting Report,”network with their peers and attend workshops on “Sponsorship of Senior Women”enhancing their personal brands and strengthen mentoring • Center for Work-Life Policy’s Hidden Brain Drain Task Forcestrategies. This year the event was followed by an intimate “Accelerating Top Asian Talent," “The Sponsor Effect”reception for Deloitte women and the event speakers. • Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women’s Summit • Forté FoundationInternational Women’s Day Webcast • Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)Our global organization hosted an International Women’s • Human Rights CampaignDay Webcast during which roughly 700 participants • Management Leadership for Tomorrowfrom 23 countries explored how current economic stress • National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) includingis affecting gender diversity and the focus on women’s Women of NABAworkplace issues. Panelists represented Japan, Saudi • National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA)Arabia, and Europe, and Deloitte LLP Chairman of the • National Society of Hispanic/Latino MBAs (NSHMBA)Board Sharon Allen provided the U.S. perspective. • Out & Equal Workplace Advocates • Simmons School of Management Women’s LeadershipWIN Champion Program ConferenceOur Northeast region has taken an innovative approach to • Working Mother magazine’s 100 Best Work Life Congresstaking WIN outside of Deloitte. Pioneered in 2008, the WIN Working Mother magazine’s Best Companies for MulticulturalChampion Program assigns a WIN leader to each major Women Conferenceclient, who is then responsible for managing the relationshipwith the leader of the client’s own women’s initiative.This creates another connection point and gives us theopportunity to share our WIN best practices with our clients. Women’s Initiative Annual Report Engagement 15
  16. 16. Imagination Women as Buyers Although Deloitte initially developed WAB to deepen the Recognizing the growing number of women executives in understanding of and relationships with women executives the marketplace, Deloitte developed our half-day Women and give Deloitte an advantage in the marketplace, the as Buyers (WAB) workshops to give our professionals a workshops delivered other benefits we didn’t expect: a better understanding of how women executives make greater appreciation for women colleagues and more men corporate buying decisions. Because a growing number of identifying with WIN. our clients’ decisions are made by women, this knowledge is essential to achieving our business development goals. Each workshop includes roughly 30 P/P/Ds, with a ratio of two men to each woman. Since the pilot in 2007, more than The development of the workshop began with a 500 of our professionals have completed the workshop. year-long study focused on how executive women make They report increased confidence, improved success in decisions. We conducted our own primary and secondary selling to women executives, and better understanding of research including interviews with dozens of women female colleagues and the contributions of WIN. buyers of professional services, academics, and experts on gender differences. Alike but different: Lessons from WAB • Women executives tend to use a method of discovery as they shop for business and professional services. As new information is presented, they may reevaluate or modify their original request, or even ask for additional services. • Women clients want to know and trust their consultants on a personal as well as a professional level, so sharing personal information can help build trust. • Women buyers value meeting the people who will actually do the work. So it may be appropriate to bring team members rather than just partners to the proposal meetings. • Body language tends to differ by gender. While men may nod to signify that they understand, women are said to be empathetic listeners and may nod as an encouragement to the speaker to keep talking, even if they do not yet understand. • Men tend to seat themselves beside a male client as their “right-hand man,” whereas women tend to be more comfortable when seated face-to-face.16
  17. 17. There is no ceiling, glass or otherwise Deloitte shattered the glass ceiling 17 years ago with the Women’s Initiative, an initiative for the retention and advancement of women. That initiative has helped make us an employer of choice, and given us the intellectual capital to succeed for our clients and ourselves. To see how we help women reach for the stars, visit Official Professional Services SponsorProfessional Services means audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services.As used in this document, “Deloitte” means Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries. Please for a detailed description of legal structure of Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries.Copyright © 2009 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved.Member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.36USC220506 Women’s Initiative Annual Report Imagination 17
  18. 18. Impact of WAB changed participants’ Women as Buyers behavior selling to or engaging women clients in the following ways: 27% 42% 42% Indicated that rapport with their Noted better counselee/ Modified group or Deloitte women colleagues counselor relationships — one-on-one live meetings was enhanced with both men and women 18% Indicated better staff, male 56% 20% and female, interactions in general $1.5 Participants credit WAB as a Attribute the acceleration of development of their relationships with women Changed approach to non-work invitations significant element in the success 15% clients to WAB of winning new business, averaging approximately $1.5M each Modified their follow-up behavior18
  19. 19. Joe Zier: Hearing the callJoe Zier is a partner in Deloitte Financial AdvisoryServices LLP technology practice and now he’s also ateacher. How he took on that dual role is a testamentto the organization’s “Women As Buyers” workshops —because his experience as one of the program’s earliestparticipants was so powerful it led him back. Todayhe’s a WAB instructor, and one of the program’sgreatest champions.“Most people have been trained to treat everyone equally,but equal shouldn’t mean exactly the same. Men andwomen think differently,” Zier says. “People need to be Taking these insights into the work environment can yieldrespectful and aware of that. They need to take that more productive relationships, Zier says. And he’s foundunderstanding back to the workplace.” there’s a bonus: “It’s changed the way I listen to my wife!”When he stepped into his first WAB session a few years Better communication is a key to marketing Deloitte’sago, Zier had a more abstract sense of those differences. services, Zier notes. “Women think of the buying process“I heard these nuggets of wisdom, and they resonated differently,” he says.”They’re buying the person, not justwith me,” he recalls. ”But it wasn’t until I tried them that the product or service. And this isn’t just about sellingwhat I’d learned really hit home.” things to women. It helps women relate to men, too. Knowing the ways we hear each other isn’t patronizing;What nuggets? it’s about raising the tide for all boats.”“First of all, there are different pressures on women Now that he’s one of the people leading WAB sessions,executives that men don’t appreciate,” Zier recounts. Zier relies on the same eye-opening technique that“Even though times are changing, women are still most made his own first class so effective. He makes everyoften the primary caregivers. Going for drinks would cut point as concrete as possible. “People really get drawn ininto time with their families. So, maybe you suggest a from the examples,” he says. “That’s where the learningbreakfast meeting instead.” happens — where the ’aha moments’ happen. And there’s always something unexpected.”“There are a few other things to keep in mind. Forinstance, a woman is often multitasking, even if only inher head, while you’re talking to her,” he says. “And at theoutset of a conversation, women are more interested inestablishing a relationship. They want to go on a journey.Guys tend to go in, beating their chests and listing outtheir accomplishments. But women prefer getting to knowthe person first and not his resumé.” Women’s Initiative Annual Report Imagination 19
  20. 20. Agility Deloitte’s continually evolving culture has redefined how It’s nothing short of a sea change, one in which Deloitte is careers are planned and addresses flexibility and career-life leading the way by adopting a more contemporary model fit for women and men at different points in their careers. we call the corporate lattice. Borrowing from the discipline Through numerous programs, many developed within of mass product customization, lattice organizations WIN, as well as a general attitude shift related to how personalize experiences in three core areas: how careers careers are built and defined, Deloitte’s message is that are built, how work gets done, and how participation career-life fit is not just a theory. in the organization happens, to the mutual benefit of companies and employees. Our journey to the lattice The corporate workforce isn’t what it used to be, becoming We began crafting this response in 2005 through increasingly diverse in terms of backgrounds, experiences, innovation incubated within WIN, and have continued our perspectives, and other characteristics. In response, the drive toward building a “lattice” culture ever since. Mass traditional, one-size-fits-all model of career progression — Career Customization™ enables this transformation by typified by the corporate ladder — must also evolve to align providing both a tool and scalable means to engage our with a workforce that, more than any time in the past, seeks heterogeneous workforce in today’s more individualized to nimbly fit life into work and work into life. views of success related to how careers are built and talent is developed. Our leadership in this area underscores our point of view that a high-performance culture and pursuit of sustainable career- “Deloitte’s Mass Career life fit can no longer be viewed as opposing, paradoxical forces. Instead, addressing career-life fit over time is now key Customization program began to building a sustainable high-performance culture. as a way to keep talented Our continuing MCC journey women in the workforce, but We continue to make significant progress both toward completing the initial rollout of MCC to all businesses it has quickly become clear and services across the Deloitte U.S. Firms, including our India operations, and toward weaving it into the that women are not the only fabric of our culture. To date, nearly 90 percent of our ones seeking flexibility.” people — from partners, principals, and directors to client service professionals and staff in our enabling areas — have established and collaborated with their managers Laura Fitzpatrick, on the development of their initial MCC profiles. These TIME magazine1320
  21. 21. How lattice thinking differs from ladder thinkingLadder Lattice• Traditional, hierarchical structure • Flatter, often matrixed structure• Top down authority; limited • Distributed authority; broad information access information access• Linear, vertical career paths • Multidirectional career paths• Low workforce mobility; • High workforce mobility; loyalty is loyalty is based on job security based on continuing opportunity• Work is a place you go to • Work is what you do• Individual contributor driven • Team and community driven• Separation of career and life • Integration of career and life• Tasks define the job • Competencies define the job• Many workers are similar • Many workers are different to each other from each otherprofiles record each individual’s current career-life choicesand become a basis for conversations as career and life “MCC results drop right to ourcircumstances change over time. bottom line. Client satisfaction,MCC creates customizable options that provide our people revenue, retention, productivity —with choices about what is important to them in their workexperience. Ultimately, one of MCC’s greatest benefits all are impacted by how ouris the option value it creates — the comfort of knowingthere is a process and structure in place for individuals to people are able to fit life intocustomize their careers as their priorities change over time. work and work into life.” Joe Echevarria, U.S. Managing Partner, Operations, Deloitte LLP Women’s Initiative Annual Report Agility 21
  22. 22. Percentage improvement in number of individuals MCC continues to steadily move the needle. Results fromwho agree with the following statements: multiple internal and external measures show that the career-life fit of our people has trended upward over time I am satisfied from pre-MCC until now. Moreover, asking our people with my current +12% career-life fit about their experiences with MCC has confirmed the impact of certain cultural characteristics and practices on our people’s career-life fit. Among the factors with the I am confident that my future career-life +11% greatest influence are: fit will work for me • The perception that leaders support MCC My counselor/manager offers +24% • The quality of career conversations that occur me helpful career-life fit advice • Assignment of projects in line with people’s career-life choices My counselor/manager describes clearly the trade-offs associated with my choices +33% • The belief that various MCC profiles are respected options at Deloitte With this deeper understanding of the mechanisms through which MCC works, we are continuing the process of embedding MCC more deeply into our organizational culture and introducing key enhancements to support our people’s career-life choices. Leadership, starting at the“The extended [parental leave] benefit top with CEO Barry Salzberg and the CEOs of each of our businesses, is committed to MCC’s success and has setallowed me to help with the additional goals for continued improvement, including additional gains in career-life satisfaction, improved definition andresponsibilities of a newborn as well communication of career-life options, and improved qualityas get accustomed to our new family of career counseling It provided invaluable time In 2009, we significantly enhanced ourwith our daughter at a very special parental leave policy, giving new parents additional paid time off. This leave can bepoint in our lives.” taken any time within the first year after the birth or adoption of a child.David Rains, Senior Manager,Deloitte & Touche LLP22
  23. 23. “Personal Pursuits allowed me to do something I’ve always dreamed of doing, and I didn’t have to wait 30 to 40 years from now when Coming soon… I retire. It definitely reinforces Scheduled for a late Summer 2010 release, The Corporate Lattice: Achieving High Performance in the that Deloitte is a place where you Changing World of Work, by Cathy Benko and Molly have control over your career.” Anderson, delves into the shift toward a corporate lattice structure, fully exploring its contours and applying it to real-life practice. It’s another in a series David Joe, Senior, of thought leadership contributions that Deloitte is making to continue to move the needle for our own Deloitte & Touche LLP organization and for the marketplace as a whole.Personal PursuitsEven with options to dial down workload, some individualsstill need to take a break from the workforce for extendedperiods of time. Realizing this need and wanting to stayconnected to our talent, we created Personal Pursuits.Personal Pursuits enables our professionals to leave theworkforce for up to five years while staying connectedto Deloitte. During this leave, they are supported inmaintaining the skills and networks they’ll need whenthey are ready to return. The program provides a host ofresources so people can stay “plugged in,” such as accessto mentors and training to keep their skills and professionallicenses up to date. Women’s Initiative Annual Report Agility 23
  24. 24. Accountability Deloitte’s top executives lead by example. That commitment Holding our own feet to the fire extends from daily tasks to a large-scale undertaking like WIN — and everyone here is expected to pitch in. Because Talent Days talent diversity is so important to the strength of our This year we began an innovative approach to business, WIN is a priority, starting at the very top, and it accountability — a series of open forums in which shows. WIN National Managing Principal Barbara Adachi Salzberg meets with the CEOs of each of our client service and Chief Diversity Officer John Zamora report directly business units as well as the leaders of our enabling to CEO Barry Salzberg, and Salzberg holds himself and services areas (which include IT, Operations, Finance, everyone else accountable for the initiative’s performance. Talent, Marketing, and Communications) to agree to a set of goals and actions for specific strategic areas. The first Talent Days forum focused on our progress against goals for WIN, Diversity & Inclusion, and Mass CareerOur leaders are accountable for monitoring the career pathways ofour people so that everyone is exposed to the same opportunities for Customization and gave the business unit CEOs anadvancement. Using items similar to the one below, each of our functions opportunity to discuss their successes and challenges.and enabling services measures progress and tracks goals around careersponsorship, client deployment, and leadership succession. Key Indicators Base FY09 Yr 1 Year Yr 2 Year Yr 3 Year Yr 1 Action Status FY08 P11 YTD End Goal End Goal End Goal Result Items Actual Implement onboarding Percentage of women & deployment Bold Plays in leadership roles Implement career Percentage of minorities sponsor/owner programs in leadership roles Develop plan to engage Increase in number of middle ranks of P/P/D leadership women P/P/Ds Identify leadership succession Increase in number of opportunities for diverse P/P/Ds minority P/P/Ds Monitor direct admit pipeline Increase in number of experienced women hires Improve recruiting of women and minority candidates Increase in hiring in target segments Identify P/P/Ds who are doing an exemplary job with MCC or Inclusion Decrease turnover of women Monitor realignment process Decrease turnover of minorities Action Items Overall: Yr 1 evaluated as of 12/31/2009 Overall Results: Sample metrics24
  25. 25. “WIN continues to be a standard of excellence. Through innovative programs and commitment from the highest levels of the organization, WIN makes progress year after year, raising the bar for the industry and the marketplace.” Dr. Sally K. Ride, Chair of the WIN External Advisory CouncilWIN External Advisory CouncilOur WIN External Advisory Council, established thesame year as WIN, regularly challenges us to “push the Dr. Sally Rideenvelope” and to drive critical issues, action steps, and WIN External Advisory Council chairprogress on our goals. This independent group of outside Chairman and CEO, Sally Ride Scienceauthorities, chaired by Dr. Sally Ride, conducts quarterly First American woman to fly in spaceconference calls and meets twice a year with Deloitteleaders to review programs, results, and progress on keyperformance measures and goals. In 2008, the council Pamela Gannheld its first joint meeting with our Diversity External President of ClaremontAdvisory Council, allowing the groups to align their McKenna Collegeseparate but complementary objectives.Leading from the topCEO Barry Salzberg is personally involved in the success Myra Hartof WIN and ultimately accountable for its success. WIN Professor emeritus,Leader Barbara Adachi and Chief Diversity Officer John Harvard Business SchoolZamora report directly to him. He is a true champion Co-founder of Staples,and dedicates much of his time and energy to WIN and the Office SuperstoreDiversity & Inclusion as well as speaking and writingabout our commitment to an inclusive environment. Shelly LazarusWithin the organization, Salzberg shows his own personal Chairman and CEO,commitment in many ways. He leads by example through Ogilvy & Mather Worldwideactive participation in WIN activities, including a recentLeading to WIN workshop — not as a guest speaker, but Photo © 2007 Mark Schäferas a full participant like everyone else in the room. Esther Silver-ParkerThis enthusiasm and commitment continues throughout President & CEO,the organization and is supported by an extensive network The SilverParker Groupof WIN leaders — partners, principals, and directorsrepresenting each of the four businesses as well as ourregions and channels. Many of the WIN leaders reportto their business unit CEO, regional managing partner/ The Honorable Jane Swiftprincipal, or channel leader. Collectively, their passion Founder of WNPto retain and advance the women of Deloitte creates a Consulting, LLPgroundswell of enthusiasm for WIN across the country. Former Massachusetts governorThe WIN leadership team includes over 300 WIN leaderswho are responsible for delivering programs, training, andactivities throughout Deloitte, which results in over 400professional development, mentoring, and networkingWIN events each year. Women’s Initiative Annual Report Accountability 25
  26. 26. Commitment Offering the best opportunities to women, as well as men, We pledge to keep moving the needle on four and getting the most from their talent, is more than just critical outcomes: the right thing to do. It makes perfect business sense. Unleashing their potential improves our business and our • Achieving greater representation of women ability to serve our clients and our people, which in turn in our advancement pipeline drives marketplace growth and creates a culture where the best choose to be. • Improving talent acquisition As we look back, we can point to a rich string of • Strengthening inclusive behavior within the organization successes. But the workplace changes every day, and so do its demands. So the work of WIN continues, and will for as • Extending marketplace eminence long as we can foresee. It’s natural in a report like this to focus on the terrain we’ve already covered, but Deloitte’s Monitoring our progress against those goals will involve aim is to keep moving forward. hard numbers, but numbers will never be the point of WIN. The more important measure of our efforts will be found each time a group of people share ideas from different points of view … each time our diverse account “We are proud of what we’ve teams make a lasting impression on a client … each time we draw upon our rich base of talent to create something accomplished since the inception of no other organization can touch. WIN — we’ve increased the number By these standards, we’re proud of everything WIN has of women P/P/Ds tenfold, developed accomplished — and ready to embark on a third decade, achieving even more. innovative programs, and Deloitte is a place where our people can fit their work into their lives and lives into their work. Now we are looking forward to building on our successes and accomplishing even more.” Barbara Adachi, National Managing Principal, Initiative for the Retention and Advancement of Women, Deloitte LLP26
  27. 27. “It is extremely satisfying tosee the tremendous progresswe have made since launchingour Women’s Initiative in1993. Over the past 17 years,we have seen firsthand howhaving strong female leadersbrings new perspectives andcreates new approaches tobusiness challenges, whichin return helps us to providethe best possible solutionsto our clients’ problems.”Barry Salzberg, ChiefExecutive Officer, Deloitte LLP Women’s Initiative Annual Report Commitment 27
  28. 28. WINLeaders Executive Sponsor Jeanne McGovern Brenda Dixon Barry Salzberg Partner, Audit Services Director, U.S. India Chief Executive Officer WIN National Director U.S. India Executive WIN Leader Deloitte LLP Deloitte & Touche LLP Deloitte LLP WIN National Managing Principal Paul Silverglate Susan Esper Barbara Adachi Strategic Client Services Partner Partner National Managing Principal WIN National Director Northeast WIN Leader Initiative for the Retention Dean of Women as Buyers training Deloitte & Touche LLP and Advancement of Women program Deloitte LLP Deloitte & Touche LLP Julie Goldberg Director, Document & Creative Chief Diversity Officer Dorothy L. Alpert Services John Zamora Deputy Managing Partner Practice Service Center WIN Leader Chief Diversity Officer Northeast Region Deloitte Services LP Deloitte LLP Leading Edge Dean Deloitte LLP Amita Kasbekar Talent Leaders WIN Lead U.S. Offices in India Maritza G. Montiel Gina G. McLeod Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. Managing Partner Principal Deloitte University WIN Manager Action Committee Shannon Kramer Leadership Development Dean Principal and Succession Deloitte Tax LLP Pacific Southwest WIN Leader Deloitte LLP Deloitte & Touche LLP Heather Gates-Massoudi Cathy Benko Deputy Managing Director, Gina G. McLeod Chief Talent Officer Venture Capital Services Principal Deloitte LLP WIN Senior Manager Advisory Pacific Southwest WIN Leader Council Dean Deloitte Tax LLP James Jaeger Deloitte Services LP National Managing Partner, Talent Nancy Millett Deloitte LLP Regional Leaders Partner Mary Cassidy Southeast WIN Leader Beth Roberts Principal Deloitte Tax LLP Director, Inclusion Federal WIN Leader Deloitte Services LP Deloitte Consulting LLP Beth Mueller Partner National WIN Directors Lilly Chung Midwest WIN Leader and Program Deans Principal, Strategic Relationship Deloitte Tax LLP Ven Kocaj Management Senior Client Partner Northern Pacific & Hawaii WIN Leader Sandy Rothe National WIN Director Deloitte Services LP Managing Partner, Denver Dean of the Ellen Gabriel Mid-America WIN Leader Fellows Program Deloitte & Touche LLP Deloitte & Touche LLP28
  29. 29. Melissa Jagst Bert Fortney Myra HartPartner Director, Strategic Relationship Professor emeritusNorth Central WIN Leader Management Harvard Business SchoolDeloitte & Touche LLP Strategic Relationship Management Co-founder of Staples, WIN Leader the Office SuperstoreFunctional Leaders Deloitte Consulting LLPNicky Holt Shelly LazarusPrincipal, Global Employer Services Tim Jones Chairman & CEOTax WIN Leader Regional Operations Director Ogilvy & Mather WorldwideDeloitte Tax LLP Field Operations WIN Leader Deloitte Services LP Esther Silver-ParkerSuzanne Kounkel MacGibbon President & CEOPrincipal Mary McDonagh The SilverParker GroupConsulting WIN Leader National Technology LeaderDeloitte Consulting LLP Information Technology Services The Honorable Jane Swift WIN Leader Former Governor of MassachusettsMarlene Motyka Deloitte Services LP Managing PartnerPrincipal WNP Consulting LLCFAS WIN Leader Lori MillerDeloitte Financial Advisory Director A special thanks to ourServices LLP Finance WIN Leader outgoing WIN leaders for Deloitte Service LP their passion and commitmentLissa Perez Terry FeitPartner Russ Rudish PartnerAudit & Enterprise Risk Services Principal and Vice Chairman Deloitte & Touche LLPWIN Leader Industry WIN LeaderDeloitte & Touche LLP Deloitte LLP Elise Gautier US India AERS Talent LeaderSandy Pundmann Women of Color Deloitte & Touche LLPPartner Tonie LeatherberryAudit & Enterprise Risk Services Principal Robin MatzaWIN Leader Women of Color WIN Leader DirectorDeloitte & Touche LLP Deloitte Consulting LLP Deloitte Tax LLPChannel and Industry Leaders WIN External Advisory Council Heidi Soltis-BernerRebecca Amoroso Dr. Sally Ride Talent DirectorVice Chairman, US Insurance Leader Chair Deloitte Services LPIndustry and Clients & Markets President & CEOWIN Leader Sally Ride Science Silvia SmythDeloitte LLP Principal Pamela Gann Deloitte Financial AdvisoryMeenu Arora President Services LLPFederal Talent Director Claremont McKenna CollegeTalent WIN Leader Tina WheelerDeloitte Services LP Partner Deloitte & Touche LLP Women’s Initiative Annual Report WIN Leaders 29
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