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Surviving Member Certificate


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When an individual has expired, the surviving members certificate is often required for the purpose of settlement of claims in respect of the deceased by the surviving members of the deceased family.
Surviving certificate is the certificate given to surviving member of the decessed person . And legal heir is the next person for the claims of the decessed person. Having it doesnot mean you can acquite the property for that you need succession certificate from court by filing succession suit.

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Surviving Member Certificate

  1. 1. Surviving Member Certificate
  2. 2. What IsSurviving Member Certificate?  When an individual expires, the surviving member’s certificate is often required for the settlement of claims of the deceased by the surviving members of his or her family. 
  3. 3. Difference Between Surviving Member Certificate AndA Succession Certificate  The purpose of both the certificates are similar but the issuing authorities are different. Both of these certificates are used to establish legal heirs of a family.  A succession certificate is issued to the legal heirs of a deceased person by any civil court. If a person dies without leaving a will, a succession certificate is by the court to realise the debts and securities of the deceased. It is issued as per the applicable laws of inheritance.
  4. 4. WhoTo Approach ForA Surviving Member Certificate?  You can approach the SDM or sub-registrar office of your area.You can also approach the Office of the concerned Deputy Commissioner. In some states the office of MRO handles issues of such certificates
  5. 5. Procedure For Surviving Member Certificate In Person 1.Ask for the application form in the office. Complete the application and attach the requisite documents as mentioned as well as two to three passport size photographs. Make sure that the application form is complete with a gazette officer’s signature on the application. Submit the application to the concerned officer. The officer thoroughly verifies the application and generates an acknowledgement. Always keep the acknowledgement handy.
  6. 6. Required Information ForSuch Certificate  The following information is required to complete the application form.  Full Name of the applicant with their date of birth  Names of other alive family members with their dates of birth  Relationship to the applicant  Every applicant’s occupation and passport size photographs  Gazette officer should attest the application form  Xerox copy of the family’s head’s death certificate  Xerox copy of the completed application
  7. 7. Required Documents For Surviving Member Certificate  The following documents are required:  Proof of date of birth  Your identity proof such as Permanent Account Number (PAN), Ration card, Aadhar card, etc.  Proof of residence such asVoter’s card, Electricity Bill, etc.  Passport size photographs  Attestation of a Gazetted officer  Completed application form
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