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#Infograpghic - Benefits of #Mediation


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In mediation generally a third party is involved who acts as facilitator. In a typical mediation, there is always a win – win situation. Mediation comprises of an act of bringing two parties in a dispute closer together towards an agreement through alternative dispute resolution. It is a dialogue in which a neutral third party, the mediator, using appropriate techniques, assists two or more pairs to help them negotiate an agreement, with concrete effects, on a matter of common interest.

Mediation applies to different fields, with some common peculiar elements and some differences for each of its specialities. The main fields of mediation include commerce, legal disputes and diplomacy, but other forms of mediation appear in other fields as well.

In other words, mediation covers any activity in which impartial third party(often a professional)facilitates an agreement on any matter in the common interest of the parties involved.

There are many benefits of mediation which should be explained to the clients early in the process.

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#Infograpghic - Benefits of #Mediation

  1. 1. Mediation Mediation is a form of intervention involving process in which a third party i.e. the Mediator assists parties to a dispute to themselves resolve their differences.� Ownership of the outcome assists in a lasting resolution The interests of the parties, beyond legal and factual issues, are taken into consideration Legal costs are minimised The uncertainty of litigation is removed The parties make their own decisions There is scope to explore creative and lateral solutions in a constructive manner Encourages opportunity to preserve professional & personal relationships Communication between the parties materialises in an optimistic and rational environment The process is relatively speedy and certain compared to court proceedings Benefits of Mediation Privacy is maintained and the process is confidential Focuses on future and not past Focuses on issues and not people � Prerna Foundation ||