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Bankston Perfect Hire Pages

  1. 1. Bankston Partners has created The Perfect Step 5 Our comprehensive post-placement Hire Solution™ to maximize your ability to follow-up process maximizes the a ract, hire and retain top performers performance of your new hire. Through who will thrive in your unique work consistent and structured conversations The with you and your new hire, we provide environment while producing significant Performance critical feedback during the initial results for your company. Maximizer TM performance period to ensure total satisfaction for both parties. Step 4 We perform an objective strength and weakness evaluation on each candidate to help guide you through the final selection. We also manage all The financial negotiations to ensure a stress free Candidate relationship between you and the candidate. Selec on TM Navigator Step 3 We create and implement a unique search plan which clearly outlines the specific actions and resources required to provide you access to hard-to-reach candidates. The Targeted TM Search Plan Step 2 This forward looking process helps you anticipate and explore future job requirements. We help you further define the type of person who will not only be best suited to deliver immediate results, but will also have the depth to maximize The Future opportunities as the company grows. Needs TM Expander Step 1 We perform a detailed analysis of your current hiring requirements and objectives. A job summary is then created that clearly defines the specific skills, experience levels and other credentials critical to meet your current needs. The Current Needs TM Analysis 4601 Charlotte Park Dr. Suite 145 Charlotte, NC 28217 p 704.405.3150 f 704.405.3160
  2. 2. Step 1 The Current Needs Analysis TM • Analyze the company’s hiring requirements and objectives • Determine immediate placement needs • Arrange and sort immediate placement needs accordingly (i.e. placing a CFO before a Staff Accountant) • Examine the work environment of the company to establish the business culture for the potential hire • Produce a Job Order summarizing the specific roles and responsibilities desired of the candidate "When I was referred to Bankston Partners, I was skeptical because of “I have had a close working numerous bad experiences with other recruiters and agencies. To my relationship with Bankston surprise, Bankston Partners surpassed and continues to surpass every Partners and would single recruiter I have ever worked with. They are honest and always recommend other willing to listen to my explicit needs. I truly appreciate all of their companies in need of dedication and how they actually take the time to understand what I am quality placements to seek looking for, take the time to screen and send over only candidates that fit out their services” the specific qualifications I request." - Controller, Global - Administrator, Woman’s Care Practice Interpreting Company 4601 Charlotte Park Dr. Suite 145 Charlotte, NC 28217 p 704.405.3150 f 704.405.3160
  3. 3. Step 2 The Future Needs Expander TM • Examine company’s future growth initiatives • Provide consultative insight to include, but not limited to: hiring pa erns within a particular industry, mapping organizational charts for future departments, establishing business culture for your growing business • Design hiring strategies to augment company’s growth expectations • Define Job Summary for future position(s) and target candidates possessing the depth to maximize opportunities as the company grows “I consider Bankston Partners to be a valuable partner within “Bankston Partners has been my my organization. I a ribute that value to several key success exclusive choice for assisting our factors. First, it is the time they spend understanding my company with its future staffing business model and the goals that I must achieve. That needs. We have used their services to business knowledge and understanding are tied to the quality augment our staff numerous times. I of service they deliver. I believe a large part of their success have always had quality interviews can also be a ributed to the excellent job they do with qualified personnel which pre-screening applicants, and matching their expertise against enabled me to meet my deadlines for our needs. It is very rare that we reject an applicant brought in bringing on additional staff.” to interview” - Recruiting Manager, Accounting - COO, Construction Company Firm 4601 Charlotte Park Dr. Suite 145 Charlotte, NC 28217 p 704.405.3150 f 704.405.3160
  4. 4. Step 3 The Targeted TM Search Plan • Create a Candidate Targeting Plan designed to identify your ‘Perfect’ candidate • Establish criteria to produce the candidate pool and implement the Targeting Plan • Apply the Bankston Partners Candidate Sourcing process to produce the desired candidate pool • Interview candidates within the pool to determine compatibility for the prospective position "I have been very impressed with the quality of candidates that have “Bankston Partners listened been referred by Bankston Partners. To date, we have hired many to my requirements and only candidates for permanent hourly and management positions. Bankston sent candidates that met my Partners has a high standard in selecting candidates to ‘fit' the jobs - as needs. I know that every opposed to just placing them. This method is a win to employers. I have candidate that comes from recommended Bankston Partners to other businesses, and will continue Bankston Partners is highly to do so." qualified." - General Manager, International Manufacturer - Marketing Director, Banking 4601 Charlotte Park Dr. Suite 145 Charlotte, NC 28217 p 704.405.3150 f 704.405.3160
  5. 5. Step 4 The Candidate Selec on TM Navigator • Perform an objective strength and weakness evaluation on each candidate extracted from the Targeted Search Plan • Distinguish discerning candidates through criteria buffers and ‘on-the-job’ accomplishments of the candidate(s) • Administer skills testing to ensure candidate’s occupational proficiency • Produce graphs/charts outlining unique differences between viable candidates, if applicable • Perform behavioral assessment(s) further isolating the uniqueness of your perfect candidate from the candidate pool “I wanted to take a quick minute to thank Bankston “Bankston Partners does a great recruiting Partners for assisting us in filling a web developer job for us. They listen very carefully to what position at our organization. Their staff was friendly, we want in a candidate and send the most courteous, professional and provided us with excellent qualified candidates. In fact, the last two candidates. We have been very pleased with the job orders, they only sent me one resume candidate that we selected and I hope to work with for each position - both were perfect Bankston Partners in the future as our needs arise." candidates!" - IT Director, Retailer - Hiring Manager, Banking 4601 Charlotte Park Dr. Suite 145 Charlotte, NC 28217 p 704.405.3150 f 704.405.3160
  6. 6. Step 5 The Performance TM Maximizer • Perform a comprehensive 90 day post-placement audit with client & candidate • Contact client and/or candidate day 1, day 30, day 60, and day 90 to determine any challenges he/she may be experiencing • Confirm the roles, responsibilities, and work environment are consistent with candidate’s initial expectation • Communicate any challenges the candidate and/or client may be experiencing during the placement • Perform continual skill testing and behavioral assessments (if applicable) for the first 90 days of placement “They build a unique level of trust by “Thank you for all of your assistance in this process. We were backing up what they say they're going to very impressed with the quality of candidates you introduced do and by delivering quality service and to us and with the probing questions and follow-up to ensure quality candidates.” that you understood exactly what we were looking for.” -- Owner, IT Company - VP of Sales, Manufacturing Company 4601 Charlotte Park Dr. Suite 145 Charlotte, NC 28217 p 704.405.3150 f 704.405.3160