Sample 2


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Sample 2

  1. 1. What is INTRO I MENU
  2. 2. What is Intro | Submitted by…
  3. 3. Intentional Deletion of a File or ProgramUnintentional ActionMisplacement of CDs or Memory SticksAdministration Error Failure
  4. 4. Power FailureHardware FailureNatural DisasterTheft, hacking, sabotage, etc. Back to Menu
  5. 5. Accidental Deletion of DataAccidental drive FormatNatural DisasterPurposeful Deletion of DataPower Failure
  6. 6. Corrupt DataSoftware FailureVirus AttackMalicious Attack Back to Menu
  7. 7. Recover File from Backup. Restore from Recycling Bin or Trash. Download Freeware Program orPurchase a Program. Utilize a Service from a Company thatspecializes in Recovering Lost Data Back to Menu
  8. 8. Backup your Critical FileRun some Sort of Anti-Virus ProgramUse Power Surge ProtectorsExperience RequiredShut Down your Computer
  9. 9. Never Shake or Remove the Covers onHand drives or Tapes Store your Backup Data Offsite Beware of Diagnostic Programs Be Aware of your Surroundings
  10. 10. Backup Other Critical FilesKeep Hardcopies of your DocumentsBeware of Diagnostic ProgramsBeware of Email Attachments Back to Menu
  11. 11. Ben Maverick MarcoIrish Raymina JavierRyan NawalAnna Rizza MaghanoyRosalinda NiodaAnes MalinaoApril May MendozaKhalid KaharNikki Joy NoseraleGerly Laguting Back to Menu