Sydney Moodle User Group 11 - Cronulla High School


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Presentation by Cathie Cashmere about Moodle implementation and usage at Cronulla High School. Presented on Thursday 4th May, 2009.

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Sydney Moodle User Group 11 - Cronulla High School

  1. 1. Cronulla High School Moodle Site 1
  2. 2. History • In 2007 All My Own Work Course was introduced for all senior students and it was decided to do the testing through Moodle • On the advice from Lynn Harvey of Port Hacking High School a new Server was purchased and Moodle Installed • We have a maintenance contract with Sentral for the Moodle Server 2
  3. 3. • Started delivering my Senior IPT course using Moodle at end of 2007 • First SMUG meeting was in March 2008 • Lynn Harvey at Port Hacking hosted a SMUG meeting • Made Cronulla High School Moodle Site available to students at home through Website 3
  4. 4. Activities 1. Started with storing of files and links to websites 2. Quizzes in GIFT format came next 3. Hot Potatoes Crosswords, Fillin Gaps and Matching 4. Uploading of Assignments and online marking, feedback and grading 4
  5. 5. Activities – continued 5. Created Groups to make checking activities have been completed and included in class marks 6. Year 7 and 8 Computing Studies Half Yearly and Yearly Exams done as Moodle Quizzes 7. Downloaded Teacher Tube and Youtube Videos and uploaded to Moodle 5
  6. 6. Activities – continued 8. Started to look at new modules and filters and we are currently using or introducing the following: – Lightbox – Jamie will show you – Jmol – for displaying molecules of various formats – Dragmath – for inserting mathematical symbols in quizzes, text files and websites. 6
  7. 7. Where to from here! 1. Encourage and assist more faculties to utilise Moodle 2. Ensure courses are alive with images, videos and interactivity 3. Create and Manage users more efficiently 4. Help teachers use the gradebooks for class marks and checking students progress 5. Keep informed of new modules and filters being developed 7
  8. 8. Our Moodle Site Now I will now show you some of the courses we are currently delivering to students. –Library – AMOW – Preview Quiz – Results –Yr 7 – Files, Journals, Quizzes, Grades, prepared –Yr 11 IPT – Teacher Tube Video, Grades –Yr 12 IPT – Wiki student contributions assessible, Chat Sessions planned for Stuvac –Yr 10 CST – Computing Skills – PPTs, Quizzes –Staff Course – Test Users, Groups and Sample Activities 8