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Multimedia Systems


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Multimedia Systems

  1. 1. Multimedia The Ins and Outs
  2. 2. Parts of Multimedia
  3. 3. PowerPoint slides uses a variety of font sizes, styles & colour
  4. 4. Multimedia applications can use clip art and photographs Clip Art Photograph Photograph Clip Art
  5. 5. Word uses animation to represent the Office Assistant, which assists one in developing documents.
  6. 6. Many colleges & universities offer some of their classes in a distance learning format
  7. 7. Instructional DVD-ROM features videos of famous golf players
  8. 8. Links are used to navigate through various CD’s
  9. 9. Business Users use multimedia with their presentations for customers and employees.
  10. 10. Computer based training such as the Learn By Series is designed so students can choose learning activities that complement their learning styles. 5 distinctive Learn By activities and a simulated environment where students use their skills guarantee effective learning experience
  11. 11. One can buy simulation packages such as Flight Simulator
  12. 12. This Learn 2 Web site offers steps for a variety of activities ranging from cooking to first aid to personal care to making crafts
  13. 13. An educational multimedia application designed to teach young learners basic reading skills.
  14. 14. Multimedia encyclopaedias include graphics, audio, video and web links. Video
  15. 15. The Mayo Clinic Family Health CD-ROM provides a narrator to guide you through the steps in addressing family health issues
  16. 16. Using this tree selector, you can choose trees best suited for any climate and soil.
  17. 17. Many newspapers & magazines have online editions, such as the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age
  18. 18. Many edutainment applications use multimedia elements to entertain children while they learn.
  19. 19. Virtual Glider by Intel takes the rider on a hang-gliding trip through the Grand Canyon
  20. 20. In the dental surgery patients wear virtual reality headsets to relax them during their procedure.
  21. 21. One can view and rotate the interior of a featured car, such as the Saab 9 - 5
  22. 22. Many camera shops now have kiosks that allow one to copy, enlarge, reduce or crop photographs
  23. 23. MSNBC is one of the many sites on the web that has multimedia features
  24. 24. Most multimedia personal computers are equipped with devices such as a microphone, a CD-ROM &/or DVD-ROM drive, speakers, web cam and a high-resolution monitor
  25. 25. With a web cam, home users can see each other as they communicate on the web. They can do projects together over the Internet using NetMeeting software
  26. 26. High Definition Television is a newer technology
  27. 27. A digital light processing projector (DLP), such as this one from Proxima, is ideal for the mobile user because it is lightweight and portable It can be connected to a laptop or vcr. It comes with speakers but generally need to be connected to external speakers
  28. 28. A colour scanner converts images into digitised format for use with multi- media applications. It can be used for optical character recognition as well.
  29. 29. The basic software of a scanner allows the scanned images to be saved in many different formats eg. JPEG, GIF
  30. 30. An easy and effective way to obtain digitised colour photographs is by using a digital camera. Once the photographs are input into a computer, one can use them in a multimedia presentation
  31. 31. PhotoCDs are ‘write Once’ compact disks that can store about 100 photographic images
  32. 32. USB Thumb Drives are becoming very popular and most likely will replace floppy drives and the Zip Drive in the near future. Particularly good for graphics, databases and other large files. USB Flash Memory
  33. 33. ToolBook is a multimedia authoring software. This version allows the fast creation of quiz type questions.
  34. 34. A sample ToolBook screen
  35. 35. Director: another multi- media authoring software
  36. 36. A sample Director screen
  37. 38. Frame Grabber
  38. 39. Cathode Ray Tube
  39. 40. Scanning - s/w & h/w