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Want to catch your Twitter Followers eye? Customize your Twitter background easily using Powerpoint!

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ZoomIT - Twitter custom background using powerpoint

  1. 1. Creating Custom Twitter <br /> Background using <br />Powerpoint <br /> <br />Why is setting up a Twitter Custom Background a good idea? <br /> <br /> For Business: <br /><ul><li>Allows you to showcase your brand, your brand message
  2. 2. and other information about your business (unlike Facebook,
  3. 3. Twitter does NOT have great tools/format to provide a call
  4. 4. to action for your business or share other vital business
  5. 5. information).
  6. 6. Present a call to action to your Twitter Followers (i.e. like
  7. 7. call us or visit our website for offers, info). </li></ul>For Personal Use: <br /><ul><li>Great way to show off your personality! Tell your followers
  8. 8. this is why you are worth following.
  9. 9. Powerful way to get a message out to others, like VOTE
  10. 10. or donate to your favorite charity.
  11. 11. Fun, creative and flexible way to be social!
  12. 12. </li></ul>And ……. It is easy to set up! You don’t have to know HTML, or any programming language plus you can change it as often as you want! So, let’s get started! <br /> Open your Powerpoint application and start by <br />clicking on your Design Tab. <br /> From the Design tab options, choose Page Set Up next. <br /> <br /> On the Page Setup window, select Custom from sizing options and<br /> set your width to 22.4 inches and height to 16 inches. Leave <br /> orientation for slides at Landscape. <br /> <br /> After you click OK on your page setup, within your design window <br /> go ahead and delete the two default text boxes by clicking on <br /> them until they are highlighted and then using the delete function. <br /> Now you have a nice clean canvas to create on<br />Get you blank design template on www.ZoomIT Marketing.com<br /> <br />This is what the template looks like. The blue areas are the right<br />and left margins of your Twitter page. Within these blue areas <br />you can put anything you want, pictures, website address, logo, <br />messages, special offers or call to action…………anything! <br />Remember you must stay within the blue areas of your template <br />so you will be doing a lot of font size adjustments and picture resizing <br />in order to fit, but with Powerpoint, this is quite easy to do. <br />After you finish your design you can delete the blue areas, or change <br />their color or whatever you wish to do. <br />Let’s look how to do this. <br />First choose your design background and color scheme.<br /> <br />Then start creating. I like to work outside of the template <br />frames to do my sizing then I move my objects into the template<br />Frame.<br />I liked this picture so much I added it twice! <br />Now I enter some text using text boxes. In order to create better <br />I set my Zoom percentage to 66% so I can read the text easier.<br /> <br />Now it’s time to be creative! <br />The only areas that will show on your twitter background are <br />the colored template areas so use your space wisely! <br />Rotating your text can be a great space saver. <br />Once your done creating both your Twitter margin areas, you <br />Can adjust your template even more…………..<br />If you don’t like your template boxes with a background color, just <br />delete the template boxes. Just highlight the original template box <br />and hit delete key. <br />Time to save your creation. <br />Don’t forget, even though we used PowerPoint as our tool <br />to create our background, when you save your Twitter background<br />you must save as file type PNG. <br />Next step is to sign into your Twitter Account. From your <br />account name drop down, choose settings.<br />Then from the Settings option, choose Design. Then in the Design<br />Page, choose Change Background Image. <br />Finally, we will browse to select our new PNG file we just created using <br />Powerpoint. Then save your changes. <br />Note: Twitter sometimes does not save these changes the first <br />time. If not, just try again by choosing your PNG file again and <br />re-save your change. This appears to be a Twitter glitch. <br />And here are your right and left margins on Twitter after you create <br />your new background! <br /> <br />Now All your Twitter Followers and potential Followers have the information they need to connect with you! <br />You now have a Custom Twitter Background!<br /> Have fun! <br /> This instruction booklet was prepared be: <br />ZoomIT Marketing<br />www.ZoomITMarketing.Com<br />816-305-4814<br />joleen@zoomitmarketing.com<br />8477251270 Scan to <br /> Scan to enjoy this ZoomIT Video to learn more about us ……….<br /> 800100-2540 <br /> Scan to visit our website. <br /> <br />