Zoom it marketing facebook basic training - by joleen halloran


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Need help setting up your Facebook Account? Here is a easy to follow instruction manual to set up your Facebook Account and start enjoying social media right awa.

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Zoom it marketing facebook basic training - by joleen halloran

  1. 1. The ABC’s of Facebook Setting up your Facebook Page
  2. 2. Let’s Sign Up –Go to Facebook.com and fill in the fields under the Sign Up……….
  3. 3. Once you hit the sign up button, you will get a security check code.Don’t worry if you mess it up, it will give you another one to try or ifcan’t read it at all ----- just click on the “Try Different Words” linkprovided.After you get your security code entered, you will automatically besent to Step 1 on your Facebook set up.
  4. 4. Please note:Keep the account button in mind for logging out, editing your setting,edit your privacy settings, create lists of friends (like work friends,church friends).
  5. 5. On Step 2 of your Facebook Set up Page, you have the opportunityto enter some information about yourself. You can add to or change thisinformation anytime once your account is set up. Start by enteringthings like your location and schools. This will help Facebook sendpeople to you that you might know based on your info.
  6. 6. Once you save and continue from entering some personal information –Facebook Set Up will prompt you to enter your profile picture.Your picture is important. It helps others find you by recognizingyou right away when they search. Some people like to put “avatars” orimages that represent them instead of personal picture. You will havea chance to add more pictures in your profile later on. It’s fun to addas many pictures as you can to show your personality and share withfriends and family.
  7. 7. When you click on “Upload a Photo” Facebook will open a windowfor you to browse your own computer for your favorites pics. You canalso take a picture of yourself right from your webcam if you want!!!Select you picture……………….
  8. 8. After you hit Save and Continue from your photo upload, younow have your Facebook page set up. Facebook will send you amessage that you need to confirm your email address.You can do that here, at this point, or you can do it later, but you willneed to do it before you sign into Facebook again.
  9. 9. Your confirmation email will look something like this:The confirmation code is a new feature for Facebook and I do notthink they are requiring yet, but just in case make a note of it.
  10. 10. Once you click on the link from your email – you will be directedto Facebook again and may need to sign back in, unless you are alreadylogged in. We are now on the Welcome Page of Facebook after you have set up your account. Click on “Edit Profile” to add more info about yourself.
  11. 11. Take some time to play around with entering good profileinformation into your profile.Now that you have set some info up – you may want to checkyour privacy settings, which is how you control who see’s yourinformation within your Facebook page. Facebook set’s you upwith a recommended privacy setting, but you have options tochange it to anything you are comfortable with.
  12. 12. Privacy SettingsYou may only want friends (which are people that youhave agreed to allow on your page) – to view your contactinformation. Usually this standard set up works for most people, butsome people prefer very private settings for their Facebook. You maywant very strict privacy settings if you allow your teen to set up aFacebook page.
  13. 13. Ok – let’s take a look at the navigation on the Facebook Page.Once you get used to these links and tabs, it will become super easy for you to navigate and update your Facebook page. Take some time to click around the page.
  14. 14. Profile PageThis page is the Profile Page. I got here by clicking on “Profile”on the upper tab. Spend some time clicking around on this page tosee what pops up.There is really no limit to the amount of pictures you can store onyour facebook page. Some people use this as their primary picture sharingtool. You can upload video, links or music as well. Later, when youget to be an expert, there are many fun things to do like, “tag” oridentify people in your photos, even if they are not your friends.Tagging people in your photos notifies them they have been “tagged!”
  15. 15. Now that we have learned how to navigate around Facebook – Let’s start adding some friends. There are several ways to invite friends to your Facebook page, and once you get going, Facebook will recommend friends for you! This is why it’s called a social network. One of the easiest ways to find friends is to search for them.Now – you try it!
  16. 16. Look! I found who I was looking for (sometimes you don’t)but don’t worry – there are plenty more where that camefrom and you can use their email address to find them aswell. You can do that with the Find Friends link in the leftnavigation. Notice how my search returned several results – do a little research to make sure this is the friend you wanted.
  17. 17. If you add a friend from your search, you will get apop up window to verify that you want to send this persona friend request. Once sent, your friend will get a requestlike this…..
  18. 18. When your friend accepts – you will get notified(see upper notification icons).You will immediately be able to see your friendsmost recent wall posts and they will see yours. Now it’stime to say hi to your friend!
  19. 19. I clicked on my friend’s avatar (picture) or their name togo to their wall so I could write something directlyto them.
  20. 20. Finally – I decide I want to post a message on my wall to tell my friends what’s up!Notice how while posting a comment on your wall toshare with your friends, you also have the option to add aphoto, link or video as a part of your comment.
  21. 21. You now have a Facebook account!Have fun!