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Joleen Halloran -- Keller Williams - Seller Presentation - How I can help.

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Joleen Halloran Seller Presentation

  1. 1. “Joleen Halloran Sales Professional” Keller Williams Realty Platinum Partners JOLEENHALLORAN.YOURKWAGENT.COM (816) 305-4814 – Mobile (816) 373-3800 – Office I CARE – I LISTEN – I DELIVER RESULTS
  2. 2. I commit to… •Provide you with a thorough comparable market analysis of your home. •Assist in all pre-listing preparations. •Initiate a marketing and promotion campaign based on my experience and success that capitalizes on the Keller Williams Realty brand. •Make every effort to negotiate terms that match your goals. •Manage all transaction details through closing to minimize any risk that will impact your timeframe or net proceeds. •Provide you with excellent service throughout the transaction. •Be accessible to you and communicate frequently!
  3. 3. Our Objective Is to Get Your Home Sold  At the highest possible price. In the shortest time on the market.  With desired results .
  4. 4. Our Services Marketing, Negotiation and Transaction Management
  5. 5. When It Comes To Marketing… •Coop Agent Advertising •Multiple Websites •Virtual Tours •Neighborhood Mailings •Color Flyers •KW Red Book in KC
  6. 6. Marketing and Promotion • Place my sign in the yard and a lockbox at your door • Request permission from home owners to place pointer signs as appropriate • Create a listing for your property in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) • Review MLS listing with you for accuracy • Enter showing instructions and create your account at Showing Solutions • Order home warranty at your discretion • Announce new listing to all Keller Williams Realty Platinum Partners agents • Schedule agent tour, create and submit flyer to all 2400+ area agents • Schedule public open house, create and submit ad • Prepare and deliver home presentation brochures • Create and deliver “Special Feature” cards for placement in your home • Create a custom web site for your home using your address domain • Confirm that your listing is visible on all other web sites (details to follow) • Solicit and respond to prospective buyer phone and email inquiries • Follow-up with other showing agents to get additional feedback • Schedule regular calls or meetings to discuss market activity and feedback
  7. 7. Joleen Halloran Marketing Program •Advertise to Coop Agents •Home Staging Consultation •Complete Marketing System Designed for Maximum Exposure •Customized Strategic Marketing Plans •Marketing Reports sent to you weekly •Top Price Negotiation •Professional Transaction Service Personalized for your needs •Constant Communication
  8. 8. WHERE BUYERS FIRST LEARNED ABOUT HOME PURCHASED Home Knows the Builders Seller Advertising Other 7% 3% > 1% and Newspaper 6% Realtor 36% Referrals 7% Yard Signs Internet 15% 24% We Have All Your Bases Covered Compiled from NAR 2005 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers report.
  9. 9. Almost 70% of buyers find their homes from 3 major sources. Internet 11% Other 32% Realtor 41% Sign 16% 1. Realtors who use the MLS 2. Signs We concentrate our marketing efforts where it counts 3. Internet
  10. 10. Database used by over 8,000 real estate agents Each with a potential buyer The MLS or Multiple Listing System is a cooperative database used by all real estate agents with membership. This database contains all the information about homes available for sale, homes that have contracts that have not closed, and homes that have sold.
  11. 11. Red Signs plus Callers get a voice recording Your advertising all the amenities your house has to offer. house gets noticed first. We are notified with every phone call on your house!
  12. 12. Where is your listing seen on the web? www.your KW.COM For the 1st time in history more buyers found their home on the internet than in the newspaper. (source NAR)
  13. 13. A Virtual Tour On Your Home ! Realtors that use a Virtual tours attract Our tours are fast virtual tour are 6 times more buyers to load up and they 168% more and more showings are not distorted productive than agent that don’t..
  14. 14. Color We use color Flyers pictures so your potential buyer is reminded Sets your house of all the apart from the amenities of your competition home.
  15. 15. GETTING YOU AND YOUR HOME READY! Start thinking about how your house will compete with all the others homes for a buyer. We help you make your house the #1 choice of buyers.
  16. 16. Pre-Listing Preparation • Preview the competition in your neighborhood • Create a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) for your home • Tour your home and discuss your needs and expectations • Discuss repairs and staging necessary prior to going on the market • Discuss the selling process and typical timeline • Review the CMA and discuss pricing for your property • Discuss transaction costs and calculate your estimated Sellers Net Proceeds • Discuss the benefit of home warranties • Review and complete the listing documents • Discuss showing instructions and etiquette • Gather keys, HOA info, floor plans, upgrades and improvements list, etc • Discuss previous termite treatment, Radon mitigation, water entry/mold claims, etc • Schedule home staging services as necessary • Measure and photograph your home • Schedule Virtual Tour and floor plan to be completed • Confirm school boundaries and potential changes with appropriate district • Purchase the domain for your property address
  17. 17. Contract Negotiation and Transaction Management • Present and review all offers promptly • counsel as each offer’s strengths and weaknesses • Evaluate buyer motivation and qualifications • Call lender as necessary to confirm loan pre-approval status or proof of funds • Prepare and review new Sellers Net Proceeds documents for comparison • Discuss available negotiating options to obtain the best terms possible • Present all counteroffers to buyer’s agent in a timely manner • Deliver fully-signed contract to you and the buyer’s agent • Submit contract to title company and order Preliminary Title Commitment • Record and deposit Earnest Money Deposit into escrow account • Change MLS status to “Pending” or note that showings will be for back up contracts • Alert Showing Solutions to MLS status change and adjust showings as appropriate • Attend buyer’s inspections at your request • Review buyer’s inspection reports and any unacceptable conditions that are found • Assist in any renegotiation necessary subsequent to inspections • Recommend contractors for any repairs that must be made (if necessary)
  18. 18. Contract Negotiation and Transaction Management 1. Schedule and attend lender’s appraisal 2. Review Preliminary Title Commitment after receipt to confirm clear title 3. Confirm buyer’s receipt of final underwriting approval within negotiated timeframe 4. Provide utility transfer phone numbers for your convenience 5. Schedule your closing appointment to sign seller’s documents with title company 6. Confirm buyer’s closing appointment with title company 7. Confirm all amendments, addenda, receipts, etc. have been delivered to title company 8. Review estimated Settlement Statement (HUD-1) prior to your closing 9. Attend your closing appointment with you 10. Schedule buyer’s final walk-through and resolve any issues that arise 11. Confirm buyer’s successful closing and disbursement of funds 12. Confirm your distribution of proceeds 13. Remove sign, pointers, lockbox, promotional materials, etc. from property 14. Arrange for transfer of keys to be delivered to buyer at time of possession 15. Follow-up with you after closing to get your feedback about the service you received
  19. 19. A well priced listing at the beginning is the most important factor in selling the property for top price.
  20. 20. 20 Ways You Can Help Your Home Sell FAST! 1. Enhance your curb appeal – lawn, shrubs, flower beds and porch should all be attended to in an effort to create a great first impression. 2. Clean, paint and then clean again – inside and out. 3. Worn or dirty carpet is a big turn-off for buyers – clean or replace as necessary. 4. Check all faucets and bulbs for proper operation. 5. Make sure all doors (including cabinets and closets) open and close easily. 6. Remove any safety hazards – shoes, extension cords, low-hanging lights, etc. 7. Clean all storage areas and remove everything that isn’t necessary. 8. Organize your closets and pack anything you don’t absolutely need. 9. Make your bathrooms sparkle and display your best towels, floor mats, etc. 10. Create the illusion of space – remove everything from countertops and vanities that you don’t use daily. 11. Create dream bedrooms – remove excess furniture for a spacious but comfortable look.
  21. 21. 20 Ways You Can Help Your Home Sell FAST! 12. Brighten the day - open all blinds and draperies, and turn on all lights before showings. 13. Light the night – turn on all lights (including outdoor) to add color and warmth, and make prospects feel welcome. 14. Turn off televisions, but consider leaving some quiet music playing while the house is being shown. 15. Remove pets from the home for showings – some people are afraid of dogs and many are allergic to cats. 16. Speaking of pets – do anything necessary to eliminate the odor of pets or cigarette smoke. 17. The scent of freshly baked bread or cookies can help, but refrain from cooking foods that will result in pungent odors – cabbage, fish, etc. 18. Give them space and let them linger – potential buyers often feel like intruders when the sellers are present during showings. 19. Consider a home warranty – it will cover you during the listing period and give buyers added confidence about the mechanical integrity of the home. 20. Help me help you – if a prospect comes to your door, please refrain from talking about price, terms or other real estate matters.
  22. 22. Home Warranty Plans Home warranty plans go a long way to alleviate some risks and concerns. For a modest price, the seller can provide to the buyer a one year warranty covering specified heating, plumbing, electrical, water heater or appliance breakdowns. Coverage under most plans commences at closing but: We have arranged to have your home covered during the time your home is on the market!
  23. 23. Factors That Influence The Value Of Your Property •Physical Qualities Of The Property •Location •Age •Size of house and lot •Floor plan and architectural style •Overall condition of the property •Market Conditions •Interest rates and availability of financing •Buyer demand •Prices of recently sold comparable properties •Seasonal demand •The Competition •The number of similar properties for sale •Their prices, location, condition and the motivation of these sellers
  24. 24. Factors That Don’t Influence The Value Of Your Property • Original Price • The price you originally paid for your property • Previous Appraisals • Your county tax appraisal or appraisals done for “refinance” purposes • Needed Proceeds • The cash proceeds you want or need from the sale of your home • Repairs, Replacements And Maintenance • Repairs or replacement of items such as roofs, furnaces, a/c, etc • Opinions • What non-professionals say your property is worth
  25. 25. Our Company Why Keller Williams?
  26. 26. About KELLER WILLIAMS® Realty • Founded in Austin, Texas, on October 18, 1983. • KELLER WILLIAMS® Realty laid the foundation for agents to become real estate business people. • Mo Anderson owned the #3 franchise in the largest real estate company in the world. • Gary Keller was chosen by Realtors across the U.S. as one of five of the “Most Admired” REALTORS® in the nation. KELLER WILLIAMS® FACTS: • “Most Innovative Real Estate Company” — Inman News. • 77,594 + real estate consultants. • 608 + offices in the U.S. and Canada. • 4th largest real estate company in North America. Gary Keller • Excellence in real estate consultation training. Chairman Of The Board Mo Anderson Vice Chairman of the Board
  28. 28. Our Values … Win-Win — or no deal Integrity — do the right thing Commitment — in all things Communication — seek first to understand Creativity — ideas before results Customers — always come first Teamwork — together everyone achieves more Trust — starts with honesty Success — results through people
  29. 29. We will be working together as a team to sell your home. Communication and cooperation will ensure that we are successful!