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Criteria for selecting instructional materials

this includes standards in considering instructional materials appropriate to learners needs.

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Criteria for selecting instructional materials

  1. 1. forselectinginstruct ionalmaterial
  2. 2. The appropriateness of theinstructional materials must bejudged from the perspective of thestudent learner who is presumed tobe naïve and uninformed rather thanfrom teacher’s perspective.
  3. 3. Criteria for selecting Instructional Materials(IM): 5. Appropriate 1. Emphasis Vocabulary 2. Unity 6. Audience Appropriateness 3. Coherence 7. Format 4. Repetition 8. Caliber of Questions
  4. 4. Preparinginstructional objectives
  5. 5. One of the most important task of ateacher is that of preparinginstructional objectives. She shouldtake utmost care in formulating suchstatements since they serve tocommunicate clearly its purpose, atthe same time serve as basis inevaluating student growth.
  6. 6. Mager’s Behavioral ObjectivesThree parts in preparing instructional objectives:1. Testing situation2. This indicates the condition under which the Student behavior behavior what the studentor will be expected to It states will be observed should be able to door the change in criteria that the teacher would3. Performance behavior occur. recognize as evidence that the objective hasIt states the standard of performance level that is been achieved. aimed at.
  7. 7. Instructional resources
  8. 8. Audiovisual Media available in schools Teaching Tools and Materials Available Resources available in school’s media center are:Supplementary readingClassroom Venuesand posters materials ChartsMaps, globes and models Transparencies Classroom Equipment •Indoor plants •Bulletin Boards •Nature Table •Measuring DevicesPhotographs and mounted pictures, clippings Artifacts •ComputersSlides, •Displays •Simple machines •SandExhibits, collections filmstrips, films •SpecimensTable •Television set shop •Chemicals •Interest CornersArts, prints •Planetarium •Living Machine animals •Overhead projector •Laboratory •Exhibit ShelvesAudiotapes, videotapes Tools •Hobby Section •Stuffed animals •Slide projector •Construction •Aquarium and •Diorama •Collections •Videocassette recorder materials Terrarium •Household Items •Science kit •Radio
  9. 9. Criteria in selecting audiovisual materials1. Is it relevant to the lesson?2. Is it suitable to the students’ age?3. Is it well-designed and the right quality?4. Is it objective?5. Is the equipment easy to operate?
  10. 10. Purpose in using audiovisual media:a) to introduce and orient students to a new area of study,b) to present important events,c) to demonstrate process,d) to individualize learning.
  11. 11. Types of Audiovisual Media
  12. 12. Community Resources
  13. 13. The End