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Checklist for hearing impaired (sped 314)


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Published in: Education
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Checklist for hearing impaired (sped 314)

  1. 1. YES NO Has trouble hearing when two or more people are talking. Appears to have trouble hearing when there is a lot of background noise. Frequently misunderstands you when you speak. Asks you to repeat what you have said. Watches your face intently when you are speaking. Responds inappropriately to what are others are saying.
  2. 2. YES NOSeems in a world of his/her own at times.Speech is unclear or immature. May have trouble with sounds at a specific frequency.Grammar is incorrect or immature.Has the television sound turned up high.Sits very close to the teacher or the television.Tilts head to listen.Mouths the words as other speak
  3. 3. YES NOHas had recurrent ear infection.Seem to switch off when listening in a group.Speaks more loudly that is necessary.Watches others and copies them when instructions are given.Does not respond to speech when not able to the speaker.Sits close to the front when given the choice.