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ACC for Children with Learning with Disability


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Published in: Education
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ACC for Children with Learning with Disability

  1. 1. DYSLEXIA
  2. 2. • Rule out hearing and vision issues• Remediation of phonemic awareness
  3. 3. • Multi-sensory instruction
  4. 4. • Assistive technology like text-to-speech, spell check, word prediction, books on tape, and Educational software
  5. 5. Text- to- Speech • Text-to-speech (TTS) is a type of speech synthesis application that is used to create a spoken sound version of the text in a computer document, such as a help file or a Web page.
  6. 6. Word Prediction• Word prediction software can help a userduring word processing by "predicting" aword the user intends to type.
  7. 7. • Change your default font• Use visual/graphical supports (mind- maps, graphic organizers)
  8. 8. • Preserve self-esteem (don’t ask to read/write/spell in front of others).
  9. 9. Audio-Tape Recorded BookWith this method students can turn on aCD player and hear the text readaloud. Audio textbooks are used alongwith the regular class textbook.All school text books are available for LDstudents to use to "read" through listening.
  10. 10. Dysgraphia
  11. 11. • Adapted grips and slanted writing boards
  12. 12. Use of alternatives to writing to demonstrate knowledge–Oral reports–Art projects–Multi-media presentations
  13. 13. Oral Reports An oral report is a presentation, usually done for a student’s teacher and classmates, though it can also be done for a larger segment of the school community, for parents, or for a more open group, depending on the circumstances.
  14. 14. Multimedia presentation
  15. 15. • Text-to-speech, portable word processors, and word prediction• Computer or portable word processor(i.e. Alphasmart)
  16. 16. AlphaSmart• The AlphaSmart is a keyboardingdevice that enables a person to work onthe go, much like a laptop computer, butit is strictly for word processing, as itfunctions essentially like a simpledigital typewriter.
  17. 17. AlphaSmart
  19. 19. • Multi-sensory instruction• Math done on graph paper to align numbers• Use mnemonics (8x8 is 64, wipe your nose and shut the door)
  20. 20. • Teach “tricks” like multiplying on fingers• Allow scrap paper and “cheat sheets”
  21. 21. Calculators
  22. 22. Use visual supports/ Manipulatives– Number line– Abacus– Multiplication table– Visuals of story problems– Time lines– Written schedules
  23. 23. allow for math to bedone without worryof writing or copying errors
  24. 24. • The teacher demonstrates for the student (e.g., Watch me; here’s how I do a division problem…”)• The teacher has another student demonstrate (e.g., Watch Judy; she’s going to bisect that line.”)
  25. 25. • The teacher simply tells student a factual answer (e.g., “9 plus 5 equals 14”) • The teacher uses or constructs materials that include demonstrations and leaves these for students to consult while solving problems.
  26. 26. “Teachershould think of the student with learningdisabilities not as one with a disability but as one with ability.”