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Promotional campaign project extra credit


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Promotional campaign project extra credit

  1. 1. Perfect 10 AgencyMargaret LawsonHannah Hickman Jasmine MilliganJennifer Hamilton Davondra Jones
  2. 2. Where do you prefer to shop for electronics? – Amazon: Text 14935 – Best Buy: Text 14936 – Apple: Text 14961 – Other: Text 9957• Text to 22333• 5NDY4NzY0NQ
  3. 3. Why do you prefer this retailer? – Customer Service: Text 16146 – Product Assortment: Text 16183 – Price: Text 16199 – Other: Text 16230• Text to 22333• MzA1MzAyMjM
  4. 4. Brief Overview of the Company• The company founded by Richard M. Schulze in St. Paul, MN in the 1960’s• Originally named “Sound of Music”, and started out selling car/home stereos.• In 1983, “Sound of Music”, was coined the name “Best Buy” and further product/store expansion ensued.• The company gains it main revenue from home/office electronics, software, appliances and other services (Geek Squad).• Today the company operates over 1,100 stores worldwide and employs around 180,000 associates• The company relies on customer centricity to keep business.
  5. 5. Strengths Weaknesses• “Big Box” store environment • Competitive Pricing• Geek Squad (store-within- • Online Retailers store) • Customer Service• Price Matching • Non-commissioned based• Uniformity (electronics) pay for employees• 18 month financial plan SWOT Analysis Opportunities Threats • Redesign store exterior/interior • Mass merchants • Better employee training/ uniforms • Online Retailers • Commission based pay • Competitions Pricing • More interactive media • Online site redesign • Radio/Magazine ads
  6. 6. Competitors
  7. 7. Positioning Map High QualityHigh Quality Low Quality Low Quality
  8. 8. Target Market• Generation Y – 1980-2000• Baby Boomers – 1946-1964- Specifically:• tech savvy individuals• Small business owners• Surrounding families
  9. 9. Message Strategy• Customer Centricity: •How the customer is treated before, during and after the sale.“Make all consumers feel welcomeregardless of their knowledge oftechnology, while building thatconnection/trust with consumersand having an energetic/informativestaff.”
  10. 10. Best Buy’s Current Promotional StrategyBest Buy’s Social Technology Strategy•• “Buy back program”• Price matching in store• Buy online-pick up in store• Best Buy card – No interest for 18 months• “Weekly offers”/ “Deals of the day” online
  11. 11. New Promotional Strategy• Promote through different media channels including radio and magazine advertisements.• Give coupons and discounts for students and to Baby Boomers – 10% off entire purchase with student ID or AARP card.• Limited time promotions for back to school and major holidays – Back to School, Black Friday, Christmas• Focus will be placed on different cities with the population of our target markets – Major college towns – Major retirement communities
  12. 12. Media Strategy Create brand recognition and broaden the consumer knowledge that our brand is for the everyday consumer.• Magazine Advertisement• Interactive Advertisement• 2 Special Events• Radio Advertisement
  13. 13. Magazine Advertisement• Generation Y – Highlight the newest technologies and student discounts • Fitness • Glamour • Men’s Health• Baby Boomer – Highlight the fun and ease of retirement • AARP • Better Homes and Garden • Ladies Home Journal
  14. 14. Interactive Advertisement• “The Wish List” – Show us what you want! – Christmas/ Graduation – Take a pic • Instagram • Facebook • Twitter – Reward $$$
  15. 15. Special Event Movie Night• Promote through: – Flyers – E-mails to Best Buy card members• Showcase new products – Movies – 3D Televisions – Etc.
  16. 16. Special Event Tutorial Class• Educate the consumer about the newest products• Offer discounts to participants• Similar to: – Home Depot • Weekly Workshops – Apple Genius Bar •• Connect to the consumer
  17. 17. Which special event would you be more likely to attend? – Tutorial Event: Text 20621 – Movie Night: Text 21182 – I would not be interested in either: Text 21381• Text to 22333• oice_polls/MjkzMDQ0NDE0
  18. 18. Radio Advertisement• Radio advertisements will be on a pulsing schedule. Continuous scheduling and a flighting schedule during the holiday season.• Generation Y – Highlight student discounts and special events • Kiss FM • The Edge• Baby Boomer – Highlight special events and customer service • NPR • The Ticket •
  19. 19. Evaluation• Analytics – surveys• In house Feedback – Manager conference calls – Live chats – E-mails• Observations – Overall performance • regional and individually
  20. 20. Questions?
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