Reference management workshop


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Reference management workshop

  1. 1. Professional Development Workshop Jack G. ZhengAssistant Professor, IT Department Nov 7, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda• Reference management overview• Tools survey and comparison• Try Zotero
  3. 3. Reference Management• Reference management software, citation management software or personal bibliographic management software – for scholars and authors to use for managing and creating bibliographic citations (references).• Why use a software program? – Organizing hundreds and thousands of papers – Dealing with different format requirements from different journals and conferences – Automatic sorting
  4. 4. Desired Features• Must have features – Citation organization (search, sort, filtering, categorization, tag, etc.) – Editor integration – Easy and flexible formatting/styling – Auto identification and import – Citation export/backup• Nice to have features – Centralized storage or synchronized – Offline paper copies – Annotation – Collaboration – Literature search
  5. 5. Tools• Commercial – EndNote: – Mendley: – Papers:• Open source – Zotero:• Comparison – – managers/comparison.html – –
  6. 6. A Short Tutorial on Zotero• Download and install• Search and save from browsers• Organize papers• Insert citation and reference• Style and format• Custom style• Use a web storage service
  7. 7. Zotero Installation• Download from – Current version 3.0• Downloading and installation Options – Using Firefox? • Firefox plugin for Firefox (Firefox connector included) • Word processor plugins (Word, LibreOffice) – Not using Firefox? • Zotero Standalone (editor plugin included) • Zotero Standalone Connectors (for Chrome and Safari) – Install all of them • Firefox plugin (Firefox connector included) • Zotero Standalone (editor plugins included)
  8. 8. Basic UI in Firefox Auto detection and import icon Tools Reference details, edi table Start Zotero References withLibrary, collections offline paper copies and tags
  9. 9. Add Articles• Manual insertion New item button Reference detection and auto import• Save from the web – Reference – PDF files – Web page snapshots – Links
  10. 10. Organize References Instant searching Use collection and subcollectionfor hierarchical categorization You can drag and drop items to collections. Items Add and can be in multiple delete tags for collections. each item Searching and filtering by tags
  11. 11. Insert into Word Insert a new Open the Zotero addin citations tool bar Start typing - auto completion is on.
  12. 12. Insert Bibiliography Insert a bibliography at the end of the paper A citation is inserted in the body of the paper.
  13. 13. Choose a Style• Use the Style Manager to manage styles – Tools  Options• Download style files and add them here. – http://www.zotero .org/styles/
  14. 14. Storage• The database and download files are stored in a local directory• Working on multiple computers? – Use the Sync function provided by Zotero server. – Use a cloud storage service from DropBox, Google, or SkyDrive Use Google Drive (5GB free) for web storage
  15. 15. Resource• Quick start guide – –• Editing citations styles –• Citation Style Language –• Citeproc-js CSL processor –