Portable X-ray Radiography


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Portable X-ray Radiography

  1. 1. LaSalle County Station Portable X-Ray Radiography John Gumnick Radiation Protection Superintendent RPM Working Meeting Bruce Power July 15 & 16, 2008
  2. 2. Portable X-Ray RadiographyLaSalle County Station RPM Working Meeting - Bruce Power 2
  3. 3. Goals• Maintain or improve safe radiography controls• Reduce dose• Maintain quality• Reduce the exclusion zones• Reduce costs• Take advantage of new technology RPM Working Meeting - Bruce Power 3
  4. 4. Equipment Used• XRS-3 Portable X-ray tube • Powered by a 14v battery • No dose when not in operation • Maximum 6-7 second shot • Portable (12 pounds) • Cost per unit is approx 6K • Remote firing switch • Easy to use • Safe to use RPM Working Meeting - Bruce Power 4
  5. 5. RPM Working Meeting - Bruce Power 5
  6. 6. Equipment Used• VMI Digital RT Processing Station • No chemicals • Immediate results • Phosphor imaging plates. • Less dose to expose plates. • Email images. RPM Working Meeting - Bruce Power 6
  7. 7. Test Set-Up• 4 weld mockups made (1”-4”)• Pre-job brief conducted• ALARA brief conducted• LaSalle RP documented surveys• Various shots taken at mockups• Shot in the IRSF (concrete) bldg. RPM Working Meeting - Bruce Power 7
  8. 8. Goals ReviewedMaintain or improve RT controls• No dose when unit is not in operation• Only can fire for 6 second shots• No cranking or source guide tubes needed.• Battery can be removed and unit does not operate.• Remote firing device must be held down to operate, when released unit shuts down.• Alarm sounds when unit is in operation.• Lights flash on generator when unit is in operation. RPM Working Meeting - Bruce Power 8
  9. 9. Goals ReviewedLower Dose• Task completed with two RPTs rather than 15• Dose from actual radiography source ~0 mrem• Validated TLD and Ion Chamber response• Developed operational procedures for field use RPM Working Meeting - Bruce Power 9
  10. 10. Goals ReviewedMaintain Quality• 1-3” pipe requires 2 shots at 99 pulses (12 seconds)• 4” pipe is at the upper range of applicability.• Saw the defects that were implanted on test pieces• Wall profiling or FAC is the quality reviewed• ASME shots would still need additional testing RPM Working Meeting - Bruce Power 10
  11. 11. Goals Reviewed RPM Working Meeting - Bruce Power 11
  12. 12. Goals ReviewedReduce Exclusion Zones• Entire Heater Bay (BWR) does NOT have to be entirely locked down for this examination.• Restriction of turbine floors (PWR) can be reduced to small controlled areas. RPM Working Meeting - Bruce Power 12
  13. 13. Goals ReviewedReduction of Costs• Without shutting the heater bays down one day of outage time could potentially be saved. ($1M/day)• Reduction of RP coverage. 10-15 personnel could be reduced to 1 RP technician. $15- 20K each time used.• Can shoot through insulation and is portable. Reduction of contractor costs. $1-5K per joint• Does not decay like a source. Would last longer RPM Working Meeting - Bruce Power 13
  14. 14. Goals ReviewedTechnology Improvements• With the use of this new X-Ray tube and digital RT system this has great potential to save dose, money and increase safety while maintaining the quality that is needed.• Purchased two units and implemented for FAC radiography inspections. RPM Working Meeting - Bruce Power 14
  15. 15. Limitations• Walkdowns needed for unit applicability.• Contingency FAC plans for joints we are not able to access and shoot.• Unit is fragile. This is why two units should be available on site.• Ion-chamber instrumentation is needed to monitor.• 4” and above or pipe thickness greater than 1” is the upper limit of applicability. RPM Working Meeting - Bruce Power 15
  16. 16. L2R11 Results• 33 FAC radiographs completed in one shift• Total crew 2 technicians, 4 radiographers• No reshots needed• No disruption of scheduled Heater Bay work during radiography• Total savings ~750k• Total dose 12 mrem, essentially the background dose from 1 shift in the Heater Bay for 6 people RPM Working Meeting - Bruce Power 16