Design challenge brief ideate


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ideas around improving the school, to university, to work process.

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Design challenge brief ideate

  1. 1. Problem statement Find a way to provide students with experiences that provide the additional skills obtained through real life experiences that will ensure students are able to cope with confidence, both work wise and personally.
  2. 2. IDEAS 1. More school work experience 2. Industry Expo event for students 3. Ex student talking their experiences 4. Buddy system at work 5. Buddy system in last year of school with industry 6. Small cadetships for students 7. Begin the employment process before the last year and make the last year a hybrid year 8. Allow student in first year more time to get into groups with other first years to discuss 9. Allow secondary students the ability to spend up to a month in various jobs. 10. Students want to change the world but this is not likely in modern workplaces so set realistic experiences for them
  3. 3. IDEAS 11. Psychologists to assist the the changeover student to employee requires a change management process 12. Breakup the last years of study by incorporating work 13. Make study part of the work process 14. Create subjects that set up students for what the experience will be 15. Get companies to showcase what first years do in their companies. 16. Set up a monitored group to get together and support each other in their first year. 17. Conference allowing industry and education to mix 18. Should industry buy into schools 19. Industry allocate a term/semester to student gaining appropriate work experience. 20. Industry sponsoring schools to gain access to kids for work/school experience
  4. 4. IDEAS 21. Pay students to learn 22. Employ students earlier alternating related study to work 23. Create classrooms with industry 24. Merge schools and industry 25. Give education responsibility to industry - no more schools 26. Alternate work and school each year 27. Teach a change management subject to ensure student understand expectations 28. Students needs more experience 29. Get students into work earlier 30. Requirement for student to have part time jobs as part of curriculum 31. Move schooling to online and require student to be on the job earlier 32. Have a course that is mandatory that just teaches what to expect at work 33. More subject that teach work practices
  5. 5. IDEAS 34. First work year is an apprenticeship 35. School Subjects become industry subjects science=medicine etc 36. VCE (year/grade 12) becomes career selection year 37. Lunchtime career info sessions for students 38. More graduate program's about work expectations. 39. Entrepreneur programs at school. fund kids to produce products 40. Create subjects that provide the necessary work entry- level skills. 41. After school work classes 42. School holiday work program's 43. Teacher immersion into industry. To actually learn what happens and pass onto students 44. Video channels for student to participate with industry
  6. 6. IDEAS 45. Use of Skype, YouTube to blend school with industry 46. Get industry to give projects to students in schools and coach/guide them through the project 47. Get industry to create/design the subjects that are relevant to them. 48. Have more career based course/experiences throughout school/university 49. Get businesses to run school based expos 50. Get parents to come in to schools to share their work experiences
  7. 7. My most practical idea. Ex students talking their experiences This is the simplest and most practical idea. By bringing ex students ( from deferent industries) who are now in the workforce back to the school to discuss what happened to them, both good and bad, new students will have more realistic expectations. They may also get ideas on things they need to do to prepare for a working life and also not have huge idealistic expectations of being able to change the world in the first year of their working life ( even if I hope they do).
  8. 8. My most disruptive idea Give education responsibility to industry - no more schools. This idea would be the most disruptive in that it would basically mean dismantling the current education system and recreating it with industry itself. Students would begin working life earlier but be within a school which is within an industry that will need their skill in the future. The uproar of creating something like this between teachers, government, teacher unions, students and the industries would be immense but students would be seeing and mingling what a working life looks like while studying.
  9. 9. My favourite idea Create classrooms with industry This is my favourite. Logistics may be difficult but actually getting teachers and industry to join together to run relevant classes within industry will bring students teachers and industry together. The learning of students by watching what happens within industry would be great for them. The learning of industry as to what students are doing and how they are learning would be great for them. I see this a win win from both sides and would go a long way to guiding students on their transition from school to degree to work.