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Presentation Cease Fire Week


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Presentation Cease Fire Week

  1. 1. CeaseFire Week June 14-20, 2009 10,000 people statewide 68 events One Message: 24 communities Peace is Possible
  2. 2. Englewood, IL. June 14, 2009. CeaseFire Week Kick-Off event held in Ogden Park at 65th & Racine. (Lawndale & Austin communities featured here as well)
  3. 3. Local Englewood artists share the stage with notable Chicago performers throughout the day echoing a powerful, urgent message to end to the gun violence.
  4. 4. This single event brings out estimated 3,000 people, including CeaseFire participants (clients) from competing street organizations illustrating how a community can unite under a common theme of peace, despite our differences.
  5. 5. Food was provided as a complement to the peaceful congregating groups.
  6. 6. Really good food…
  7. 7. … was enjoyed by all.
  8. 8. Events inspired a vision of hope for communities plagued by gun violence.
  9. 10. CeaseFire Week turned out close to 10,000 participants for 68 non-violence themed events statewide.
  10. 12. Across 28 communities, CeaseFire Week events served to build and energize a base of support to stop shootings and killings.
  11. 13. Thank you to all those who made this year’s CeaseFire Week a success, your support provides hope and opportunity to the communities that need it most.