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Synchronicity joe grobelnyjanuary_7th_2010geor


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Synchronicity joe grobelnyjanuary_7th_2010geor

  1. 1. Joe Grobelny January 7th, 2010George Washington University
  2. 2. "Please relate an experience you had that shaped yourperception or use of technology in the delivery ofreference services." tigerplish
  3. 3. The Cultural Situation vs.C. Sharon Pruitt AdrianDC
  4. 4. Meanwhile, back on campus...
  5. 5. "While some libraries are often conservative when it comes to" The expectiation is that future adopting new technologies, wehandheld devices will possess would think that starting tobroadband-like speed and adopt some of these technologiesdesktop or notebook-like like e-books and better mobileprocessing power, and services now would help thesefunctional compatibility with institutions to remain relevantformats of all types....many in a future where those largepublishers are waiting for buildings in the middle oftechnology to catch up to the campus are already turningcontent instead of downgrading more into places for studythe graphics and complexity of groups to meet up and grab acontent to accommodate cup of coffee than centers ofcurrent handheld devices." academic research." -Todd Spires -Frederic Lardinois "Handheld Serials"
  6. 6. The Sandbox and the Recession
  7. 7. A Laundry List: Ideas to Use If were using a tiered service: Cellphones, Geolocation. If were roving: Smartphones, Tablet PCs, voicemail to email. If were not around: Audio Tours, Augmented Reality. If patrons are out and about: Mobile friendly Web Services.If were building a learning commons: Real-time info on resources and staff. Integrate resources in the CMS. If patrons need us off campus: A really big e-reader in the stacks. If we miss our reference books: