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State of-blockstorage-grizzlysummit


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Slides used in John Griffith's cinder project update presentation at the OpenStack Grizzly Summit.

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State of-blockstorage-grizzlysummit

  1. 1. State of OpenStack Block Storage John Griffith: Project Technical lead IRC: jgriffith LaunchPad: john-griffith
  2. 2. Cinder? OpenStack Block Storage Service Extraction of Nova-Volume Its own core project Nova-Volume and Cinder are equivalent in Folsom
  3. 3. New Features Create volume from image NFS files as Virtual Block Devices Persistent iSCSI Targets Python-cinderclient Improved API response data
  4. 4. What went well Great participation/support  Rackspace  Nebula  Cannonical  IBM  NetApp  RedHat  …... Nova-Volume equivalency Core Status So far so good
  5. 5. What didnt :( Bugs not found until late in the cycle Documentation Time!!
  6. 6. Whats Next QoS Volume State Implementation API improvements Secure Attach Multiple Back-End driver support Better definition/use of Types and Extra Specs Retention of meta-data for Glance images on bootable volumes Backup to Object Store Volume resize Xen enhancements
  7. 7. Questions?