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Royal Revenue Rumble - Sales vs. Marketing!


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Join us ringside as our host Jason Miller of LinkedIn, moderates over the fight of our ages.

Watch the punches fly as Craig Rosenberg of, and Justin Gray of LeadMD, go toe-to-toe proving once and for all which department is the heavyweight champion — Sales or Marketing.

Catch the video recording here:

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Royal Revenue Rumble - Sales vs. Marketing!

  1. 1. Your Host Jason Miller Senior Manager, Content Marketing, Marketing Solutions LinkedIN @JasonMillerCA #RevenueRumble the funnelholic
  2. 2. In the left hand corner… Justin Gray “The Evangelist” CEO, LeadMD @myleadmd #RevenueRumble the funnelholic
  3. 3. In the right hand corner… Craig Rosenberg “The Funnelholic” Co-founder and Chief Analyst, TOPO Editor and Founder, @funnelholic #RevenueRumble the funnelholic
  4. 4. The Ground Rules • • • • State of the union 10 flash rounds, 1 final Q&A bonus round Each fighter receives 2 minutes per topic The audience determines the winner #RevenueRumble the funnelholic
  5. 5. State of the Union the funnelholic
  6. 6. Round 1: Data Quality #RevenueRumble the funnelholic
  7. 7. Round 2: Sales & Marketing Alignment Sales Qualified Sales Handoff Working Open Contacting Benchmark Report Sales Qualification Opportunity Graveyard #RevenueRumble the funnelholic
  8. 8. Round 3: Buyers Journey #RevenueRumble the funnelholic
  9. 9. Round 4: Company Messaging #RevenueRumble the funnelholic
  10. 10. Round 5: Lead Nurturing #RevenueRumble the funnelholic
  11. 11. Round 6: Content #RevenueRumble the funnelholic
  12. 12. Round 7: Lead Scoring #RevenueRumble the funnelholic
  13. 13. Round 8: The Handoff #RevenueRumble the funnelholic
  14. 14. Round 9: Multi-touch Attribution #RevenueRumble the funnelholic
  15. 15. Round 10: Social #RevenueRumble the funnelholic
  16. 16. Bonus Round: Q&A #RevenueRumble the funnelholic
  17. 17. Closing Remarks: Sales #RevenueRumble the funnelholic
  18. 18. Closing Remarks: Marketing #RevenueRumble the funnelholic
  19. 19. The Crowned Champion #RevenueRumble the funnelholic