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Bi New Frontiers, adding senses


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Bi New Frontiers, adding senses

  1. 1. Technology Evaluation Centers New Frontiers in BI: Augmenting Reality and Adding Sense Jorge García Sr. Analyst, BI and Data Management Salon BI 2012,
  2. 2. Technology Evaluation Centers Outline 1. Introduction 2. Augmented Reality (AR) 3. Gestured Recognition (Motion Control) 4. Adding Sense to BI 5. Conclusion 6. Q&A
  3. 3. Technology Evaluation Centers Introduction Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. Albert Einstein
  4. 4. Technology Evaluation Centers Introduction • New technologies • New corporate premises • New user experience needsTraditionalbusiness intelligence Augmented reality User experience and business transformation AR, motion, voice, etc.
  5. 5. Technology Evaluation Centers Introduction The medium is the message Marshall McLuhan
  6. 6. Technology Evaluation Centers AR: What is augmented reality?
  7. 7. Technology Evaluation Centers AR: What is augmented reality? Augmented reality adds information and context to a real object or place. It takes a real object or space as the base layer and incorporates technologies that add contextual data to deepen a person’s understanding of the subject.
  8. 8. Technology Evaluation Centers AR: Common Applications • Medical imaging. Doctors can access data about patients. • Aviation. Tools show pilots important data about the landscape they are viewing. • Training. Auxiliary data is provided to students or technicians about specific objects they are working with. • Museums. Artifacts can be tagged with information such as the artifact’s historical context.
  9. 9. Technology Evaluation Centers AR: Common ApplicationsIncreased use of AR for analytics andbusiness Intelligence • Especially mobile analytics applications Incorporation of AR into analytics and BI thanks to: • Increased adoption of geolocation features, inserted into maps • The maturity of several technologies such as mobile and pattern recognition
  10. 10. Technology Evaluation Centers AR: How does it work?A range of technologies can be used for augmented reality: From: • Headgear or similar device projecting data onto the user’s field of vision, that corresponds with a real object or space the user is observing To: • The use of mobile devices to expand real vision with an additional layer of information Augmented reality is not merely a companion text or multimedia file, but a technology: • designed to “see” a real object or place • provides the user with appropriate information
  11. 11. Technology Evaluation Centers AR: Key Features • Combines real and virtual images • Interactive in real time • Registers in 3D
  12. 12. Technology Evaluation Centers AR: How does it work?
  13. 13. Technology Evaluation Centers AR: Business Models
  14. 14. Technology Evaluation Centers Gesture Recognition (Motion Control) The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble. Blaise Pascal
  15. 15. Technology Evaluation Centers Gesture Recognition (Motion Control)
  16. 16. Technology Evaluation Centers Gesture Recognition (Motion Control) Gesture recognition: interpreting human gestures via mathematical algorithms
  17. 17. Technology Evaluation Centers Gestured Recognition (Motion Control) Gesture recognition enables humans to interface with machines (HMI) and interact naturally without any mechanical devices.
  18. 18. Technology Evaluation Centers Gestured Recognition (Motion Control) Practical use cases for analytics • Video: Extended Results • Video: SAP HANA and Kinect
  19. 19. Technology Evaluation Centers Gestured Recognition (Motion Control)Advantages:• Natural way of interaction• “Space” is an effective interaction modality (compared with keyboard and mouse)• Removes the user’s dependency on a surface• Remote interactionDisadvantages:Tiring (e.g., gorilla arm)• User-dependent gestures (few universal understandable gestures)• Computationally expensive
  20. 20. Technology Evaluation Centers Gestured Recognition (Motion Control) The potential of gesture recognition • Video: Kinect • Video: Leap Motion
  21. 21. Technology Evaluation Centers Adding Sense to BIConfluence of Technologies • Augmented reality • Voice and image recognition • Gesture recognition • Real-time computing • Sophisticated digital signage • And more…
  22. 22. Technology Evaluation Centers Gestured Recognition (Motion Control) Other use cases • Video: KeyTree • Video: Shopperception
  23. 23. Technology Evaluation Centers Challenges • Relying on specific or customized hardware, and the technological mechanisms that correlate data with the real world are often technically complex. • Despite falling costs for hardware overall, augmented reality projects can be expensive to develop and maintain. • Today’s augmented reality projects typically focus on individual users and may not lend themselves to team activities or group learning. • Augmented reality projects often resemble entertainment, raising questions about their business and educational value.
  24. 24. Technology Evaluation Centers Opportunities • It targets specific groups rather than just individuals. • It enables complete ownership of user experience. • It enhances user experience in a radical way to encourage and streamline interaction. • It potentially expands the use of analytics at all company levels, from customers to executives.
  25. 25. Technology Evaluation Centers Business Intelligence with Voice Siri: What can I help you with? CEO: What is our sales revenue? Siri: Its 300 mn till date. There is growth of 10% Y-o-Y CEO: Which is our worst performing region? Siri: North. Sales revenue has declined 20% compared to the same period last year. CEO: Text scott why is sales revenue declining? Can we meet tomorrow? (Scott - Regional Manager - North) CEO: Set up sales review meeting with Scott at 9 am tomorrow. Siri: Ok. I have set up a meeting at 9am. Source: Is Siri the future of BI? Business Analytics Blog, Manish Desai
  26. 26. Technology Evaluation Centers Conclusion Augmented reality and motion control technologies might have the potential to change radically how users interact with business intelligence, analytics, and all enterprise software in general. They can offer more natural ways to communicate, collaborate, and share information—with other users, other systems, and the world outside the organization.
  27. 27. Technology Evaluation Centers Questions? Thank you!
  28. 28. Technology Evaluation Centers Thank You Jorge García