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Presentation of GreenIvory - May 2011.

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GreenIvory : products and services

  1. 1. Measure & increase your performance on InternetJean Georges Perrin, CEO,
  2. 2. Needs of companies on the web• Give themselves a positive and dynamic image• Measure their notoriety & impacts of marketing tactics• Learn from markets, competitions...• Better use of data on the web
  3. 3. Produits More Content. More Traffic. enrich contents of your blogs and their relevance ease regular updates enhance SEO both in quality and in quantity Take back control of your reputation.V evaluate and analyze your reputation measure the impact of your communication benchmark your reputation and your competitors Revealed on May 26th. OnliGence
  4. 4. Usage : entertain a web site Title Date Abstract (15-25%)They use it : 2 linksSemia, Incubateur d’Alsace (France) CopyrightAbbott™ Neonova (Canada)SmartEGL (Egypt) (Philippines)Lisa Lomas (New Zealand)...
  5. 5. Beiser Environnement : traffic increase • Context ‣ French leader in agricultural mail order • Results ‣ 25% more traffic in 2 months ‣ 14% of visits finish on the merchant site ‣ Higher notoriety ‣ Extremely satisfied customerThey use it :Beiser Environnement (France)...
  6. 6. Usage : boost a group of corporationsThey use it:CogiFactory (France)AMPIE (France)...
  7. 7. Three Benefits Publishes the best content from the web on your site Fait #2 ™ ... sans MashupXFeed™ ... avec MashupXFeed™ Mas hupXFeedfnat boos te ton re‣ Enriches the contents of your blogs & sites and increases Le moteur de recherche préféré their relevance des internautes montrant ta marque... ๏ Increases the duration of visits ๏ Improves the chances of a conversion Je passe Fait #3 ment deux fois plus de temps sur le même i urfeurs a d ™ Tes s XFee site‣ Facilitates regular updating Mashup Un tiers des pages que je lie proviennent de Fait Je nai pas limpression quils cherchent à me vendre quelque chose ! MashupXFeed™ Jaime les actus‣ fraiches... Fait Improves your SEO both qualitatively and quantitatively Fait ๏ Increases your qualified traffic Fait
  8. 8. Usage : Animate a Website Information Traffic
  9. 9. Usage : Increase Sales Merchant Site Semi-Automated Blog Automated link to the product page of a storeRecherche automatiséedinformation sur le web ¥€$ Automatic creation of a window highlighting the best product given the Automatic creation of a window context of the article, highlighting the product of a second blog with or without a photo which focuses on another subject.   The number of themed blogs is virtually unlimited! Informations Trafic
  10. 10. Usage : Boost a Group of Corporations A website cluster, group Increasing the Usefulness of businesses, of the Directory community, etc.Display news from all Display member news Display informationmembers automatically automatically about the industry and company by filtering out competitors and other companies Enterprise A Company C Business A University B ... Information Traffic
  11. 11. Analysis and Enrichment " ! Aggregate Clean Annotate Filter Enrich Publish(Syndicate)
  12. 12. Whats New in Alsace…Site:
  13. 13. Voice Observer Three Benefits ‣ Evaluate your brands reputation ‣ Quantify the value of your online presence ‣ Measure the impact of your communicationDont let internet users control thereputation of your brand or yourproducts...
  14. 14. Voice Observer Features & Differentiators • Article Tone Analysis • Analysis of the evolution of sentiment towards your brand and your competitors • Improvement of your marketing messages • Optimization of advertisement placement • Internationalization of your e-reputation analysesAccess data with our API •Scan the whole internet7  million pages per day24 month information backup
  15. 15. ServicesData Mining Publication & Billing && Semantic Content Payment UX Technology-oriented services Analysis Logistics Services Technology & Strategy Methodologies Generation and management of bills Web Mining. Design and with multiple Text Mining. Content Enrichment. implementation of mediums and Social Mining. Generation of the user interface.   currencies.  Automatic Lexicon complex graphical Generation of both Management fee and Ontology reports with proper static and interactive calculation.   Generation formatting. graphs. Subscription mgt (including adaptive subscriptions).Semantic.SDK Content.SDK Payment.SDK AppCase.SDK
  16. 16. Specialist in e-Marketing tools GreenIvory Europe Sales, Support, R&D Sep. 2007 14 HC GreenIvory America Sales Jan. 2006 1 HCPartners Mission Statement: Specialist in e-MarketingFrance, USA, Canada, Maroc Experience Information toolsCustomers Value:USA, Canada, Portugal, Grande Humans are in the center ofBretagne, France, Allemagne, innovation HC 15Egypte, Croatie, Suède...
  17. 17. A few users... Banque, France Médical, France VoiceObserver Développement, Consulting Informatique, USA Communication, France VoiceObserver, Consulting VoiceObserver Pharma, USA Communication, France MashupXFeed VoiceObserver, Consulting Informatique, USA Conseil, France Consulting MashupXFeed Communication, Canada Communication, USA MashupXFeed, Consulting Consulting Communication, France Informatique, Grande Bretagne MashupXFeed, Consulting Consulting Communication, France MashupXFeed, Consulting You?
  18. 18. Thanks!GreenIvory Europe Jean Georges Perrin (0)9 50 53 10 34GreenIvory America (919) 901-0693