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Quasar Energy Group - energy, economy, environment


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Discusses quasar's ability to put together the world's best technologies to develop, permit, build, own and operate successful RNG projects that utilize multiple resources as feedstocks.

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Quasar Energy Group - energy, economy, environment

  1. 1. ABOUT quasar • Ohio based waste to energy company q • Ohio based waste‐to‐energy company      • Aggregation of the best anaerobic digestion technology available • Produce energy & value added products from wastegy p • Laboratory & Engineering Facility on the OSU – OARDC campus • Provide complete turn‐key waste management solutions • Dedicated to building systems based on US components • 100+ years biosolids management experience • Facilities operating in Akron, Wooster and Zanesville, Ohio and multiple facilities under    construction quasar’s Mission “To produce affordable renewable energy from commercialquasar’s Mission … “To produce affordable renewable energy from commercial,  municipal and agricultural biomass, while improving the environment.” 2© Copyright  quasar energy group 2010
  2. 2. ANAEROBIC DIGESTIONANAEROBIC DIGESTION Anaerobic digestion is a natural process where microorganisms break down organic  waste materials (biomass) in the absence of oxygen.    Inputs: Agricultural Biomass (manure, crop waste, energy crops) Food Waste Municipal Waste (biosolids) Products: R bl E N t l G El t i it M t V hi l F l (CNG)Renewable Energy – Natural Gas, Electricity, Motor Vehicle Fuel (CNG) Fertilizer, Animal Bedding, Peat Alternative, & Compost Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Cleaner Water, & Cleaner Air 3© Copyright  quasar energy group 2010 
  3. 3. SYSTEMS © Copyright quasar energy group 2010 
  4. 4. WOOSTER: System Online:  1‐10 Electricity: 600 kW Community & County: Wooster, Wayne County Managed By: quasar energy group Capacity: 30,000 ‐ 35,000 wet tons/year Inputs: Manure, Food Waste, FOG Awards: 2010 TeamNeo/Inside Business Economic Development for p Public‐Private Partnership Collaborators: The Ohio State University y OBIC US Department of Agriculture Ohio Dept. of Development © Copyright quasar energy group 2010 © Copyright quasar energy group 2010 
  5. 5. COLUMBUS: System Online:  8‐15‐10 Electricity: 1 MW Community & County: Columbus, Franklin County Managed By: Kurtz Bros. ,Inc. Status:  Under Construction Capacity: 40,000 ‐ 45,000 wet tons/year Inputs:p Food Waste, FOG, & Biosolids Collaborators: Solid Waste Auth of Central OhioSolid Waste Auth. of Central Ohio Ohio Air Quality Dev. Authority The City of Columbus © Copyright quasar energy group 2010 © Copyright quasar energy group 2010 
  6. 6. ZANESVILLE:ZANESVILLE: System Online:  7‐29‐10 Electricity: 1 MW Community & County: Zanesville, Muskingum County Managed By: quasar energy group & Sidwell Materials Inc.  C iCapacity: 30,000 ‐ 35,000 wet tons/year Inputs: Bi lid F d W t & FOGBiosolids, Food Waste, & FOG Permitting: The Zanesville system is fully  permitted by the Ohio EPA  Division of Surface Water and the  Division of Air Pollution Control. Collaborators: Sidwell Materials, Inc. US Department of Agriculture © Copyright quasar energy group 2010 © Copyright quasar energy group 2010 
  7. 7. Biomass Value for Energy: Which types of biomass are best for a digester?Which types of biomass are best for a digester? Gl i ++ Glycerin FOG Food  Waste Biosolids Crop Residuals Tip Fee ValueEnergy Value Manure ‐‐ Biomass recipes will differ based on the type and quantity of feedstock available in the region. quasar’s laboratory on the OSU/OARDC campus validates biomass recipes to guarantee a ’ i l f © Copyright quasar energy group 2010  system’s energy potential for our customers.
  8. 8. Sourcing Organic Material: ALTERNATIVE FEEDSTOCK STREAMS:ALTERNATIVE FEEDSTOCK STREAMS:  FINDING THE BEST FIT © Copyright quasar energy group 2010 
  9. 9. Sources of Biomass: Where does biomass originate? Agriculture: Dairy Farms (at least 100 head) Hog/pig farms Hatcheries Crop Residuals Food Processing Plants:  Food Scraps Expired Beverages Gl iGlycerin Alcohol waste Municipal Treatment Plants: biosolids Restaurants: FOG (fats, oils and grease) Waste Hauling Companies  W t h l h f th b © Copyright quasar energy group 2010  Waste haulers who manage any of the above Landfills: organic matter 10
  10. 10. © Copyright  quasar energy group 2010
  11. 11. Sourcing Organic Material: IMPLEMENTING A FEEDSTOCKIMPLEMENTING A FEEDSTOCK PROGRAM Purpose: To create a comprehensive feedstock profile for each candidate which  will provide present and future reference to feedstock quality, volume and revenue  datadata.  1. Prospecting/ Determining if there is a waste stream 2 Reviewing current costs of disposal2. Reviewing current costs of disposal 3. Determining quality, volume and logistics for the waste stream 4. Lab Testing the waste stream 5. Determining Tip Fee 6. Get the trucks rolling © Copyright quasar energy group 2010 
  12. 12. quasar energy group 7624 Riverview Road Cl l d OH 44141Cleveland, OH 44141 (216) 986‐9999