GreenRoad pres. - ETCleanFuels Fleet Managers Meeting


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Dixie presented this at our 4th quarter 2011 fleet managers meeting. Great information and she answered a number of questions about its flexibility and cost during the meeting.

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  • Hi, welcome.Im <> and today Im going to hand you the keys to excellent driving performance. Im going to show you how you get there.
  • Imagine if you could cut costs, by reducing your crashesand using less fuel. Imagine if you could dramatically improve your bottom line. And imagine if you could transform your driving culture, such that you would always have the best drivers on the road. Even better, imagine if you could do that within 60 days…. Well, you can, with GreenRoad…
  • Well, let me tell you about GreenRoad. GreenRoad is the leader in driving performance and safety management. We transform driving cultures, and we have done this for large and mid sized companies around the world. In fact, over 70k fleet drivers drive safer and smarter because they are using the GreenRoad product. Our product have assisted drivers as they have drive n over 3 billion miles. And the results speak for themselves. GreenRoad has resulted in a whopping 50% reduction in crashes, up to 10% reduction in fuel, and companies have achieved ROIs in less than 3 months.
  • Let’s talk about the effects of Driving performance.Let’s start with this yellow part of the wheel – SAFETY. Did you know that Up to 90% of crashes,the leading cause of workplace industry, are caused by driver behavior? And crashes are costly- A typical crash costs $16,500 or $.16 per mile driven …and most crashes are avoidable…so you can avoid that cost. Moving to Operating costs… this is mainly fuel consumption …we all know that fuel is very expensive these days…You can decrease these costs by 10% if you focus on your drivers behavior. Driver performance also has an impact on the costs of vehicle maintenance and insurance premiums In terms of the ENVIRONMENT, driver performance also impacts the fuel emissions, to the tune of 33%.And lastly, POLICY: You have a responsibility for overall workplace safety, and for the safety of your drivers and the people with whom they come in contact.  As we see here, Poor driver performance can has A NEGATIVE economic impact on your companySo, for any company operating a fleet, drivers performance is very critical toyour bottom line, not to mention your brand and company image.So the next question you might ask is, can I really be proactive here? And the answer is “yes, you can….”
  • I want to show you here about GreenRoad is a proactive way to eliminate the root cause of poor driving performance.There are at least 2 ways to deal with poor driving performance. First is the traditional way…reacting after the fact. This is a little uncomfortable, b/c you know that your people are not as safe as they could be…There are Lots of driving errors, but you don’t know which is going to result in the one catastrophic event. If you can eliminate the errors at the top, you can help avoid that catastrophic event. Traditional ways to address these problems are reactive rather than proactive, so they don’t really solve the problem, they simply attack it once it happens. The other approach is to be proactive. With this approach, you eliminate the root cause…you monitor and decrease the risky behaviors so that the crashes and issues don’t happen in the first place. And safer drivers translate into lower fuel usage, so by eliminating the root cause, it saves you more money than just on safety….
  • As you can see, fleets focusing on driving performance realize results……<Talk through 3 examples>These are just a few examples, but At GR, we serve a wide variety of vehicles and industries,…
  • We enable drivers to make change, without a lot of extra management work or effort.This loop is called the GR Driver improvement loop, and it shows how we put the drivers in charge. By holding your drivers accountable, you get faster results, and the results are more sustainable. You are essentially transforming your driver culture into one that promotes more responsible driving. It all starts with the real time in vehicle feedback.1) Real time Feedback is given in-vehicle via LED = It allows drivers to self correct, without management interventionSensorsmonitor 120 event types, across 5 categories, and this is where the content is generatedData is transmitted for alerts, analysis, reporting, and coachingWhat this does is it Allows drivers to self correct in the moment, without management intervention, reducing your administrative and management burden2) From there we offer online post trip analysis and reporting, and it is geared toward both the driver and manager.Helps drivers self assessHelp managers assess risk across the fleetSome drivers respond better to after the fact feedback, so that they can have time to digest it and think about how they might driver better the next time, so this is what it is. It Helps drivers to self assess, after the fact, in order to think about how they might further improve on the next trip.For managers, they can see an overall assessment of risk, across their fleet, so that they can be efficient and just take action where appropriate3) The 3rd component of our loop is the coaching tools via a self help portal. These let the drivers pursue additional training at their own pace. Different drivers respond to different types of learning, so we offer a comprehensive program to appeal to the entire fleet…we also find that the different methods build on each other. 4) The 4th componentare the motivation and incentive programs to create a competitive atmosphere to promote the behaviors you value.These might beWeekly email sent to driversWebsite for drivers to login and see how they compareScore “sharing” by posting in break room or attaching to paycheckAll of these create a fun and competitive atmosphere to incent the behaviors that you value. This 4th area is a critical component to the loop, and really drives and reinforces the changes you want to be making. And this 4th area is made possible only when you measure. And this is another core component of our methodology – its called…
  • THE SAFETY SCORE. It lets you measure safety and performance, compare drivers, and share results.It’s a concrete way to measure performance – it’s the # of risky events/maneuvers for every 10 hours of driving.You Distribute so that people know where they stand, and then they work to improve. You can use it as a pay for performance motivator as well.It is something that the drivers all talk about and work to improve. in that way, it introduces a fun way to transform your culture and drive better performance.
  • The safety score can be sent to drivers in weekly emails, so that they can monitor their improvement over time. It helps to create goals accountability at the driver level.Let’s transition to how GR actually works.
  • Our customer realize a significant improvement in safely. We monitor the safety scores before deploying GreenRoad, and then we look at it again. We see an average improvement of 60% across clients, before and after using GreenRoad. Again, we talked a little about the managers role in all of this, but let’s discuss that a little further…
  • For manager’s, it’s easy to measure and see issues, with the GR system. When you are operating with a lean staff, which I assume all of you are, You cant be in the cab, with every driver. You need the tools to assess the fleet overall and apply your energies where they are most needed. With GR,managers can easily create goals and accountability, Efficiently manage where neededMeasure driver and fleet performance: mile by mile, trip by trip.The GR product helps the managers to focus their efforts so that they can be more efficient…
  • We show here many of the metrics that can be improved with improved driving performance. Fuel: 5% is on the low side, and the 12% typically includes the 2-5% in idling reductions in addition to the 5 to 10% in pure fuel reductions.Emissions – same thing, based on fuelCrash repair costs: it’s in the 50% range, in terms of crash cost reductions. Insurance: A range of customers with our insurance partners <Marsh, Zurich, Belmont and the Hartford> have been able to lower their insurance rates significantly due to improved driving performance.It all adds up to 1-4k per vehicle annually…It depends on the types of vehicles….
  • And industry accolades. Gr IS A SAFE BET. Let’s add <YOUR COMPANY> to this list….
  • GreenRoad pres. - ETCleanFuels Fleet Managers Meeting

    1. 1. Handing you the Keys toExcellent Driving PerformanceETCleanFuels Fleet Managers Meeting - Nov. 22, 2011
    2. 2. Imagine• Reduce your crashes by 50%• Save up to 10% in fuel costs• Dramatically improve your fleet bottom line• Transform your driving culture • Imagine if You Could All within 60 days Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    3. 3. Introducing GreenRoad • Leader in driving performance and safety management • Transforming driving cultures around the world • Over 70,000 fleet drivers enabled to be the best • More than 3 billion safer miles driven to date • Results: – Average 50% reduction in crashes – Up to 10% reduction in fuel consumption – Positive ROI often within 3 months Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    4. 4. Driver Performance has Far Reaching EffectsUp to 90% of crashes Fuel consumption affectedcaused by driver by driver performanceCrashes are leading Vehicle maintenancecause of workplace frequencyinjury Insurance premiums DRIVER PERFORMANCEYou are responsible for AFFECT ALL OFhiring, retention, identify THESE!ing risk of who’s behind Driver can impact up tothe wheel 33% of vehicle emissionsYou are responsiblefor workplace safetyin the vehicle Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    5. 5. GreenRoad Eliminates the Root Cause Tens of Thousands of Driving Errors PROACTIVE CONTROLS like GreenRoad eliminate the ROOT CAUSE Hundreds of Close Calls A Few Frequent Crashes TRADITIONAL CONTROLS Reactive approach After the fact analysis One Catastrophic Crash Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    6. 6. Fleets Focusing on Driving Performance Realize Results Atlantic Express Transportation Corp. is one of the largest providers of bus transportation in North America • Cut fuel costs 5-8% • Reduced risky driving maneuvers 59% World leader in information management services, assisting over 140k organizations with storing, protecting & managing their information • Fuel consumption dropped 14% • 80% reduction in risky maneuvers • 93% reduction in crashes • Reduced insurance claims Specialist distribution group serving grocery, food service, cleaning and safety, non-food retail and healthcare markets • Driver risk dropped 63% • Crash rate reduced by 89% • Fuel consumption dropped by 6% • ROI of just three months Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    7. 7. Enable Drivers to Make Change Sensors monitor 120 high-risk maneuvers across 5 categories: Acceleration Braking Lane Handling Cornering Speeding Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    8. 8. The Safety Score: Lets you Measure Performance and Share ResultsWhat it is:• Concrete way to measure performance• # of risky events for every 10 hours of driving.What you do with it:• Distribute to motivate and drive change• Use it for incentive programs and to help set payWhat it does:• Introduces a fun competitive culture• Drives accountability and transforms culture Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    9. 9. Easily Create Goals and Accountability Exception management and scheduled reporting/coaching automatically creates accountability Changes since last week: 24 27 You are an increasingly focused driver. Nice work--keep it up! Focus on: Braking gently ahead of corners and not 8 10 through the turn. Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    10. 10. How GreenRoad WorksGreenRoad changes driving culture without a lot of extra management work or effort. 10 Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    11. 11. Realize a Significant Improvement in Safety Safety Score reduction from the GreenRoad Driver Improvement Loop Measured Risk is Dramatically Lower with GreenRoad 60% Before After Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    12. 12. Give Management Visibility Set goals Manage Measure Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    13. 13. Improved Driving Performance Helps Your Bottom LineArea of Savings Proven Cost SavingsLower Fuel Consumption 5% - 12%Lower Emissions 10%Reduce Crash Repair Costs (& Landfill) 49%Lower Insurance Premiums 10% - 33%Savings (Net, Per vehicle) $910-$4,400 Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    14. 14. Value: Reduced Fuel Costs/ Reduced Accidents • Cut fuel costs 5 -8 % Atlantic Express Transportation Corp. is • Reduced risky driving maneuvers 59% one of the largest providers of bus “With 2,900 buses just in the New York transportation in North America Area and more than 6,000 across the U.S., it‟s impossible to watch all the drivers all of the time. GreenRoad provides an in- vehicle „coach‟ that is with each driver, every day, every mile.” “Before, we had no way of measuring driver performance. We had drivers who trended risky even though they were not having accidents. Since GreenRoad, we‟ve seen driver scores improve continuously, and we‟ve seen a downward trend in accidents.” Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    15. 15. Value: Rapid and Tangible ROI • Improved fuel efficiency 4% • Reduced crash costs 40% • Reduced excessive idling 32% • Reduced risky and inefficient driving 50% • ROI for complete 3 year program in just 5 months “GPS has been around a long time… GreenRoad‟s combination of technology with immediate in-cab feedback was new and different, and we knew it offered something special that we had not seen previously.” Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    16. 16. Value: Protect Your Brand, Culture • 70% reduction in risky driving • 10% reduction in fuel consumption • Improved safety culture “Safety and efficiency have always been of primary importance to MasTec. With GreenRoad, we are even more confident that our drivers are among the safest and most fuel efficient on the road.” Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    17. 17. Value: Keep it Simple, Scalable, Sustainable “In a very short amount of time, I can identify trends in behavior and determine how our drivers are performing” “…enables Ryder managers to easily spot driving maneuvers and patterns of behavior that need improvement and tailor their coaching accordingly” Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    18. 18. Some of Our Customers Industry Accolades and and Partners Acknowledgements Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    19. 19. NEXT STEPSDixie BakerSVP N America SalesDixie.Baker@greenroad.comSee how GreenRoad cantransform the driving culture ofyour own fleet.
    20. 20. Fact-Based Proactive Coaching Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    21. 21. Communicate Policy, Manage Expectations Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    22. 22. Proactive Risk Analysis and Countermeasures Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    23. 23. Proactive Risk Analysis and Countermeasures Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    24. 24. Proactive Idle Management Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    25. 25. Proactive Idle Management Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential
    26. 26. Idling Performance Indicators Idling PerformanceDashboard Indicators Delivering the best drivers on the road Confidential