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Writing the Modern Press Rlease gotwald


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Slide Show used in workshop entitled Writing the Modern Press Release. Discussed: Adapting your message for modern media, tailoring messages for markets, developing your own distribution channels, networking with bloggers and social media, various forms of content.

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Writing the Modern Press Rlease gotwald

  1. 1. Welcome to Writing the Modern Press Release
  2. 2. Journalism-University of Pittsburgh Magazine News Editor Stringer-Somerset Daily American Publications Manager-Nonprofit Self-Employed In Publishing since 1978 GotwaldCreation Blog Content editor for several companies Judith Gotwald
  3. 3. What About You? • What are your objectives in attending this workshop? Tell Us About Yourself ?
  4. 4. How We Communicate Changes
  5. 5. Today’s World Has Many More Communication Options. This baby holds in his hands more power to communicate than the entire staff of worldwide network TELEVISION 20 years ago.
  6. 6. AND They Keep Changing! Today’s World Has Many More Communication Options. This baby holds in his hands more power to communicate than the entire staff of worldwide network TELEVISION 20 years ago.
  7. 7. • Expensive • Few choices • Competitive • Hard to Target • Hard to Track/Measure • Never Guarantees Old Ways
  8. 8. New Ways • FAR LESS expensive per impression • EASY to target • MORE Media Choices • LESS Dependent on Gatekeepers • MORE WORK (in some ways!) • MORE CONTROL!
  9. 9. FIND THE ANGLE If it’s not news, find a way to make it news. MAKE SURE IT’S NEWS! Fundamentals of a Press Release
  10. 10. 6 HOW 5 WHY 4 WHERE 3 WHEN 2 WHAT 1 WHO 5 Ws (and if can Add the H)
  11. 11. The Basics 1 HEADLINE Keywords About 80 characters 2 FIRST PARAGRAPH Don’t bury your lead! 3 Be Factual Specific 4 Use flawless grammar 5 Spell Check 6 Use quotes 7 Think human interest 8 Include contact info 9 Keep It Short
  12. 12. Understanding Today’s News Outlets 1 FLYERS And BULLETIN BOARDS 2 LOCAL NEWSPAPERS (Neighborhood And Regional 3 RADIO 4 TELEVISION 5 LOCAL BLOGS & WEBSITES 6 ONLINE NEWS (Patch) 7 LINKED IN GOOGLE Groups and Circles 8 FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL 9 BLOG Can you think of any others?
  13. 13. Style Checklist Different Media Have Different Focus/Needs JARGON Recognize it Don’t use it VOICE Spoken/Writt en AUDIENCE Write as if you were talking to someone you met at a bustop! SELF-PRAISE STINKS HISTORY Don’t include it. Point them to your web site. POINT of VIEW Adopt an outsider’s 21 3 54 6
  14. 14. Ask yourself this question as you write. Why should this interest anyone else? SO WHAT?
  15. 15. If you use statistics to make your point, double check them. Build trust with editors. BE TRUTHFUL
  16. 16. Don’t compare yourself to competition. They might be advertisers! STICK TO YOUR STORY
  17. 17. If your cause/event is part of something broader, make sure you say so. GIVE CREDIT WHERE DUE
  18. 18. Add something valuable Develop a Sense of Feature Tie It to Something Else Study Tabloids! Visual World Photo/Video/Infographic
  20. 20. Email Bullet Lists and Subheads break up text Key Words Elevator Pitch Add Personal Note (don’t blast spam) Attach Word Document or Include Text in Body of Email Subject Line of Email must catch attention Include contact info and links Headline (Limit Characters)
  21. 21. Making Choices ALWAYS Customize Today’s world gives us many choices. Each is a time suck. Don’t waste editors’ time with press releases that do not fit their editorial needs. Protect your relationship with them. Add a personal note that tells the editor why you think your news is of interest to their readers. Rewrite the first paragraph to make sure the lead fits their readers.
  22. 22. Know Your Local Gatekeepers Different Media Have Different Focus/Needs • Find out what each is looking for • Ask what their deadlines are • Find out any limitations (word count, topic, size/format/resolution of logos and pictures) • Show that you care about them!
  23. 23. Develop Your Own Distribution Channel Build Your List with Opt-ins Use Twitter (follow the gatekeepers) RECIPROCATE! Start Blogging Connect to Facebook/LinkedIn
  24. 24. What’s the Next Big Thing Video PR Podcast PR (Pay special attention to
  25. 25. Online Resources Lots of good PR tips Distributors-some good articles My business web Portfolio, Résumé Great source/community for learning and keeping up with social media
  26. 26. Online Resources Lots of good PR/writing tips Publish FREE resources for learning social meidia Can help you build lists My blog! Dozens of articles about using social media (aimed at churches who rarely have professionals doing this work) Find which neighborhoods in your service area have a patch news outlet and start posting your Press Releases, photos and videos. Form relationship with patch editor. They are hungry for local news and their space is unlimited.
  27. 27. Connect Judith Gotwald @jigotwald 215 487 0618
  28. 28. Thank you! Please don’t let me forget to give you the evaluation forms!
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